Constantly says to take sliproad off of highway just to go back on the highway
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  • Okay. Then from what street view source can we retrieve speed limit signs?
  • a) use, more info -
    b) own survey :)
  • That can help to a point. However, the pictures are sparse and more are necessary to identify signs and where individual stores are located.
  • Hi to all. I'm using Mapfactor Navigator free 14.1.2 with OSM maps. I got the infamous bug regarding the sliproads. As a work around I just changed the roads allowed in the car setup by unticking all the local roads.
    The bug seems to be corrected with that trick. I have checked that locations needing to go through local roads are still available and found during calculations. Doesn't seem to change anything in terms of navigation.
    Just my two cents.

    BTW, if you need to navigate in France where it is not allowed to use a GPS displaying Radars but only 'zones de danger' (funny frenchs isn't it...) you can get a file by searching 'lufop' on the net. You will acces a file in csv format but a tool is provided for doing a conversion. It lloks a bit tricky at first but it isn't. Just use the files for France as the other ones are duplicating some part of the cameraspeed and camera light data.

    Have a nice trip.
  • Beware, Google Streetview is no valid source for Openstreetmap.
  • The issue that will not go away.
  • I had another question in regards to map data. But, considering the legality comments that came up in this post, I opted to start a new discussion:
  • Just another stupid example: Germany, Rhöndorf, Bundesstraße 42, North to South the exit just before the city centre. On the Bundesstraße 42 speed limit is 100 km. On the ramps as well (general speed limit applies) but actually it is impossible to keep 100 km the ramps down, crossing the urban road and the other ramp up.

  • do you have the latest version of maps?
  • Yes. And Navigator 2.0.30-develop
  • my route, with default car settings, goes on main road
  • Works OK for me as well. default car setting, stays on the main road.
    west-germany (I assume) map 201509280, mnf 2.0.31

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