Constantly says to take sliproad off of highway just to go back on the highway
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  • @tomas
    In addition to what hvdwolf already pointed out:
    The speed limits in OSM are to apply in consideration of road signs only:
    • If the roads sign says 100, you may tag it as 100.
    • If there is no sign, you HAVE to tag a speed limit taken from the latest road sign, as it applies legally.
    In Germany, the slip roads mostly have no separate speed limit. So from a legal point (!) of view, they have the same maximum speed like the Autobahn. I agree that nobody would drive it so fast, but the OSM maxspeed tag does not record the average speed or something like that, but the maximum legal speed.

    OSM won't change its rules for you! Please don't incite people to tag incorrectly in OSM.
    So it is on YOUR side to consider it if you really want to support OSM data and provide a correct routing.

    TomTom works because - as far as I know - it has detailed information about AVERAGE = REAL speed, not legal one. In OSM is already a tag for it, but is way too rarely implemented for you to rely on.

    About mdx: This kind of issue is too old to be ignored any longer. Please hand it to mdx when he is back again.
    Even if he is right and it shouldn't be implemented - then at least we would like to hear the technical reasons for it, so that we would finally understand your everlasting NO. Please. I think it's only fair, after all the time the users have invested to help MapFactor, for free. Do you think our commitment is self-evident?
  • I agree with @chattiewoman !

    @tomas  I almost 100% sure that you have a problem with the routing regarding Tertiary roads !
    Maybe a problem with the map recompilation and reindexing the OSM data !  OsmAnd had that issue twice !
    I'm not the only one that had the issue with routing from Romania to Greece. Tested on multiple phones with different Android software also. The routing issue was the same on all of them !

    All the other navigation software routed well without the need to enter a waypoint.  I don't know the towns or cities in Bulgaria, and I don't know all the names in English for them. So a lot other will have my issue with the waypoints. 
  • @hvdwolf
    as far as I know nothing
    is it possible that you had shortest route?
  • I wonder if you can give some examples re tertiary roads
  • Just my 2C, I think the change to bring to the algorithm would not be too complicated, even though this requires an impact analysis, as always. The rule would be close to: 

    "routing through a (series of) sliproad(s) from a given road and to this same road and direction is excluded should that road be continuous (not interrupted or blocked by some "barrier" node)."

    *_link roads are specific highway=* types, this allows detecting series of sliproads. With one caveat: roads can be segmented in distinct way IDs, which may make the detection of the "same road and direction" difficult.
  • @tomas look at the roads that are at north and east of Petrich in Bulgaria.. Now on OSM are Primary, and before was tertiary.... In this month maps that will appear after the 20 of June, the route will be fine. 
    road nr 108 from Novo Delchevo to Petrich and 198 from Petrich to Kulata in Bulgaria !
    Look at them in MapFactor, and will see them as a residential ones, white-grey lines. No route calculated on them.

  • you need to give me coordinates, I do not know that area
  • not sure if you mean the brown ones, but these are some footpath
    track in OSM, I think you would need to switch on small and/or other roads
  • Oh man, you don't understand look at these link. Road 108 and 198 those are primary on OSM, but on MapFactor because those are in the release about 1 month ago, there are like residential ones. On MapFactor map are tertiary and you'll see them like residential ... the same color.

    I don't know what footpath you see. 

    Look at 108 and 198, wou'll see the names over the road !
  • road category was changed recently, it will be primary in the next release
  • 108 has the same color like residential, and it was tertiary road. That's why does not route through Petrich , until you force the app to route with a waypoint near there !

    Now you see ?

    Rendering Tertiary roads like Residential one, is because they are considered by MapFactor as minor roads and residential roads and will have routing priority as low as them for long routes, and will route on them when will be a destination on them! Will not offer a route with long distance through Tertiary roads !  In my opinion it's not an issue, is a defect and must be repaired.

    Am I right or not  ? Are Tertiary roads considered in priority like Residential one ? Or only @mdx knows ?
  • please understand that category was changed in OSM last month - we release map updates once per month, changes made last month will be released in approx two weeks time and you will then have 198 as primary in Navigator.
  • I know about that , but I've asked you about the priority of Tertiary roads ! :P :D :)) 

    Has the Tertiary Roads the same priority like Residential and Minor ones ?
  • I do not understand your question
    you can see priorities in Road restrictions - motorways are highest, other roads lowest
    tertiary are in local roads
  • Ok, so what OSM roads are in Local Roads in MapFactor ?!?! :D  

    Because in my almost 4  hours of testing with actual map, even if I rise Local Roads to 100 %, will not route through Petrich without a waypoint . Even changing other roads priority !
  • let me see if I can explain it
    say you want to go from Bulgaria to Germany, may be 2,000km
    would you really want to route through local roads in Austria?
    so after certain distance from any routing point, only major (transit) roads are used
    if we used all roads for any distance, calculation would be far to slow

    this is really simplification, there is more to it
  • @tomas :)) I didn't really want that man, Central and Western Europe road structure is not the same like in Eastern Europe. The problem was because of very low priority of tertiary roads, when MapFactor in it's way meets a road close, will not route through the nearest road with priority like Tertiary roads, and will make a huge detour . This will often happen in eastern europe, and not in central and western europe.

    Maybe you'll understand now !
  • I think that what you want is not practical, calculation would be too slow
    you may wait two minutes at the beginning, but two minute when you get lost would be disaster
    please use waypoints to amend route
  • :D, Be on Road uses tertiary, Scout uses tertiary and so on.  Fast route calculation, offers alternative routes, and if something is "new " on the way, is no problem to reroute, and they route through tertiaty.
    Do as you wish, but here are some issues ! I'll keep testing and offer support here, but for the moment I can't rely on it.  I had my issues in real life in Bulgaria !  Scout maps is from December 2014, Is no problem to route you through Petrich.  It's time for you to start testing and compare to other software. Keep in line with others !
    There are guys like me, who share my oppinion, pay software, make donations for the job well done. I made donations to different people from xda developers for ROM support, all software on my phone are in Pro version, all navigation software ( 11 apps ) are with license or made donations for those with OSM maps, or payed for Europe licence maps like on Scout !
    It's time for you to start making money. Try to give e middle point in all of this, start listening to users, we are a couple of men on forum, that we give support and talk about issues, and what to be done. Don't relly on TomTom licenses. How many users uses TomTom licenses, and how many users uses the OSM Maps !
    Maybe for you is a hobby to develop navigation software like me Mapping OSM Data with field survey using my car, from my own pocket !   Stop putting people to modify the OSM Data to make MapFactor route well, as long as a lot other software does not have issues !  I never heard on OsmAnd forum about issues like here about routing, neither on Scout Forum (Skobller forum ), and so on !

        No offence guy, but there are some changes to be done as soon as possible. Put for a moment the rendering process in lower priority than Routing calculation and algorithm. New rendering engine can wait a couple of weeks ! Routing is more important. Please try to put routing in ballance to offer good routes for all of us ! I gave you road classes from inside TomTom and Here company ! OsmAnd uses a lot of road types. There is work to do here !

       Cheers !
  • @Tomas (w.r.t. post I never, ever use shortest route and I haven't changed my routing settings either. I only use MNF for car navigation.  About a year ago I set my own priorities and speed settings in vehicle_profiles.xml and on every reinstall (when testing) I copy it back in (same for tts.xml, navigation.xml and lately also for warning sounds).
  • @GabrielMoise
    "we are a couple of men on forum" - Hey, don't ignore me! :-h :D
  • @chattiewoman   sorry for my mistake in english :D  \

    Ladies First  ;)  My bad !
  • @GabrielMoise
    I think You like this, showed above, road.
    Look at OSM map, there is new part of road in Bulgaria, number 5. Maybe now this road is faster - from Bucuresti, south number 5 via Bulgaria, than motorway in Greece.
    I propose You check it!
    ... and show us the result (fuel consumption, time, distance, comfort, etc.).
    As I see on my new map, both are good alternative.
  • @PrzemekSupak 
    I Know that road, and it's not in a good shape like the one from Sofia to Kulata.  That road is passing Stara Zagora and in a lot of portions the paving is not in a good condition until the border crossing. I heard from a lot of people about that. 
    Second thing , if I go to the center or south part of Greece, going through stara zagora , will make to pay more Motorway taxes in Greece !
  • @Dave
    It would be easier, if You could show us start and destination.
    I can check, if it is possible to set better preferences or other parameters.
    Sometimes issue is with map, settings or routing. 

    I checked it once again.
    With paid road (charge and toll) disabled and my preferences (look at earlier posts), routing goes via Sofia and Petrich!

    Paid/commercial roads with 'Seaview':

  • This is an old issue that happens constantly to me and why I cant use navigator no matter how much I may like it.

  • I had the same on the A6 highway, in France. I'm not providing any link as it looks like the issue is well known but feel free to ask.

    @tomas, I definitely think a rule can be introduced in the algorithm to get rid of that issue (see my previous comment regarding that on page 1 of this topic). That's important and would increase the product's value a very nice way
  • @tvo
    Everythink is correct - the first issue - without links, the second - with additional (checked again coordinates!) waypoint, stay on main motorway leave and back motorway.

    It is difficult to check all A6, maybe small hint please.
  • This issue has been flogged to death several times.
    Until this issues is addressed, I don't see how I can recommend
    If you need to see examples, the search is your friend.
    It will bring up multiple threads on this topic.

    When/If this is addressed let me know. Till then
    I cannot use MFN and will not recommend it
    to anyone who asks.

  • @PrzemekSupak 

    Sorry, I meant A13, not A6.

    I saved the segment where I had the issue:


    It gives this:


    Corresponding OSM data is here:

    EDIT: Oh, got it! Looks like this comes from my vehicle settings:


    These settings make the ETA really accurate but seem to mislead the route selection algorithm, as the issue does not happen with the default car setting. I'm probably not alone in that case.

    Do you think editing the priorities, keeping the max_speeds as they are (they look furious but I can tell you it works!) would fix the issue? 
  • @shlublu
    I don't know why, but my routing is correct, via actual A13.
    Please set my preferences, from earlier posts, and check it.
    IMHO standard 50% works fine with professional, paid maps.

    I'm sure preferences and max speed can solve this issue. Maybe not all issues with links, people from support are experts.
  • No it cannot as has been said in MANY MANY threads before.
    The routing  is WRONG 
    Not only Wrong but a safety issue.
    Why keep saying there is nothing wrong when it has been proven over and over and over
    there is? 

    Admit the issue exists and fix it or give a reason it will
    NEVER be fixed and move on.
  • @Dave

    It's annoying, but not dangerous: the driver remains the chief on board.
    As I don't have this problem with the default car settings but only with mine, yes, playing with these settings can obviously help. 

    I won't switch back to the default setting though, as mine helps me on plenty of things including ETA and general routing. Routing which is great by the way: this issue apart I have better results with MFN than with Maps or MQ. By car and also as a pedestrian (OSM data helps a lot here). 

    This being said, well, this is just opinion.
  • Try the middle of a strange city. Chicago, Atlanta, Newark

    Take slip road for the third time. Do you? Don't you?
    You have cars front, back, left, right about 80 mph
    what do you do? Toll way ahead, Take the exit or not?

    you have seconds to make up your mind.

    Try it and then tell me it is not a safety issue.

    when you get over the shakes in your car
    try it  on a motor bike

    There is NO time to LOOK and even in a car that is NOT safe
    to Look and find out. 

    What where do you say it is NOT a safety issue?

    We are at the point if you dont KNOW your route stay off the roads
    which defeats the entire reason for  having this.

  • ... Chicago:
    I57 o.k. /check and edit around Palmer Avenue/
    US41 o.k. /too many colours around East Grand Avenue/
    I94 - yes, too many issues I think, better map could help (especially road restrictions, max speed, link roads, interpolation - more nodes on road etc.).
    /North, from around S. Union Avenue/
    Routing is o.k., but maps could be better.
  • Why has my comment from yesterday been moved to near the start of this discussion? Did I something wrong?

    @PrzemekSupak . Sorry but I can’t understand that you got the result as you tell in your comment.

    The first issue. Are you sure that you enabled the “Small Local Road” in the road restrictions, and set departure Denmark – Hobro – Town center, and destination Denmark – Langeskov – Towncenter. 

    The second issue. Are you sure you have used 55.73133,  9.57571 as waypoint.

    If I do exactly so I see problem with link in the first issue and no problem with the link in the second issue. It is the same for the android and windows version.

    Hope you will give it a try again. Thanks
  • @thomas @chattiewoman @hvdwolf
    As I said in another thread: Slip roads in Germany don't inherit the last speed limit of the trough-way since they are a new "Strecke" (way). So don't wait for them to get tagged, it often will be the default value and thus even higher then the through-way (e.g. none on separated carriageway).
  • @Dave
    Maps are created by volunteers... 

    3. This motorway_link has no speed restriction (joined motorways have it):
    You can add it here (edit in Potlatch is very simple):

    2. More colors means that sometimes the same road is motorway, sometimes trunk etc:

    1. Now is o.k.. Please wait for update maps: 

    Somebody gave You '+1' in this conversation. 

    Yes! Routing is correct, but not sure if with standard preferences (Hobro, Marjagerfjord to Langeskov,Kerteminde). 
    Try reboot navigation, reset to default, add new car or/and add small local roads.
    Change preferences (look at my earlier posts).
    It works on my navigation, so the same must be on Yours.

    2. This waypoint is on motorway. With and without it, routing is the same. As far as I remember, yesterday this point was very close to motorway but not on road. Please check coordinates.

  • @PrzemekSupak Something is going wrong in our communication. Now I used my wife’s phone Galaxy S III Android 4.3. I installed a new MF v. 1.5.22 from Google play. Added a new car unchecked “Use speed restrictions” for motorways, enabled “Small Local Road” and used your preferences from May 21. And I still got the same differences, without waypoint navigating by the links, and with waypoint staying on the motorway.
  • Don't worry.
    Sometimes new preferences works well after one, two days (I don't know why).
    Speed restriction enabled (edit: All).
    It works well, so will work also on Your navigation.
    What about reboot and setting navigator to default.
    Car maxspeed 110.
  • Let us stop here. I did what you suggested and the same problem. I have had this problem for a very long time and I think I also will have it for the future and I can’t use profile for every trip. I want to use my own profile fits to my style of driving. I only started my comment to give you an example of this “sliproad problem” but it failed.

    I still think MF is the best free offline Navigation ap. I have tried.
  • Hi @mdx,

    So many posts in this thread... I digged into it to find the workaround you are referring to, but to my understanding this would consist in adapting either the routing algorithm or providing separate priority settings for *_link roads. I cannot agree more (my suggestion is made of that material too), but this is not something that can be done on users's side.

    So I must have missed something :)
    Would you summarize what we could try on our users side? I definitely agree to beta-test any kind of solution!

    Thanks a lot!
  • mdx will not be available for the next two weeks
    I think that he is proposing that you wait for June map release
  • Thanks for clarifying @tomas
    Ok for me, this will not be too difficult to try :)

  • I have just downloaded the june Map for Denmark, and now the problem with the sliproad has been solved at least in the example I have described before. I can see there has been small changes 31-05-2015 on one of the roads connected to the links, but only node edits so I don’t think it is the reason for it, so I hope it is good work from the MF people. If so thanks to them. 

    @PrzemekSupak is it possible that you already used the new june Denmark map when you tested my example, that could explain the difference between our tests. 

  • I tried some random routes around my area to see if the route was still taking slip roads. As of right now (June 10th, 2015), it isn’t taking slip roads. However, there is something else that it’s still doing. (I don’t know if I mentioned this in my initial post. So, I’ll just refresh my statement.) In Google Maps, if part of my route requires going through a city, it will stay on the highway as opposed to taking the shortest route through the city. Navigator still takes the shortest route between two points instead of staying on the highway.

    Here's an example
    It drives by Teutopolis, IL instead of staying on I-57 to connect with I-70. No, it's not a route through a big city. Just an example of taking the shortest distance between two points instead of staying on the highway.

    This doesn't even have to be a fix. You could just add an option for staying on the highway until you get near an exit closest to your destination.
  • my route is on I-70 with default car settings

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