Test of Android version 5.5.x
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  • Hi MacDony,

    Waypoints - from 10 - 70. On average 20
    Distance - average 70-100 miles

    The "out / in" zoom appears instantly no matter how long been navigating. Zoom works 100% in all conditions.

    The Toolbar is the problem. I noticed that the Toolbar response gets worse the longer your ride and how hard the app works ie high number of recalculations especially after missing a waypoint.

    At the beginning of the navigation the Toolbar appears normally (usually within a second after the tap - "out / in" zoom appears first and then the Toolbar. After an hour things go really bad and the Toolbar appears less and less. This happens whether you have waypoints or not.

    I noticed but could be wrong that if I stop and tap the screen the Toolbar appears - possibly Navigator is in an idle mode ie no calculations.

    The video actually was made on my way back, no waypoints just the destination, and just 6-7 miles from home.

    On your next ride please tap the screen and see what happens - you will know the tap is accepted as the Zoom will appear at all times - is the Toolbar we are chasing... At the beginning will be fine but later on it deteriorates. It’s very random and I cannot work out the pattern but for sure the harder or longer Mapfactor works the worse it gets. 

    I am sure its not my device as I had the same issue with a Samsung and a Blackberry. The phone now is a Sony xz2 which is quite fast (and waterproof – important - on a motorbike in UK :)  )

    Many Thanks

  • Stavrich,

    When I say "But I do not use the" out / in "zoom in navigation mode."
    I'm talking about the settings.
    "Settings-> Navigation-> Autozoom-> Disabled"
  • @MacDony

    Slight confusion. I am referring to the + / - zoom in/out buttons that appear when you tap the screen when in navigation or map mode. A different Toolbar appears based on the mode.

    I don't think the settings have anything to do with this and you will still be able to test without changing your settings.
  • Ok, I will test with my settings.
  • @MacDony

    Thanks for testing.
    I presume this was a short ride.
    I counted 5 fails at the end of the navigation.
    Noticed that at the beginning the toolbar will pop up without the +/- button appearing first.
    Also noticed that the fails happened at the time of a calculation.

    I get the toolbar appearing at the beginning of the navigation but it gets worse after some time.

    If you don't mind try it after an hour or so of navigating. I am convinced the harder and longer the app works the worse it gets.

    Really appreciate this and hope a solution is found soon.
  • 5.5.73

    - one line search - searching just a space character " " crash fix

    @stavrich - we will look at it but it may take a while to find the cause of the problem...
  • @stepan
    Hi Stepan, great to hear you will be looking into it. Happy to help in pre-testing any fixes.
  • 5.5.74

    @stavrich can you test this version whether it is any better?
  • Where do we get this version...?
  • Presumably the beta program at Google Play store? Go there downwards to "Apply for beta program" (or so, I translated it from German).
  • same link as before, I think
  • @stepan - Tested 5.5.74 - Screen response - Toolbar.

    Tested for around 40 miles / 1:20 h ride. It performed better than ever before. Most of the times the response was quick and with just one tap. There were a few times that it required a second tap and a couple of times 3-4 taps - most of the misses were after the half hour. A miss is when only the +/- zoom buttons  appear but not the toolbar.

    You must be on the right track. I will test it again during the weekend with a longer ride.

    Hope more will give it a test. Nothing to change on their settings just tap the screen and look for the toolbar to appear from the bottom - not just the +/- buttons. Test it on long navigations.
  • Hmmm, I'm already participating the beta program, but there is no .74. This is the reason why I was asking.
  • In France, on Beta
    Play store Navigator version 5.5.74 arm64-v8a
  • Start navigation, No dashboard,
    Stop navigation.
    Start navigation, dashboard ok.
    V 5.5.74
  • The screenshot " No dashboard ":
  • @stepan - Morning Stepan

    Re: Toolbar response, v5.5.74

    Unfortunately on the second ride last Sunday the response was not good.

    More misses than hits. I was looking for a pattern to narrow down the problem but there are too many areas to look at but I noticed the following that could be something to look into more carefully

    On "screen tap" one of these 3 things will happen.

    1. The +/- zoom buttons appear. This happens most of the time
    2. The +/- zoom buttons appear and then the toolbar. This happens some of the time
    3. The toolbar appears. This is not very common

    It seems the screen tap activates 2 functions and possibly this could be the main problem. I know that every "screen tap" is ok as I have on the "show taps" on my phone.

    Some suggestions.

    1. As one off test version just for this issue. Remove the Zoom +/- function and let me test it with only the Toolbar function available to the screen tap.

    If 1 solves the problem possibly 2 or 3 could be a final solution.

    2. Add an option to display the Toolbar on the screen at all times. Show less panels and possibly a bit smaller. There is enough room for it.

    3. Divide screen into two screen tap areas. Top half for the Toolbar and bottom half for the zoom.

    Many Thanks

  • 5.5.75

    - danish navigation instructions fix
    - slow reverse route with many waypoints fix

  • My ride yesterday revealed that my device does not heat up as much as earlier anymore. Hopefully not a coincidence :-)

    Anyway, I did not test the responsiveness during my ride.

    Another thing I've observed: the "now" instructions came almost always too late.
  • 5.5.76

    - signposts minimize/restore on click fix
    - one more danish navigation instructions fix
  • Hi Stepan,
    Yellow radar visual alert bug.
    Without any radar on the way.
    Almost always on the screen, either by staying fixed or flashing.
    No sound alerts with this problem.
    The radar at the top left of the first screen is in the other direction of circulation and worked well with the visual and audible alert.
    My speed was below the limit.
  • 5.5.77

    danish TTS navigation fix
    - Android 5.0 web view related fix

  • 3D screen mode and Waypoint Labels.

    Decided to switch over to 3D screen mode and I noticed that the waypoint labels are not displayed. 

    On 2D mode waypoints labels sometimes appear subject to the number of characters and where the waypoint appears on the screen BUT at least I can see a label now and then.

    On 3D mode seems that the labels never appear irrespective of the number of characters or screen location.

    I seem to be getting nowhere with the Waypoint issues - toolbar and waypoint labels are very important to me.
  • 5.5.81

    - even one more Danish TTS fix

    the possibility to show waypoint labels always is currently being investigated

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