Test of Android version 1.5.x
  • Hello,
    the download link http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk is now redirected to version 1.5.11+ available for testing. If you need older 1.4.24 it is available at http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator_stable.apk

    There are several experimental features + bugfixes:
    - compass on navigation start (settings/use compass, there is timeout (30s) for compass use and speed threshold (10km/h) to disable compass)
    - close audio channel after nav. message ends (tell us about any audio problem caused by this version, please)
    - custom volume (settings/advanced/custom volume), there isn't and won't be support for TTS
    - color scheme editor (settings/map colors/color scheme editor)
    - POI search around places/center of towns (allows entering text, sorted by distance at the end of old search)
    - added postcodes into search to distinguish towns/villages with the same name and same administrative area (requires new tables in MCA - planned for Germany OSM Feb 2015, and Germany TomTom data 2014.12)
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  • I've tested the custom volume on my Xperia active connected to my notebook (Acer travelmate 8371) via bluetooth and on the second try it worked like I would exspect it playing some music "against" Navigator. Good deal! I will check on the car bluetooth later.

    What do I have to expect from "close audio channel"? Is there anything to test or is it good if there is simply no problem?
  • It is bug fix (in older version audio channel was still open after navigation message and there was problem with combinating car music and navigation messages). We'd like to know if other cases still work well
  • Okay.

    I tested today my Xperia Active with my Renault's Arcamys Sound System. I feel, that volume is no more as loud as it was before combined with music. But MF Navigator volume one level lower than maximum is already too low. You do not understand, what MF is saying.
  • Hello together,

    I tried the beta on my Blackberry Passport and the new Audio channel thing works really good. Before, I had some problems when navigating and playing music at the same time (the quality of the navigating voice was really bad when playing music at the same time).

    Now the music pauses when the navigation voice comes up and there is no quality issue any more.

    Moreover I like that it is now possible to fully change the map colour.

    There are some minor things, I would like to have:
    - adjustment of the music pausing time before and after the navigation voice comes up (at the moment the pausing time after the navigation voice came up is a little bit too long)
    - please add the feature for pausing the music also for TTS voices
    - please add an option to adjust the frequency rate of the map display (I want to raise the frequency a little bit to make it smoother as at the moment it seems to run with about 15fps which means it does not run smooth)
    - is it possible to fully add the Google search engine? At the moment it seems to work only for exact adresses and not for OVIs (for example when I type in McDonalds Munich there are no results)
    - please modify the voice a little bit (it should be able to read out the exit number on the highway and which lane to take at intersections and when the highway has to be changed)

    Thank you very much for the update. It really works fine.
    Mapfactor gets better and better and is really useful. I already used Mapfactor in Europe, USA and China (in China only for the highways as not all cities are already detailed enough).

  • Just to mention: with my Xperia, music plays continously during voice commands.
  • @Oldie why do you think I do not understand? It make me laugh - I am one of developers and in this version all audio modifications were done by me.
  • @lubos
    I suppose Oldie meant "One cannot understand, what MF is saying.", because the voice volume is much too low.
    He did not mean you personally cannot understand him :-)
  • Oh yes, chattiewoman understands what I meant :-D
  • I've tested 1.5.14 on a Moto G 4G, here are some remarks and suggestions:

    - the separate volume control solves the main issue of both voice and warning sounds being too loud (I'm usually using a media player at max volume on the music stream at the same time), very good!
    - the volume control slider is very small compared to the system volume controls and it should be operable by swiping it to the left/right. Currently it seems to be only controllable with the hardware volume keys. In my case, the lower volume key is hardly accessible in the car holder which makes operating the volume control cumbersome.
    - turn instruction voice doesn't pause or mute other media playback, neither with recorded voice nor with TTS. Is this a bug or device-dependent? Muting or lowering other media output when playing voice would be nice.
    - you said TTS volume control won't happen - I don't quite understand given that according to the hints here it should be possible: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4545874/android-tts-volume-control
    - please include corrected german instructions for "keep left" and similar as patched by chattiewoman for TTS, in the recorded voices - "leicht links abbiegen" sounds a bit ridiculous...
  • custom volume is experimental feature - it is some kind of hack because we are using system stream STREAM_DTMF...it doesn't work muting or TTS with this stream 
  • Navigator stops when disconnected from power supply and screen switched off. Ver 1.5.15 android 4.4.4 motorola motog 2nd generation, with error message 'Unfortunately, Navigator has stopped'. This also happens with the stable version (playstore) of Mapfactor Navigator.

    This doesn't happen on my tablet Samsung Tab 2,7 android 4.2.2
    Orux maps and many other apps continue to function with the screen off.
  • Does the log for your Motorola contain errors?
    In my experience, the "Unfortunately ..." message appears earlier than the log can be filled. And without the actual error it's difficult for MapFactor to fix the problem, unless they have a device where it is reproducable.
  • Hi Chattiewoman,
    Have just set debug lvl to high and cleared out log files. will look to see if I can get a log file with errors in.
    It even happens with just a map display.

    ERR 15/02/11 20:53:44 Exception thrown: src/filedriver/Archivemanager.cpp(91)
    message:'mapFactor exception:
    ArchiveManager: archive'/storage/sdcard1/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data/germany_osm_north.mca' not found'

    This was with the map displayed (Northern Germany) and the screen turned off. It took about 5 mins to drop out.
  • 1.5.15 played everything (music and Navigator) only on the phone's speaker ist much better than before. One may distinguish voice commands from music even on lower volume levels of Navigator. Still music does not stop during voice commands (what is not really necessary for me).
  • FYI there is newer version 1.5.17+ now available at
    - improved logging of native code
  • A strange behaviour I would like to bring to your attention ( please let me know if I shouldn't post it on this thread). 

    1. Road numbers although displayed on map view there are not displayed during navigation – see images “c”. 

    2. Road numbers displayed randomly at different map magnifications - – see images “b”. 

    3. Road numbers disappear when touching the screen. Bringing road numbers back by changing magnification + or - see images “a”.

    Suggest to display road number ie A509 in addition to the name at the bottom of the screen and show the number on regular intervals along the road during navigation 

    Road numbers to be displayed at all times and at all zoom levels. 

    Same behaviour on stable and beta version and on both TomTom and OSM maps

    image     image

    image      image 

    image        image
  • Re: Navigator stops when disconnected from power supply and screen switched off.

    With Version 1.5.20 navigator continues to function when disconnected from P.S. and screen off.
    Also works fine with Android 5.0.2
  • Avast Mobie Antivirus and security reported Suspicious file detected 'CloudReputation', when starting Navigator 1.5.20. This is the first time I have seen this and have been running both apps for a least 2 years.
    Motorola motog 2nd generation Android 5.0.2.
    Something new in Navigator? or could it be something new in Avast?

    Should I report it as false positive?
  • Thanks Lubos read the link. I had the latest version of Avast (at least I was not offered any update to Avast), so UN-installed Avast and reinstalled and now get no notifications.

    Many thanks for you quick response.

  • Just tried to download the latest version from http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk but it downloads a zip file instead of the APK.

    is this right ?
  • Actually an apk IS a zip file. Some "smart" download apps recognize the file header in the zip file and change the extension automatically for you (sooo smart and soooo useless). 
    I think that when you change the extension back to apk, you will have your MNF app back.

    (And vice versa: if you rename an apk to zip you can use any zip-enabled program to display the (compiled) contents. Same for java .jar files)
  • you are good !!!

  • there is update of 1.5.x version:
     - fixed crash on Android 4.0.3 (My Places, TalkBack support)
     - donwloader bugfixes

  • Congratulations for implemented map colour scheme editor. Now i can correct some colours on the map in order to look much more contrasted.

    When will come the new rendering engine with smooth animation for the map?
  • I am glad you like scheme editor. You can share themes with other users by export in color scheme menu(it would import into navigator if they open it by mobile).

    About smooth renderer, lets say we have some prototype and it is really smooth on LG G3 or Samsung Galaxy Note3. There are still lot of bugs and unsolved problems. We want to give alpha version to testers(on forum) as soon as we have useable version(stable without critical bugs)
  • I would offer myself as alpha tester on a laggy device :\">
  • I'd be happy to give it a shot on Nexus 5 ... please post the alpha version as soon as possible...I'm eager to test it :)
  • Can give it a test on Moto G 2nd gen with Android 5.0.2
  • I've got a Google Nexus 7 (Android 5.0.2). If wanted, I could also test an alpha version on my device.
  • We have tested it on Nexus 7 2012 and it is slower than software renderer because FXAA antialiasing(it is specific for tegra chipset, it is not so slow on other chipsets), I wanted to make antialiasing disableable but other programmers didnt agree with me
  • Hi Lubos,

    Just to make sure that I understand what you mean: Do you mean that the anti-aliasing is slow on Tegra chipsets, but fast on all other chipsets?
    If so: Make the anti-aliasing an option in the settings so that users can either choose the "old" rendering method or the new antialiasing rendering mode. In case other "less optimized" chipsets or CPU/GPU are around, you have at least the option to switch it on/off.

    Or is that too simple?

    Also: "We all know" that anti aliasing is a way to fake higher resolution and the disadvantage to that, although the image becomes more natural, it will also be less sharp. In other words, higher resolution is always better then antialiasing. My previous phone was 800x480. My current phone is 1280x720.
    I am currently very happy with the image as it is. Antialiasing always comes with a performance cost, even FXAA, and a sharpness reduction.
    For me this would even more ask for an option to switch antialiasing on/off.
    Maybe I don't need it at all on my 1280x720 screen and maybe I do prefer sharpness over fuzzy rounded corners. I assume this is even more true for those with a 1920x1080 screen where only rendering this amount of pixels already requires quite some CPU/GPU processing power.

    Do you have screen prints, or even better: mini movies displaying the effect? Despite my remarks I'm very curious to what the effects will be.

    EDIT: Which also means that I would like to test as well (Samsung Galaxy S5 mini)
  • Can also test on tablet Samsung P3110 Tab 2,7 android 4,2,2. Have a friend who can test on HTC One mini 2 Android 4,4,2
  • Well, my Nexus 7 is the 2013 Version, with 1920x1080 screen. And what @hvdwolf wrote, an option to en/disable antialiasing could be a good thing.
  • Looks like MapFactor has the nicest users in the world - and when do we get our award?
    :) :P :-h
  • @hvdwolf as you said antialiasing is fake higher resolution, MSAA is rendering higher resolution and then scale it to lower resolution and FXAA is an "after-effect" finding "stairs" in image and drawing there half transparency pixel to make it "sharp" in really low dpi it looks really blured.
    This is good example:

    Thanks to all testers . We still dont know we publish alpha version here, I heard something about April.
  • Hi Lubos,

    I'm far from an expert (not interested in gaming) but I know about the several anti-aliasing methods (there are more then MSAA and FXAA) and the web is full of comparing images.

    Your image is indeed a good example of a low-res image (331x331). The staircase effect is greatly removed, but the image is also less sharp.
    If you have a screen with high resolution and high dpi (dots per inch), your eyes are not accurate enough to see the effect. If you have a 4.5" 1280x720, or even 1920x1080 screen you (probably) won't see the staircase effect as the pixels are too small. 
    If you have a 10" tablet at at 1280x720 (1200x800) you will definitely see the effect, and probably with 1920x1080 on 10" as well, as the pixels are a lot bigger.

    Also: If I watch your image on a 1366x766 laptop screen or a 1920x1080 monitor, the image is definitely a lot uglier on my lowres laptop screen.

    Edit: That's why I ask for the option button/checkbox (I don't seem to be able to make my statements in one go in one post)
  • I would like to have it disableable too but I am small man here :D
  • I am happy to test it on a Huawei Ascend G6 LTE
  • http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk currently links to 1.6.1. When running on MeMo Pad HD 7 (ME173x) opens with white screen and closes immediately.
  • Download again and you get the 1.6.20. That one works fine. At least in my case.
  • 1.6.3 downloaded up and running
  • Yes, sorry about that - if you really need version on Google Play (1.5.22 at the moment) it is available here:
    Link to 1.6.3 is now rater for translators, and there are some bugfixes ...we will start new thread as soon as some "bigger feature" is merged into 1.6.x
  • Thanks for 1.6.3, has fixed the startup issue of 1.6.1.
  • Well, not for me. Just the opposite. 1.6.2 was OK.
    For me 1.6.3 now has introduced a startup issue. It crashes consistently on every start.
    I tried to install 1.6.2 on top of it, but that's not allowed.

  • Same here: 1.6.3 crashes, older version not installable.
  • 1.6.3 crashes, 1.5.22 from link above installable.
  • What I tried:
    - I renamed the folder "/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator" to "/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator.org"
    - I started MNF. It mentions "waiting for SD card" but can't find a folder and after 1 minute or so it requests for a place to store the maps. I selected my SD-card again.
    - Now it wants to download initial data and maps and at least one other map so I selected a mini-map. 
    - It downloads, is succesful, and upon "Exit" to leave the map maintenance screen, it crashes.
  • I took a look on it and it is Google Analytivs problem, I asked programmer who works with GA to fix it.
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