Test of Android version 1.5.x
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  • Always GA? I have GA disabled as I don't want Google using all kind of personal data.
    EDIT: Shouldn't there be an new thread "test of android version 1.6.x"?
  • 1.6.3 crash on my device with disabled GA on GoogleAnalytics.getInstance(Context)... I didnt test it with enabled GA.
    Thread creation is on @mdx
  • "Thread creation is on @mdx"
    Oh, I see. A clear segregation of duties. :)
  • Hey, actually it was me who started the "Test of Android version xxx" series ;)
    But I am glad mdx took over.
  • On my Nexus 7 (2013) with deactivated GA there is no crash with 1.6.3. Didn't try it with activated GA.
  • A workaround if 1.6.3 crashes on you and 1.6.2 worked.

    • In   file manager rename the folder "com.mapfactor.navigator" inside "/Android/data" to "com.mapfactor.navigator.org"
    • Uninstall MapFactor without removing the data
    • Install 1.6.2 again and start it. It requires you to download initial data and one additional map
    • When done close MNF. Copy/Move your favorites/routing.xmls and your maps from the org folder to the new folder and restart.
    Edit: This is only a workaround if you don't want to download (a lot) of maps again.
  • @mdx or @lubos or @tomas: Can you just write a oneliner when a new version is available?
    More info is of course welcome (what has changed between 1.5.22 and the 1.6.x version?)
  • 1.6.3
    -updated translations
    -TTS british/american english
    -TTS exit names
    -current journey time in infopanel
    -reset to default updated
  • temporarily relinked back to 1.6.2 until this issue is sorted - thanks for the report
  • @chattiewoman - yes, please feel free to start new thread, or lubos or hvdwolf ... (now I see my mistake that 1.6.x build is already public)
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