Test of Android version 1.4.x
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  • I am unsure whether I have tried. However, Navigator should return to old volume then. And why did language settings solve it for me?
  • I have the volume problem too...

    Another problem ( i think)... Sometimes after i exit the app, it still remains in memory. I must kill from app manager by myself to really close it.
  • are you all using version 1.4.21?
  • Yes. And the problem with app not closing  persists. Is not aleatory. And consumes alot of battery in the background...
  • it does close for me, providing Check for new maps is deselected
    this service (check for new maps) is consuming hardly any prower - I use GSam battery monitor to get consuption per app
  • @razor974: There is a setting "Map Updates check". You are not confused with that setting? When switched on that keeps a minor part always running.
  • Ok. Thanks. Didn't know. :D
  • 1.4.22+ is available now at http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk
    The text for toolbar is temporarily disabled (there were some problems on some devices/languages, so revised version will be released in 1.5.x). There are several updates of translations: uk, lt, de, ro, fr.
  • But the icons of the toolbar are (for me) to small.

    I think, they should be a bit bigger.

  • I think they are the same size as previously
    as MDX wrote, it will be better in the next version
  • Maybe, Tomas, But - just for me - they could be a bit bigger. Perhaps in the next version...     ;)
  • Is it possible to configure screen keyboard to show numbers only in the Search POI by coordinates?
  • it is not possible, but I will mention it to developers
  • Thanks Tomas.

    Another question. Is there option to tell Navigator that I have keys from some gates?
  • Whenever I try to restore default settings (from Menu > Advanced), the app force-closes and restarts right away. Can anyone confirm this?

    edit: with latest 1.4.22+ update
  • v.1.4.22
    Please don't automatically remove side bar appeared when I tap on the map.

    Please add option to disable animation.

    Navigator cannot calculate route to the road which is on private territory. Returns "Route not found". It would be good if application will calculate route to the nearest point which is available for public access.

    On Android 2.3 there is issue with colors in the "Main Menu->Advanced". Dark-white changes Bright-white.

    if I uncheck "Use graphical menu", Icons of the main menu are white and are not readable. Also Navigation Icon does not have car/bike icon.
  • > SnD: Whenever I try to restore default settings (from Menu > Advanced),
    the app force-closes and restarts right away. Can anyone confirm this?

    Confirm. Application crashes.
  • I do not have this problem, please describe which options do you select
  • Please add Time in waypoint to Panels settings.
  • v1.4.22
    Navigator has ignored following restriction and calculated route to the lake

    I'm not sure if restriction is created right... I've just added "access=no"
  • On https://plus.google.com/101142756357478130009/posts/fDfhGE2cYQ6
    v1.4.22 draws map not smoothly. I can see how application draws background and then it draws road on background. I guess buffering should help here. Application should draw map into memory first and then result should be drawn to screen.
  • tomas:
    100% fresh install of MF latest version v1.4.22
    - On main menu with no routes selected/active
    - Tap on Settings > Advanced > Reset to default
    - Android warns immediately that MF force-closes
    - App restarts right away, no settings changed

    I can send logs if you want.

  • I did reset to default this weekend twice and had no problem, please email logs

  • http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk
    points now to 1.4.23+
    - fixed erase of new temporary files
    - bugfix in GPX import crash
    - fixed lookup for 0th signpost
    - updated ko and ru translation
  • one more cleanup of temporary files ... 1.4.24, same link
  • Hello.
    I used Navigator all the time before on my LG L7 II (P710). All was great.

    Now I have new phone LG G3 S (D722). Installed Navigator again. Ofcourse fresh install.
    First bug was that I could not change the voice language. When I opened language change dialog, app imediatly crashed.

    Found this forum, installed last version from download link. Now I can open language change dialog. I can change app language, but language engine and voice language boxes are empty. I have downloaded one map (Latvia OSM) and two voice languages (English and Latvian). Navigation voice working, but I cant change to my (Latvian).

  • may be it is set to TTS and not human voice?
    also check that sounds have been downloaded
  • I cant understand. It is fresh instalation. How can I switch to human voice? Voice engine dropdown are empty.
  • in settings/languages/voice engine (human=recorded)
  • Did you read? I allredy wrote: "I can change app language, but language engine box and voice language box are empty." I have downloaded voices, maps and sounds..
  • go to settings/advanced and click reset to default
    please use the backup feature
  • How someone allready said, app crashes on this reset button click..
  • May be reason is different application path on new phone?
    I noticed that on old phone application was under /navigator/ but in new phone it is under \Android\data\com.mapfactor.navigator\files\navigator

    May be it cant find voices on phone or what?
  • go to map manager/download maps and check that sounds have been doiwnloaded
  • And as a second check: In your phone folder "\Android\data\com.mapfactor.navigator\files\navigator\data", do you have sounds_??.mca files between your maps?
  • Yes. I have downloaded all necesary files. I have maps and sound files in this folder.
  • Maybe i can send some log files to view where is the problem? Maybe antivirus is a problem or what.. I really like this application, just need to switch to my voice language. Is it possible to change settings for voice language outside the app? In some file? Or settings are stored in some phone database? I could change this setting to my language voice file and forget about this bug.
  • go to settings and click Send logs
    please type description
  • I cannot see anything wrong in logs, try to delete sounds and redownload
  • Are there any hints for this "reseting data crashs app" case? I have this "address not found" bug again. I already restarted the phone. Uninstall and reinstall does not fi the problem.

    Sony Xperia Z2 - ver 4.4.2
  • if you have the latest version, you can Reset to default in Settings/advanced
    please use the backup feature
  • Hello there,

    sometimes there are still parts of the app left in memory on my mobile, too. 'Unfortunately' not now, but I remember there had been a number added to the apps name. The Option "Look for new maps" (mine is running in German - sorry) is disabled.

    I'm happy with my htc wildfire s - but on this device every byte counts :-S 

    The new tool bar is a great idea. Would it be possible to add a switch to toggle between day and night mode? I haven't found a way to set the time to switch between day and night in the options - it's fixed. But In wintertime the display is too bright in the morning or evening and in summertime it's vice versa. At least in northern Germany ;-)

  • How do you "close" the program?

    If you close the program by just pressing the "back" button long enough to "close" Navigator, Navigator will continue running and will stay in memory.
    However, if you use the Close button from the main screen (the circle with the cross in it at the bottom right), Navigator will really be closed.
    The fact that you see two "portions" in memory is probably more related to your memory manager. Some memory managers make a difference in "the program" and "the service(s)" belonging to that program. Especially when you look at the combined size of it, as the separate blocks are too small for the entire program.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Because there is not so much internal memory available on my htc I always have to really close/end/terminate not used programs to keep things running.

    Up to now this device with the installed apps is fine for me, but sometimes I'm thinking about to root it to get some more memory and, in particular,  get rid of the pre-installed useless stuff :-? 

  • Even with unrooted devices you can most of the time disable or  "switch off" apps in your app settings. It will not uninstall them but they will not run anymore taking precious working memory.
  • For my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 i used to get rid of bloatware, this Debloater

    http://rootjunkysdl.com/?device=Android Programs&folder=DeBloater

    or Use Greenify

    for both of them , there is no need for rooted phones !
  • Go to settings, developer options, limit background processes. Choose there how many you would like to leave running. You can even say no background processes. If you don't see developer options on the list, search google for 'show developer options for (your version of android)' This will free up ram. Or you can tick the Do not keep activities box. This will automatically close applications once you leave them.

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