Romanian TTS Voice, missing strings ?
  • Hi, today I've tested the TTS Romanian Voice, and there are major issues, when announcing roundabouts.. Seems to be missing strings for: In 200metesr enter in roundabout and take the second exit.  Take the first ..... etc, something like this...

    Where can we see the translated strings ?!?!
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  • please look at
  • Thanks, I've found it, the translation was incomplete. Now it's 100% done. I made some tests, some simulations and seems to be ok. Anyway I'll make further tests to be sure that everything it's ok.

    How can I send you the translation for Romanian Voice to integrate into the next release ?
  • just send it to support (at) please
  • Ok, I'll make further tests with a friend of mine, to be sure that everything sounds well. After that I'll send the file to you !

    Thanks !
  • I've sent you the TTS File with the Romanian Voice. Maybe you'll put it, into next app release.

    Thanks !
  • Hi,
    I can confirm that we received the TTS, but it is hard to tell if it is better or not. In particular if the sentences have different order ... it will be in 1.4.19, but I would be happier if more people confirm that it is better now.

  • I gave the TTS file to a friend of mine, and confirmed that is ok. I don't know how many romanian people, are watching the forum. Maybe they are only using this navigation software like it is.

    I tested in traffic, and in simulation mode on all category roads. It's ok. The sentence order is also correct, it sounds well, nothing must be changed.

    And in case of something needs to be polished, can be done in a future release !   The old translation , had a lot of missing strings , now it so perfect !  :P  :))
  • Martin, what about my German TTS in the meantime? :-(
  • i tested too and it is better.

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