Test of Android version 6.0.x
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  • Actually offline, oneline search cannot recognize what's town and what's street. It is testing every word combination.

    If @stepan tries to do it I would recommend after search to check if there are results and if not then try to delete any number containing 5 digits and run the search again (the second search would be fast because the search tree caches are still valid).
  • postcodes are not always 5 numbers. In the Netherlands it is for example 1234AB or 1234 AB. That makes it more difficult.
  • 6.0.127

    - crash when not signed in to google account fix
    - new vehicle manager
    - white theme color in choose color scheme list fix

    There are some missing translation, any help is welcome (French at least)... Thank a lot :-)
  • Hi,
    - Same bug April 17 - May 27.
    Folders are not organized with A-Z or Z-A in "My Routes".
    - No option opacity for navigation  E-Ink screen.
    News for the bug of urban or extra-urban roads
    - As soon as I have a moment, I will do the French missing translation.
  • When opening the new vehicle manager, the strings under the big symbols at the top are not translated (while everything else is).
    The untranslated string is taken from the "Name" in the white section below. You could pre-set it with the vehicle type. It is already translated.
  • 6.0.127

    +) Starting the app with deactivated "Google Play Store" ( = not signed in to Google account ) now works, so my #1 No-Go is resolved
    +) I found a way to avoid incorrect routings (like the Stockholm-Dresden error) by manually editing the vehicle_profiles.xml file which was my #2 No-Go
    -) I found no way to delete a profile in the new vehicle manager
    -) the autozoom in software rendering mode still differs from the other rendering modes
  • Hi Tomas, Stepan,
    French translation completed.
  • 6.0.130

    - delete vehicle from vehicles manager missing functionality re-added
    - My routes items not sorted alphabetically fix
    - My routes drag&drop bug fix
    - occasional empty maps to purchase list when shop started earlier than fully initialized bug fix
    - info panel visualization minor tweak

    many thanks for new translations :-)

  • @MacDony urban or extra-urban roads

    this is not an app problem, it's a problem with importing OSM data... as far as I know, there is no simple way (in OSM) to find out if a road is in a town/city or not... we will investigate
  • Hi,
    Version 6.0.130
    - Same bug April 17 - No blue sign displayed for the name of the ramp and roundabout exits.
    - No option opacity for navigation  E-Ink screen.
    Folders are organized with A-Z or Z-A in "My Routes"  :)>-
  • @lubos Ahoj Luboši, očekával bych jistou dávku loajality a konstruktivní kritiky k aplikaci namísto jednohvězdičkové recenze na Google Play. Pokud bys konkrétně nastínil, co se Ti nelíbí, určitě bychom to ocenili více. Díky. Zdraví ten, kdo navrhl "crazy menu structure".

    Hi Luboš, I would expect a certain amount of loyalty and constructive criticism instead of a one-star review on Google Play. If you specifically outlined what you don't like, we would definitely appreciate it more. Thanks. Greeting from "crazy menu structure" designer.
  • Hi @filips, I deleted the 1 star rating, I was today morning too critical to everyone. Sorry for that.

    However my personal problem is only with the main menu and tools. All other screen are well done.

    * Using very similar icon for more operations is not optimal (settings vs select search engine)

    * I would not search for Map Manager under tools (by tools I understand additional functionality but not functionality which is necessary to use the app)

    * for the multiline search I have a problem with the tabs on the middle of the screen (tabs should be always on the bottom or on the top of the screen)

    * I do not understand why multiline search does not show the search history and oneline search show the search history if the query is empty (it does not feel consistent). How to get search history in multiline search?

    * The action buttons on the main screen are in a three different styles (maybe it would be better to put there map manager back and keep just two styles of action buttons)

    One more sorry, if I hurt you by my criticism

  • Hi all. v.6.0.130 arm64-v8a. I'm struggling to work out how to turn on NMEA/GPX recording while navigating. Can anyone help?
  • My Places > Recordings
    top right switch
  • 6.0.131

    -traffic might not work after purchase fix
    -opening download maps vs purchase maps in paid version after app re-installation fix
    -choose app color theme dialog on app first start UI enhancements
    -crash fixes
  • Hi,
    Version 6.0.131
    - Same bug April 17 - No blue panel displayed for the name of the ramp and roundabout exits.
    - No option opacity for navigation  E-Ink screen.
    Format of icons in 3D navigation too small compared to 2D.
    This problem has been present for a long time, you should put 2 icon format settings, 2D format and 3D format.
    This would correct the problem.
  • Hi,

    I've some questions before trying,

    Is this link http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk updated ?

    If yes, I supposed it's the best way to download the las version 6.0.131 ?

    Do the install of 6.0.131 erase the 5,x ?
  • yes, this link is allways for the latest version
    no need to uninstall
  • Hi,
    The calculation of an alternative route should not be done in case of multiple waypoints in the list.
    Or by asking the question: alternative routes yes / no?
    Because it takes a long time to calculate for nothing.
    We don't always think of deactivating alternative paths each time when we load a Gpx file.
  • Hi, 
    for the bug April 17 No bue panel displayed :
    On a road with several roundabouts, only the first blue direction sign is displayed.
    All other roundabout exits are not displayed.
    You can simulate this route with 3 roundabouts several kilometers apart and an exit ramp which is not also displayed:
    Departure: 47.1838044, -0.2461561
    Arrival: 47.2552247, -0.3321592
  • Thanks Tomas for the confirmation, and filips for the link.
  • I tried the 6 version a little, but I don't like the changes for my use.

    I would have been able to maintain the 5 version, but the install of the 6 version erased the 5 as an update. I guess it is an update, it would be nice to still have the former version to switch back.

    How could I proceed if I want to go back to the 5 (105) ? I'm trying to use the 6, but I'm not very satisfied for now. Without loose my datas.

    The search menu is too big, I don't use it often, a simple search icon was good enough as for others icons.

    On a motorcycle with that display I have small icons, the ones I use at the bottom, not cool.

    Same remark for the vehicule manager, I prefer see all the vehicule profiles to choose one than to horizontal scrolling. Then I would be able to hide the profiles I don't use like Truck, Motorhome (managed as the truck), cycle, and pedestrian.
    More, the vehicule profiles are'nt sorted (A-Z) and I can't find the expert mode by a long press on the screen to modify some parameters and avoid weird calculations. (Expansion limit, etc.).

    The dynamic shortcuts doesn't work, if I long press on an icon it's the way to moove that icon on the screen(s).

    Except the new zoom I'm not good with that 6 version, sorry.

  • 6.0.133

    - distinguishing HD traffic is licensed/not licensed and turned on/off fixes

    @MacDony we will look at the missing blue signpost panels soon
  • @Madbiker7
    make backup prior to uninstalling - folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
  • Thanks Tomas.

    Do you confirm that if I back up the current (6) folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/ from my SD card, I can download again Mapfactor from playgoogle, I'll get the 5-105 and then restore the backup ?
  • you may get 5-105 or v6
    v6 is currently on 4%, so you would be unlucky to get it
  • I connected to the play store that propose to open the version (6) installed or to desinstall it. The page is about 5-105 but when I press "open" the 6 open, logic.

    Do I have to desinstall first and download again or is there an other way to get the 5-105 ?
  • you do have to uninstall, older version cannot be installed over newer one
  • I am sorry to say but I agree with @madbiker7 comments regarding v6.
    You have complicated instead of simplifying the user interface. More difficult to find and use things .

    I am trying hard to get used to it - it shouldn't be so...

    Please do pay attention to his comments...
  • @MacDony - re. Alternative route.
    I agree with you fully hence I have mine switched off permanently - too many times had to stop to switch it off.

    I love the function but too much hassle as most of routes have waypoints.
  • I am not sure what is difficukt to find
    it has not changed that much
    the only item removed from main screen is Map manager, that is not used frequently
  • @tomas

    Just a couple of examples

    Load a route.
    In v5 you see the waypoints with a clear panel of choices at the bottom.
    In v6 are not there. Luckily I notice the 3 dots at the top.
    A simple one tap changed to two taps.
    What is the benefit for the change?

    Vehicle profiles.

    I have created different versions of my motorcycle profiles and could switch over very quickly.

    I took me some time to realize that are now scrolling.
    It looks flashing and more likely now using more resources.
    What's the benefit of that?

    To me the less steps to find something the better. Not very keen on menus with submenus.

    And finally ...

    As for the main screen...the search area has taken over ... it looks strange and out of place.

    Just my opinion
  • I imagine that @stavrich and me we found difficult to change our habits. The user interface with big icons are easier to read and press whatever the icon you need.

    Now, launching Mapfactor gives too much place for the search plus the Navigate button. The remaining icons are smaller and at the bottom.

    I understand the hard work for developers to realize that, it's a choice, a bet ?

    For now I decided to give a chance to v6 because it's the only way to get future evolutions of that soft. I suppose that v5-105 will not have improvements.
  • in a sense I agree with you, but I would think that Search is used much more often then changmg vehicles, a least for most users
  • I agree with you too Tomas, for most users.
  • old vehicle selection screen is available if you go to vehicle selection via Route info
  • Hi all,
    It is true that the interface is not suitable for users of motorcycle gloves.
    In this picture, these are summer gloves, the winter gloves are twice as big.
    If the menu buttons were as high as it was wide, it would be much better.

  • Version 6.0.133
    Search Bug with full options.
  • 6.0.134

    - possibility that app hangs on startup while checking for purchases fix
  • @Tomas the @stavrich answer was for me I guess ;-)

    Thank you, I tried, it works the way you said. Is there a way to get the expert mode with long press for access to Expansion limit etc. ?

    Thank you too @MacDony an other old school biker. When I'm on my bike I have a stylet attached with a cord because my gloves don't work on the screen. Anyway the bottom of the screen is not cool to press near the tank bag.

    In my 4 wheel collector things are differents, but the size of icons needs me to get closer to the screen. I don't wear glasses for now, that's my limit, I still have a good eye sight.
  • Hi,
    Version 6.0.134
    Search Bug with full options.
  • I think your wife has old version
  • Yes, you're right Tomas, my wife has version 5.
    She has no options and finds "diemaker form" in seconds.
    Navigator version 5 finds "diemaker form"
    Maps finds "diemaker form"
    Google finds "diemaker form"
    Waze finds "diemaker form"
    Osmand finds "diemaker form"

    I have Navigator version 6, paid for all the options and Navigator V6 can't find "diemaker form".

    there is not a problem ?!
  • I do not think that we import factories, we have no category for that

  • Tomas,
    I don't understand, online search (paid) is not Google search as in the old versions ?!
    It must be said what is the paid search engine.
    You don't have to pay and then find out that it's not google search and also that it's an annual subscription.
    Nothing is indicated in the Premium section.
    Can't we look for anything other than the categories imported into Navigator ?!
    If I have an appointment in a factory for work, Navigator will not find the factory !?
    I am surprised for a Gps as efficient as Navigator to be limited ..... even when paying.
  • no search is from Here (Navteq)
    Google wants 20 euros per months per user, I do not thing anybody would pay that

    we do not include all OSM data, for example bus stops
    you can import your own POIs, I think you already have Digger
  • I agree with MacDony. I tested succesfully "diemaker form" in OSM, Brouter web client, G maps of course, etc.

    It's much better to point out a factory name, or a store name than it's address I think.

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