Test of Android version 6.0.x
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  • mapfactyor 6.0.201, free
    Today I made a trip on my motorbike and skipping waypoints works exactly the same as on my bycilce.

    1. tap the screen
    2. after a second the bottom menu appears
    3. tap on the 'Skip waypoint' button

    In total I skipped six waypoints on a 21/2 hour trip. and every time  the delay was the same: no more then one second. So this is again a positive result.

    I have used OsmAnd in the last period. At first it worked ok but the learning curve is steep and the last time I had many problems with recalculation after leaving the original track.
  • After my trip yesterday I discovered that mapfactor uses a lot of power. I noticed the red navigation triangle (render settings automatic) while navigating. I think this means that hardware rendering is used. Tomorrow I will try again with software rendering to see if this is more battery friendly.
  • 6.0.207

    -search results as alarm areas for WakeM There app
  • Hi,
    Version 6.0.207
    - Bug Destination lane ; multi-lane road (blue panel information)
  • I was afraid that changing the rendering settings from hardware to software would have a negative effect on the behaviour of skipping waypoints (tapping screen, wait second, tap button in bottom menu). But it still works as it should.
  • 6.0.205: Thank you fror fixing the exit-bugs, exiting go now very much faster, thats very nice. (6.0.207 not yet tested)

    Off Topic: I never seen before that posts in this forum can be sorted by Date added..... :) (Discussion about missed postings which get a positive feedback.)
  • Hi,
    Navigator always shows FALSE Blue Panel on multi-lane roads !!
    I have reported this several times!
    Navigator uses the "destination" parameter for the name of the exit.
    While the parameter to use is "destination: lanes"
    I put 2 situations with Osm images and informations, but there are certainly everywhere in France and elsewhere.

    Link to the Osm information of the first image:

    Link to the Osm information of the second image:


  • Hi,

    MacDony offers us professional reports about Navigator behavior, sometimes as now it's an imported bug in a navigation and reported for several months.

    If developpers don'care about that, I care myself about my trust in the guidance on such important crossroads.

    Please, have a look, I think the bug is well identified.
  • Is it possible to hide the blue panels??
  • Around this area in Vienna the parameter "destination:lanes" works as it should: 48.19123, 16.42037 (https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/27268400).

    The difference is that none of the roads there have the "destination" parameter tagged. Maybe MFN uses the "destination:lanes" values only if it doesn't find a "destination" value which I think is not correct.

  • Hi JambaFee,

    Yes, I noticed too.
    But this is a mistake ....
    Functional coding should be, in my opinion:

    IF [destination] = True AND [destination:lanes] = True THEN
    Bluepanel = [destination:lanes]

    IF [destination] = True AND [destination:lanes] = False THEN
    Bluepanel = [destination]

    IF [destination] = False AND [destination:lanes] = True THEN
    Bluepanel = [destination:lanes]

    Finally, a coding of this kind, to test the possibilities, I do not know the language of the coding :)

  • 6.0.210

    -downloading correct TomTom data version fix

    @MacDony - the blue panel issue is being investigated
  • 6.0.211

    - issues with TT maps purchased on Google Play that have previous than most up to date version fix
  • @stepan and @tomas -

    V6.0.211 - Just bought the TT update that I have already purchased on the 20th of August 2020.
    It was showing that update is available and still showing it. I am already on the latest update.

    Can you arrange for the refund or do I need to email support.
  • Will do. 

    was V6.0.211 to fix this issue or something else. On mine under "Buy maps" still shows "available maps update".

    Also under "purchase products" i would expect to see all product purchases ie maps, traffic information etc... on mine only shows the "traffic" purchase
  • 6.0.213

    - occasional freeze on app start fix

    @stavrich email log files please
  • 6.0.215 - new data to download notification crash fix
  • Hi,
    Version 6.0.214
  • Got same on mine today - 6.0.214.

    Same on simulation.
  • 6.0.214 program was running longer than 24h and then 2h GPS Recording and then Freeze. 6.0.215 not yet tested.image

  • 6.0.220

    - roundabout manoeuvre panel icon fix
    - failed to recalculate route when second waypoint is added and navigating fix
    - starting HUD from infopanel fixes
  • Hi,
    Version 6.0.214
    Arrived at destination, Navigator does not stop.
  • Hi,
    Version 6.0.220
    - starting HUD from infopanel
    When you exit HUD mode, the menu is displayed and when you click on the "map" button to return to navigation, the map is zoomed in more than normal.
    - Stop at destination Fix. I don't understand why I had this problem several times on 6.0.214 ? 
  • Hi,
    Version 6.0.220
    No TTS when starting or when calculating a new route.
  • Hi,
    Version 6.0.220
  • Hi,
    Version 6.0.224
    No change
    - destination:lanes
    - hud exit number roundabout
    - TTS on start or change
    the application is very slow when you click on the arrow to exit navigation mode
  • V.6.0.224

    Advert on first screen "Explore..." not only is not really very welcome but the link is not working either. I get a 404 error...
  • 6.0.224

    -recalculating navigation route depending on new traffic info data fix
    -showing some UK postcodes on map fix
    -starting app after killing it from Android potential problems fix
    -other products info on app first screen
  • 6.0.225

    -crash processing Geo intent while app is still initializing fix
  • 6.0.226

    -whole continent upgrade purchase in some occasions not available fix
  • 6.0.227

    -reduced ads sound volume 
  • 6.0.228

    -updating app without internet connection may overwrite license key with default free key fix
  • 6.0.233

    - "recalculating route" navigation info only when the route is really recalculated, not on navigation start
    - odometer - calculate total distance from history button added
  • Hi,
    Are the bugs reported here being fixed or not?
    Some were flagged a long time ago and are not being fixed.
    I have other bugs to report and I am waiting for the last ones to be fixed.
    Good weekend to all
  • Would like to be able to see the waypoint names when I'm in navigation mode.
    Bottom of the screen shows name of the road or city, and the waypoint flags on the screen show nothing...

    Thank you !
  • 6.0.245

    -fixes for Android 11 devices
    -GPX info with app current units (not only metric)
  • Hi all,
    I am leaving the Beta-testers group to become an occasional lambda user again.
    For those who want to continue translating the application into French, the link is here:
    Have a good trip ;)
  • 6.0.249

    -"recalculating route" navigation message on/off option added
    -translations update

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