Test of Android version 5.0.x
    - app UI facelift
    - second set of POI icons (Settings/Map customization/Map colors and icons
    - app color themes (Settings/App customization/App color theme)

    Download link http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk
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  • Until then, I have nothing to complain about. The facelift was really good.
  • Facelift =D> Very good a lot better than the previous one - well done to all =D>
  • Great work boyz, thx a lot! In general, in comparison to v4, v5 is a really great advantage, especially the gui with its alternative color designs - hooray, my dark gui is back again!

    Ok, in presets a motorbike icon is still missing, but my hope it will perhaps come in future versions will never die. What will I have to do...?
  • Zasadne zmeny? ci len kozmticke ako verzie 3, 4
  • 5.0.26 available for download and testing
  • Hi Stepan,
    In the map update, the "download" button is not translated.
    The bug of full screen navigation is still there.
  • #MacDony
    yes, translations are not complete yet... what language do you use? french? if you like you can add/change the translation here https://crowdin.com/project/mapfactor-gps-navigation. It would be really appreciated
    and yes, full screen bug is still there, but will be fixed soon
  • Hello,

    in the previous Version I have bought the "Premium-Function" Mega-Pack
    now in the new Version 5.0.26 I must buy it once more, or can I get an Promocode?

  • premium features are linked to your Google account, please login using one you used for purchase.

    it can take up to 24 hours for Google to reactivate your purchase

  • I logged my Google-account to purchase the premium Features,
    i will wait unitil Google reactivate my purchase.
  • That should work! Just be patient.

    I do use mapfactor on a phone without google. There used to be a backdoor to transfer the premium features from a  phone with google to my googleless phone but with version 5.0.x this backdoor is closed.
    I am glad that this backdoor is closed now.
  • Hi Stepan,
    Translation finished for French, except 8 lines which I do not understand the request.
    Thank you for updating.
  • 1) In "Settings - Map customization - Map colours and icons" I'm no longer able to select "Set night mode colours". Setting day mode colours is no problem.
    2) The problem of replacing personal alarm tones for speed cameras and max speed
    with default ones after installing new app-version still exists.
  • When I Change to "buy Maps" I cannot return to the main-menu,
    App freezing with blue/green Screen

    and my purchased "Megapack" in Verson 5.0 is not aktualized, 
    only Head-Up-Display and App-Color-Themes are purchased.
  • Will MFN keep my favorites, if I install the new beta?
  • yes, it should do, but please keep making backups
    better safe then sorry

  • When I select "Buy Maps" I cannot return to the Main-Menu.
    push return to Bluescreen.

    Close the App and Newstart. the Effect is: select Buy Maps.
    I must reinstall Navigator
  • I have no such problem
  • the first time it is ok, but the second time Display Freeze in Bluescreen,
    my Smartphone is Galaxy A6 with Android 8.x
  • it happens also on my other Smartphone: Galaxy j5(2016) Android 7.x
  • I have done it four times without any problem
    please describe your steps in more detail
  • after I selected "buy maps" the app returns not
    to the mainscreen, more can I not tell you, sorry????
    when I started Navigator once more, "buy maps" is direct on the display, after press returnbutton (red x) Display freeze in.
  • it should be only one question mark, sorry
  • I cannot reproduce it, wehther I use red cross or back button

    anybody with this problem?
  • to tomas:
    when update vers. 4 to  vers. 5 (android 7,0)

    map manager/delete maps - maps delete automatic? why? :o)

    exit MF
    start MF
    buy maps (automatic open)
    back or red button
    display empty
    back - close MF

    again and again, i have reinstall, after installation again and again :o) 

    idea: automatic started paid version?  

    new test:
    normal installation
    free version
    maps download
    all OK

    when start/map manager/buy maps/red buton/exit MF/start - automatic buy maps - i have reinstall
  • try to rest to default in settings/advanced
    please select Backup and delete

    I would recommend to backup folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/ first, just make sure
  • I was Beta-Tester in Versi0n 4.x, I must click on Beta-Tester in Version 5.x, then the
    purchased Megapack is there.
    I don't click on "purchase Maps" anymore!
  • 5.0.30
    - #MacDony - fullscreen bug fix (at least hope so)
    #MacDony -  french translation updated - thanks a lot for your translation :-)
    - danish TTS added

    #Durko can you send log files please?
    #Siggi can you please send log files (the buy maps bug)
    #hvdwolf how exactly do you use your own speeding alarm tones? do you replace sounds_xx_signal.mca file with your own?
  • To stepan: sent
  • When long tapping card view, I can not reach the icon size slider in the card scale dialogue. This only happens when using MFN in landscape mode. It is both on Samsung S5 and S9+
  • Hi Stepan,

    fullscreen bug fix (at least hope so) => no change

    Bug in editing the road color palette, zoom levels are not supported.
    If you change a road color, it changes the colors of the other zoom levels.

  • Hi stepan,
    when I click "buy Maps" I cannot return to Mainmenue, so I don't know,
    how to send logfiles?
    A newstart Navigator openend instantly "buy Maps" and after press return (red ring/White cross)
    Navigator Freeze in with Bluescreen.
    The only possibility is, reinstall completly NavigatorApp.

  • Siggi - sent manualy, android-log@mapfactor.com
  • Durko, thank you,
    I have send all logs from Install until "buy Maps"
  • @stepan:I don't know how hvdwolf uses his own speeding alarm tones, I for my part use modified scout_1000.wav and scout_500.wav files. These I have to copy against the original files after every update.
  • 5.0.31

    #Durko, #Siggi  can you please try to go to Buy maps one more time and send logs again if something's wrong?
    #MacDone can you please write steps to duplicate the fullscreen bug?
    #JambaFee the files are inside sounds_xx_signal.mca archive, the question is - do you replace the scout_*.wav files inside the *.mca or do you just copy them alongside? just wondering how exactly you replace the files after update so that we know how to avoid overwriting them

    Thank you
  • Hi stepan,
    5.0.31 same Procedere as Version 5.0.30
    I sent new logs at "android-log"

  • @Siggi

    Confirms "remember my selection" free/buy version?

    when I do not confirm app. is OK (buy maps & return)
  • Hi Durko,

    that's the solution!
    One more step is ok!
    Thank you for the quick answer!
    Many Greets
  • Hi Stepan,
    - navigate
    - sélect destination
    - long press on screen
    - enable fullscreen
  • Hi Stepan,
    I just copy the files scout_1000.wav and scout_500.wav into "/sdcard/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/warningsounds/". I don't touch the file "sounds_xx_signal.mca".
  • 5.0.32

    - @MacDony: one more fullscreent bugfix attempt
    - @JambaFee, @hvdwolf: existing scout_*.wav files should not be overwritten by App update any more
    - danish TTS fix

    But we were still not able to reproduce the 'Buy maps, go back, restart and App freeze' bug on any of our devices. Hopefully later when we see this happening and find out what is wrong...

  • @stepan: I just installed 5.0.32 and can confirm that the warning sounds are not overwritten.
  • Hi Stepan,

    No change.
  • Accessing symbol slider issue in landscape mode still exists, v5.032
  • @stepan: It's all right now, thank you!
  • 5.0.33

    - @MacDony: full screen problem happened only when following two conditions were met 1) phone with software onscreen back/home buttons and 2) software rendering engine selected. Try new fix please :-)
    - @2highlander: scale dialog is scrollable now
  • Hi stepan,
    Bug Fix
    Thx ;)
  • @2highlander: just wait a week or two, your motorbike is almost on the driveway :-)

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