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  • Hi all bikers,
    Would someone have problems with bluetooth between the smartphone and navigator since version 5?
    On my bike, I have the message of the route calculation at the start of my trip, but after, I no longer have the audio information.
    I tried with 2 different smartphones.
    I have not changed my motorcycle helmet which is equipped with a scala rider g4.
    I tested all the audio settings of navigator, without success.
    Thank you bikers for your comments.
  • I use bluetooth in the standard settings of Mapfactor 5 with the recorded dutch voice.
    It works without any problem.
    I have an old Samsung Trend phone. In my hemet I have a cheap bluetooth receiver.
  • Ok, thx ;)
    I have to remove the buetooth device from my headset every time and do a search to connect it.
    Before version 5, I had no problem.
    Android version 8.1.0
    Crosscall Trekker-X4 phone
  • I have MFN 5 running in a S5 and a S9+, no problem on both phones.
  • Hi,
    Version 5.0.55
    On map,
    - select a road -> départure
    - select a road -> destination
    Menu -> Route Info
    - show on map
    Navigator calculates the trip and show the map.

    - select a road -> waypoint
    Navigator does not calculate the path.
    Menu -> Route Info
    - show on map
    Navigator calculates the trip and show the map.

    if we add another Waypoint, we go back directly to the "route info" menu
    if we click on "show on the map" Navigator does not recalculate.

    To be clearer, from the second Waypoint, every time we add a waypoint, it automatically returns to the "route info" menu
    and the "show on the map" function does not calculate the path.
  • 5.0.57

    - more detailed logging to investigate some bugs (no bug fixes requested here yet, sorry)
  • Hi,
    Version 5.0.57
    Display bug when a waypoint is moved.

  • This issue exists since I met mfn the first time. It only appears when a waypoint is moved out of the upper or bottom side of the screen, just when the list begins to scroll. My workaround is to sort the list in portrait instead of landscape mode or even more simple and quicker, tap the optimze botton.
  • In some cases, the optimize key may be the solution.
    But in most of my motorcycle races, the points are dispersed voluntarily.
    The optimize key is not the solution to this display bug.
  • For example, this type of trip can not work with the optimize key.

  • Ok, a roundtrip is something else, did You try to place the first 2 or 3 points to point the optimize button the direction you are starting with?
  • The starting point is never the same as the end point in the routes I create and the optimization mixes all the waypoints.
    That's why I name each point by a number to reorganize them and then save the file.

  • In my routes, they are often the same because I'm riding a lot of day trips. In this case, I did it the same way as You by numbering the waypoints.

    But meanwhile I've found a quicker workaround. A new selected waypoint is always inserted just before the destination in the routing list. I disable this point temporarily, push it to the right position and enable it again. With this method You will immediately see the actual position in the list and fiddling around with renaming waypoints has gone.

    When doing A-B trips, I use the optimize button for a coarse sort of the list. In 90% this fits my needs then.

    But You're right, these are all workarounds and can't replace a correct function.
  • Version 5.0.59 no change.
  • 5.0.60 

    - minor bug fixes (some of bugs/suggestions mentioned here will be fixed in next major release later this month)
  • 5.0.62

    - possible HD traffic data update crash fix
  • Hi all,

    Version 5.0.62
    The waypoint name display is not done correctly.

  • 5.0.63

    - HD traffic issues concerning roads closed in one vs both directions fixes
  • Displaying Waypoint labels

    I understand that having voice announcement of the waypoint text label is difficult to implement.
    Also, understand that  having the waypoint labels to be displayed  as soon as the waypoint appears on the screen is not possible as text is dynamic and will appear when there is space for it or not appear at all. 

    How about this as a solution.

    Having the waypoint name displayed at the bottom information panel - location line. 

    - Suspend the location (road/place) display when approaching the waypoint.  
    - Display the WP label until the WP is reached. 
    - Revert display to Road/Place 

     or display the WP label somewhere else on the screen. 

     I am sure it's doable. It will be of great help to the ones who plan routes with waypoints.

  • Screen responsiveness

    The screen responsiveness of bringing up the info panel is unacceptable. It works ok at the beginning of the navigation but the longer in navigation the response deteriorates and usually stops working.

    The zoom ( + / - ) buttons appear all the time, no matter how long navigation is running but the Info Panel that I really need is just a hit or miss - usually is a miss.

    I need the functionality especially to clear missed Waypoints or add quickly a place as a  Favourite

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