Test of Android version 4.0.x
  • Hello,
    the download link http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk is now redirected to version 4.0.9+ available for testing. If you need older 3.0.125 it is available at http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator_stable.apk.

    Or you can simply use Google Play beta system for automatic updates of beta versions at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.mapfactor.navigator.


    What is new
    -battery indication in infopanel (will be in build 4.0.10+)
    -coordinate format setting added
    -Offline fulltext searching
    -HD Traffic complete new implementation
    -HUD roundabout exit number added
    -HUD switching between normal and mirrored variant added
    -sharing gpx/nmea files fix

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  • truck attributes are frequently missing in free maps, routing would not be reliable.
    For that reason truck version is with TomTom maps only
  • I also have a feature request. The "alarm tones" of the warning sounds for speed cameras and max speed make me jump to the car roof after every new update. So I also replace them on every new update.

    Why not install the warning sounds on a new install and only check for existence when doing an upgrade. If 1 or all is/are missing, reinstall them. Otherwise leave the warning files as they are. I do not know if I'm the only one but by now I hate them.
  • Update to Search Problems - (3rd previous comment )

    Only search engine "Mapfactor classic searching" works satisfactory. The "Prefer Google" and "Prefer Mapfactor" search engines hang up almost all the time.
  • I think it is a good idea to have a configurable 'delay'
  • Hello,
    Color schema deleted.
  • HD Traffic doesn't work properly. Today morning route to work. Incoming during navigation HD Traffic info is not displayed on map and not taken into account for trip calculation (no change in route or in estimated time of arrival) - it is only visible in menu 'HD Traffic' - so I knew that new info was properly downloaded (I've checked that when I was stopped by traffic jam not visible on the map). HD Traffic info obtained immediately after MFN (re)start is used and displayed properly - so for now it's not enough useful.
    Autozoom is not working at all (HW renderer)
    LG G6, MFN 4.0.9
  • Today I've changed renderer to SW LoRes. It seems (but i'm not quite sure) that in this mode HD Traffic works OK - much more traffic information was displayed during the trip. I'm not sure if everything works OK because typical jam i usually meet wasn't indicated today at all (on map and in menu) - so obviously there was no information in HD Traffic data. I've also observed appearing of alternate route calculated probably by HD Traffic engine (i have alternate roads set to off by now) indicated by slightly lighter colour (but there was any other info about this) - am i right with my assumption?
    Autozoom in this rendering mode works OK
    LG G6, MFN 4.0.9 
  • I'm currently updating my traffic_lights MCAs (see here).
    with the new 4.0.9 I do see them on the map in "view" mode, but I don't see them while simulating a navigation in hardware render. They are visible in software render in navigation simulation.

    And an old "bug" seems to have returned: The POIs in software render are minuscule and need almost maximum zoom. Fortunately the settings for the scaling between hardware and software render are separated, but can this scaling be aligned?

  • Today I've got an confirmation that with LoRes SW renderer HD Traffic works fine. I've obtained new traffic info during navigation - I was just before the traffic, so I've seen the change and I've got change in ETA and alternative route proposition (great job - really) which was a little bit faster. But... last weekend I've got longer trip and I've got a big problem with responsiveness of MFN after c.a. 50 km. With SW renderer I've got the same problem I had with previous version of MFN (last of 3.1.... I was writing about this in proper thread) and previous phone (LG K10) but even much worse. Refreshing of the map was partially divided (only part was refreshed), lag between current position in real and displayed on the map was more than couple of seconds which was equal to be around 100 m behind manoeuvre and still before on the map. Similarly responsiveness in HW mode after 50 km is also very poor (I have to wait very substantial amount of time for reaction on tap and even I need to repeat the action to get any reaction) but at least position and map refreshing works smoothly and OK. I presume that problem arise due to of much higher resolution of new phone's screen, because amount of memory, SOC and overall performance of the new phone (LG G6) is not comparable to old one. So for now I'm looking forward for version with HD Traffic fixed in HW renderer mode.
    During the weekend I was also testing Sygic nav. soft. to compare and I have to admit that MFN is for me much better in flexibility, usability, quality of trip calculation, and in many, many points - You are doing great job, but this problem of responsiveness is really big one - Sygic on the same trip has practically no influence on phone resources...
  • please send logs
  • MFN 4.0.24
    LG G6, Android 7
    No change in MFN behaviour - with HD renderer HD Traffic and autozoom don't work properly (as described earlier), with SW LowRes renderer all works OK. I'v set creating logs into "silent" (or whatever it is in English) and performance seems to be better (that was with version 4.0.9) - but so far i haven't got an opportunity to check new version with longer trip
  • the thread title "Test of Android version 4.0.x" mislead me. i am on Android version 6.0. Why shall we test old Android version? The newest is Android version 8.1, Oreo

    Or did you mean MFN4.0 beta (for Android smartphones)?

    Anyway i was mislead since my start on the forum, beginning of March. Until today. Thanks.
  • @leech It is about Navigator 4.0.x version

    @mkz Sorry we still have no news about issue(s) you reported.

    build 4.0.24 
    -vehicle profiles UI updated 
    -sharing from 'my routes' fix 
    -navigate as motorhome icon added 
    -fulltext searching show region in address results 
    -vehicle type 'motorhome' added 
    -offer a user upgrade to truck version when he/she tries to change truck parameter 
    -stop navigation item added to map long click menu 
    -crash on collate (searching) fixed 
    -search engine switching revision 
    -log sending old way on old androids 
    -map language options fixed - missing english 
    -sending logs android 8 fix 
    -coordinate formatting fixes 
    -new tools icons 
    -android 7 bug - stop app instead of crash

  • Will You also add a motorbike icon and one for navigate as motorbike in near future?
  • Thanks alot for fixing the issue with the multiple similar streetnames in one postal code area with the osm maps. There was some house numbers in the first, some housenumbers in the second and so far.......This was the worst bug. And the bluetooth problem with the muted audio for the first seconds - i will test this tomorrow, this issue can only repeated while driving and navigating.

    The new full text search need a little bit much time, but it is possible to use3 one string addresses, and this is very nice. But if i need more search speed i use the "mapfactor classic searching" I test now the hardware rendering with the samsung galaxy xcover 3. It seems to work good, but the first start need 10 seconds with a black screen for some seconds and then a blue screen for some seconds. At time while testing at home no crash.

    Album Style can no longer synchronized with Navigator 17. Navigator 17 show then no map when album.style come from navigator 4.0
  • While my outdoor test the old bugs came back.

    1. When using a bluetooth Headset, the first part of the voice is muted, maybe because of standby - when the phone locked. In German language it say then "ilometer bis zum Ziel" instead of " "1 Kilometer bis zum Ziel".

    2. After longer using cause the try of a exit a crash, and this crash cause broken data. Maybe better let the software always on and turn only gps off or use a restart of android to kill the software.

    3. I heard a nice directive while navigating without recalculating routes: "Sie fahren in die falsche Richtung" (You drive in wrong direction). But i heard it only one time and was later not able to reproduce it. But this directive should imo also when recalculating routes enabled.

  • Possibly it shouldn't be posted here but here it goes...
     I just noticed that without a destination set the speed and camera notifications ‎are not active. 

    Can these be switched on please.
  • When trying to modify the motorhome profile, I find that I can only change two elements.  I need to purchase a truck license to complete.  This is not what I expected at all.  I am not a commercial user so don't see why I should pay a further fee for this when trying to set up my campervan.  Not happy at all.
  • Can anyone respond to my comments regarding motorhome profiles and why I can't change all settings without having to purchase a truck license.
  • This seems to be a pricing policy of Mapfactor sro. It is not the question, if you are a commercial or private user. There are lots of motorhomes (private use), for whom you need a truck license just do drive them. It seems to be more a matter of vehicle size than private or commercial use.
  • truck attributes are frequently missing in free maps, routing would not be reliable.
    For that reason truck version is with TomTom maps only - Map manager/buy maps.
  • Hello,
    the download link http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk is now redirected to version 4.0.28+ available for testing. If you need older 3.0.125 it is available at http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator_stable.apk.

    Or you can simply use Google Play beta system for automatic updates of beta versions at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.mapfactor.navigator.


    -crowdin translations updated
    -autozoom revision
    -sideloaded earth data are also valid
    -searching prefer mapfactor
    -bluetooth channel volume issue attempt to fix
  • It seems something wrong went with the last update (it is not working at all). I put temporarly to link http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator.apk version 4.0.27. On Google Play there is a problem that we cannot downgrade the app version.
  • what exactly doesn't work? I have the impression that the application works.
    Using 4.0.28
  • On many devices it shows blank white screen in the main menu
  • I have no such problem
  • @Lubos - V4.0.28 - it seems to be loading ok on my Blackberry Z30.     Not tested on road but seemed OK with simulation, Google searches etc..
  • Another post says that doesn't work on a clean install but does on an upgrade from 4.0.27.
  • @tomas - my comments regarding the campervan settings related to the fact that I am not on free maps but on TomTom maps hence my statement that I have already paid so why should I pay again to get full control over the campervan settings.  

    I really believe that the application is going backwards.  Whilst it is still robust and has a reliable routing algorithm, all of the recent changes are doing nothing to bring it up to date.  The GUI for example is seriously retro and not in keeping with other mapping applications.  Please bear in mind that I say this with heavy heart given that it is my comment that still sits at the top of your application on Google Play Store.
  • truck version is more expensive as TomTom royalties are higher
    version 4 is not finished yet, so 'going backwards' is a little premature
  • @tomas,  firstly why provide a choice for campervans when the general TomTom maps don't support it.  I seriously don't understand the logic where trucks are commercial and campervans are for private use.  Just remove the option if we have to effectively pay twice.

    As to going backwards, I am referring to the look and feel of version 4  It no longer looks modern.  The icons used throughout the app belong to another decade and do nothing to show how good it is compared to others on the market which is very unfortunate.  Not sure who is responsible for the GUI development but they should be looking at the current standards as guidance.
  • I am sorry, but I do not understand meaning of your comment - if you want to amend height, weight..., then you need to have access to these attributes and that is simply more expensive regardless of type of your vehicle

    v4 interface is not finished, there is no point to make any comments about it, just be patient
  • I fully understand that MNF is still in the design face, but it would be better to ask users what they think and not to rebuff users.

    Of course it is useful to make comments about the interface. If you design in a small team an interface which no single user likes or experience as user-unfriendly, then you are going in the wrong direction.
    Microsoft and Google, and I suppose more, use extensive user groups to test the look & feel and to test the ergonomics of the user interface.

    Personally I really think that Navigator is one of the most user-friendly nav apps with a consistent interface. The 4.0.28 icons also look much better than previous ones.
    I do think though that map design and map colors look outdated.

  • @hvdwolf
    my intention was not to 'rebuff', I merely pointed out that it is too early to comment

    I agree with you on the second point though
  • I very much would like to see a change regarding the warning sounds like hvdwolf mentioned. At the moment I am starting a command-file that reactivates my own sounds before every start of MFN, but that's not the way it should be.
  • it was discussed during our meeting today
  • And with what result? ;;)
  • The same for the GPS arrow, please!
  • @tomas,   I am sorry but you do not appear to understand my comments about campervans.  I have already paid for TomTom maps but now suddenly I am told that I don't have the right license to use the campervan option and that I must pay again.   This is not how a business should run.  Either remove the Campervan option or offer a "special" to those who have already paid.  

    As to the interface,  I have grave misgivings as the "interim" look and feel, whilst easy to navigate, is as clunky as the maps and looks extremely dated.   If you look at your competitors interfaces then you will perhaps understand where I am coming from.  I can't see any great changes taking place on this front and suspect that the general appearance will remain the same.

    Notwithstanding the above, I still believe that the core engine is the best on the market.  I point these out to try to encourage your competitive position.
  • to change height/weight you need truck attributes, regardless of type of your vehicle
    truck attributes cost more from TomTom, so we have to charge more

    both Truck and Motorhome are also available in free maps - should they also have access to these attributes?
  • I thought the height and weight limit data in free maps is simply not good enough to rely on for that purpose.
  • yes, exactly, that is why these parameters can be changed with TomTom Truck maps
  • Today i installed Version 4.0.32, it seems it run good.

    I can not agree with amlumsden, because his criticism about the UI is not precise enough. "Look your competitors" There are no competitors...... I have the half world at the SD Card and don't need Internet. No Competitors at all.

    The settings are very good sorted, i don't know how to make it better.
    But the Icons contain to much Black, this look i don't like. Try to take more Colors. And the Text size of my Places are very much to big.

    BTW. Speed Colors for GPS Tracks will be nice.

  • No competitors? Do you use the internet? apart from forums and mailing that is? :)

    There are at least 10 free offline nav-apps, of which there are at least 3 who are even Open Source (OsmAnd,  Maps.Me and Navit). And there are even more that are "semi-free" because they have a trial mode or they offer premium functions for a small fee (like Navigator does as well).
    some even offer TMC in their free apps.
  • @Matthias
    you can adjust opacity in settings/map customisation
  • Maybe @Matthias just meant, that there are no competitors, who are worth to be mentioned. That is, how I understood his post. Just a very strong support to the Mapfactor app.
  • I accept that as a valid argument :)

  • @hvdwolf: I have OSMAnd installed, but it is slow and you can't optimize waypoints. So far as i know can you only making a route from A to B without any waypoints. In Navit the half world? And where get you the maps for it? OSM Download? No Competitor. Maps.me i have not tested, but i guess this can't be better. Google Earth with 2GB Cache? IF no internet and no Cache, no map. No waypoint optimization and no big maps, no half world at the SD-Card. No synchronization with a Windows Program like navigator 17 for Windows..... Oldie know this... :)

    @tomas: I don't mean the map, just the start screen with the 6 black Circles.

    Keep the good work.
    Maybe sometimes i buy the Windows Full version. But if there no door to door Navigation possible, i will wait until it is possible. And Sync between Map explorer and the Android is then very important.

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