• I really like Navigator 11 free, but it's not really practical to use it on a laptop in a car.  So, I'm thinking of getting an 8'' tablet PC.  But they all seem to run on Android and Navigator 11 doesn't.  It says it will soon, but when?
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  • Android version will be release next month, you will need Android 2.3 or higher
  • There are some tablets with Windows 7, and Windows 8 from mid of 2012. But they are more expensive for the time being.
    I think that the format 8.9" is the most suitable in a car and should be a standard in the future with 7" (in a big pocket !) and 10.1" (at home).
    You can find old tablets with Windows CE or XP at a low price, and they should be compatible with Navigator. 11. But the screen is not very sensitive.

  • Thank you Tomas.  I will wait for the release before buying an Android 8'' tablet with Android 2.3.  Thanks also to Louis.  I am not a great fan of Windows, now that Android/Ubuntu is around for free.  Why make billionaires richer.
  • Why Android 2.3  - won't that be locking out a large number of potential users and customers ?  Android 2.2 is the version with the highest uptake to date according to Google stats.
  • There is a porting problem in Android 2.2 related to wchar_t support, which has been added in version 2.3. Note, that there is updated (more promissing) statistic :

    Regards, Petr.

  • One month ago - in december 2011 THOMAS wrote:

    Android version will be release next month, you will need Android 2.3 or higher

    Is there a new release-date?

    I changed my mobile-phone-operating system 1 week ago from windows mobile 6.5 to android 4.0.3 IceCreamSandwich and YOUR application is the one I miss most ...

    Best regards, Lars.
  • BETA hopefully next week :-)
  • If there are some people who would like to be beta-testers, let us know ...
  • Hi Martin,

    of course - if I can help You with my opinion and my impressions ?!

    And if it would not make my phone crashing of course :-))

    I have a (with Android 4.0.3 IceCreamSandwich) flashed HTC HD2 (former WindowsMobile 6.5) ...

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    I would also be interest in a beta-test.
    I have Android 2.3 on an Huawei Ideos X§
    Best regards,
  • Hello Martin,

    I would love to test MF on a android I have access to several Samsung Galaxy S2 's that I could use for testing.

  • I would like to use my archos 80 G9 3.2 'honeycomb' as a satnav to help when towing so would be glad to test software Thanks Graeme

  • I would like to test on Samsung Galaxy S2...
  • Ahoj Martin,

    I'd like to be also beta-tester of new MF for Android. My phone LG-P690 (Android 2.3.4)

  • Hi tomas & mdx,

    I will be very interested to test the Android-Port of Navigator!
    I got two devices running Android 2.3.7 and 4.0.3.
    Waiting impatiently for the release. Thanks for your work.

  • Hi Pavol,
    I sent link and instructions to your forum e-mail, but it returned as "mailbox unavailable". Others should also get mail from last Friday ... if not let me know.
  • Ahoj martine
    jestliže hledaš ještě testery, tak se nabízím. Mám samsung galaxy 2.

  • Ahoj všem,

    rád se stanu Tester. Android 2.3.3., čínský tablet 7" 800x480 dpi, GPS čip MTK.


    díky moc


  • Martin,

    Sorry, skus mi to este raz preposlat, zmenil som si e-mail v nastaveniach.

    Vdaka, Pavol
  • Hi Martin (mdx),

    I am a big fan of Navigator Free and I use it since v. 10 on windows CE.
    I'm too a OpenStreet member, and see all my contributions working fine at every map update.
    I very interested to test the Android-Port of Navigator, too.
    If you need someone to translate Navigator Free to BRAZILIAN Portuguese (pt-br) , contact me.

    Best Regards,


  • you can sign me up as betatester as well: I learned how to value this program and OSM during a recent trip in India where it showed me the route without fail on a Windows Mobile phone. However, since that trip I switched to a Samsung phone with Android 2.3 and now I have no navigator 11 to work with...
  • Is it still possible to become a beta tester? I have a Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0.3 (CM9 with franco.Kernel).
  • I would like to be a tester, too. I'm running CM7.1 on a Nexus One.
    Thanks in advance!
  • I installed navigator_0_9_36_exp120303_574b75cc1c. Map downloader doesn't do anything, whatever I press. Where do I put the maps to try the Navigator?

    Just read the mail -> /sdcard/navigator/data
  • Does the Bugreport tool work? I have my doubts...
  • Hardware search button has no function.
  • I miss a shortcut for "navigate home" like in TOMTOM.
  • Will those beta testers of the Android Navigator version please let me know if they have managed to get the app running successfully on a 7 or 8 inch Android TABLET, and if so, what tablet are they using, and what is the Android version.  Thanks.
  • Hi, im running honeycomb 3.2 on 8 inch archos 80 g9. everything installed ok, although when searching a place name i can only enter one letter at a tlime before having to press search again. Is this right. Also the routr simulation crashes the app. Nearly there. Will keep you informed on any developments. thanks.
  • A beta test volunteer here if you'd like another.
    LT18i Android 2.3, MTK6573 cpu, 512M ram, 800x480 display so hopefully a good enough spec.
    Where can the software be downloaded from ?
  • I would like to be a beta tester .
    I have a unrooted  Samsung Galaxy Gio running GingerBread 2.3.3 . Also I am an active OpenStreetMaps contributor
  • To Sei:
    The 'Car mode' is Android feature and is intended for GUI changes when device is plugged into the car dock. Part of this feature is 'Night mode' but you have to switch device into the 'Car mode' to use the 'Night mode'. The 'Car mode' can be entered only programmatically, i.e. without dedicated sw user cannot switch device to the 'Car mode', but he can switch it off.
    So if we want use the 'Night mode' feature in the Navigator we have to switch device to the 'Car mode'
  • Hi all!

    I'd like to join your Beta Test also.

    my Phone is a HTC EVO 3D

    with 960x540 pixel and Android 2.3.4 and HTC Sense 3.0 if you like send me the further information to join.

    Bye then.
  • Hi, I would also like to Beta Test.

    I have a Galaxy Nexus running ICS 4.0.3 and a Samsung Galaxy 7" Wifi running Gingerbread.
  • @Sei just a short note about Lodz - in Android was preselected language "en" so in map you see English version of
    this should change to next version

    about the forest - it is typically caused when the tag "natural"="wood" is used for relation and also for some ways. On I see "note" = "DON'T fixme: work in progress". So at the moment there are two forests and they cancel each other. Fix from our side is to remove all tag for ways which are also used in relation.

    about other bugs - I hope that most of them will be solved in today (or Monday) build

  • Hi,
    now I got an Samsung galaxy S+ running gingerbread and of course I like to be a betatester.

    Thanks and regards
  • Another tester here:  Samsung Galaxy, Hp Touchpad, HTC Inspire.
  • Hi, I'd also like to be a beta tester. I've been waiting for a few months for the Android version, so maybe I can help by testing. I have a stock Galaxy S2. The Windows Mobile version looks promising, so the Android version should be great! Thanks, Peter.
  • I am sorry to be a nuisance, asking the same question, but the Android app seems to be having a hard time being born.  I have no programming skills and it's very easy to nag the developers who no doubt are working hard to get it right, buy it would be nice to have some news, even if it not good.  When is the Android version of Navigator free likely to be available?
  • I have been using Navigator 10 (commercial version) on a netBook which now need replacing! A tablet seem to be the obvious answer and an imminent (?) release of an Android version is most welcome.

    While the free version with OSM is nice I have noticed that there are differences in the routing between the two map version with OSM offering some 'unusual' choices.

    I tow a caravan and need reliable routing which can be achieved on the standard version  with careful 'tuning' of the permitted road types and speeds.

    Will the Android version be released with commercial mapping or is it to be an OSM version only and when do you expect the first release candidate?

  • Hi grumpygrandad, next week (hopefully before Friday 13th).
    sorry for delays
  • I have waited patiently for the Android version.  Now it is on Google Play, but I can't download it!!  On my laptop, I can find it by typing Mapfactor, but it won't download because my laptop isn't recognised by Google as a suitable device.  It DOESN'T show up if I search in safe mode (presumably because it is a Beta version).  When I try to find the app in Google Play on my tablet it just doesn't show up, and I can't see how the safe mode can be disabled.  Isn't there somewhere else to download this?  Google Play is a pain in the rear.
  • Hey grumpygrandad, which version of Android are you using?
    What do you see when log in to Google Play with your Android account and visit this site:
    There is small window for device compatibility right below the install button which has got to be green.
    I had no problems installing it on my HTC Legend (Android 2.3.7) and even on my HP Touchpad (Android 4.0.4).
    Lots of thanks to the developers. This is a very nice piece of navigation software. I just rated it 5 stars on Google Play few minutes ago.
  • I use Navigator Free on desktops and a WM6 mobile but I'm totally new in Android. Before buying an Android mobile and downloading Navigator for Android, I would like to know if Android is able to manage several applications at the same time. I mean for example Navigator and an Internet browser or any other application.

    It seems that Android can stop by itself some applications, or suspend or pause them. Is somebody really aware of the Android multitasking and can tell me how that works ? 
    Is Navigator able to work in the background and can 'speak' when navigating ? Which Android version to use ?

  • Hi Louis,
    maybe this video answers your first question:

    Navigator free works from Android 2.3 on and it runs in background until you close it with menu-more-exit.
    I just tested it. I started a route-simulation and then started my mp3-player. The voice with the routing advices was still understandable.
  • Good news !
    As I understood, the video shows that we can easily switch from an application to another.
    But if you can heard both the player and the Navigator voice, that means that the multitasking is managed or partly managed. Maybe the multitasking works only for certain kinds of applications. Or there is maybe a setting in the application Navigator which allows it to run in the background.
    Navigator developers, could you please give us more information ?

  • louis,
    I tested with several applications and it seems that navigator free stays running until you close it seriously in menu-more-close.
  • Ok, perfect, thanks a lot !

  • Thanks for the Navigator Free. I used it on my Windows Mobile in US and Australia. It did its job perfectly. I also did some corrections to OpenStreetMaps and I was happy to see them just a month later.

    Now, I wanted to install Navigator on my Android tablet - Goclever T72 with GPS (quite popular in central Europe). Unfortunately the Google Play says the tablet is not compatible with the software. The tablet works under Android 2.3.3, it is 800x480 pixels with density set to 200 DPI (rather unusual - maybe this is the issue).

    Is there any chance the Navigator Free will run on my Goclever? I will be happy to send any additional  specifications of the tablet and to become a beta tester.


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