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  • Have just installed Navigator (Beta) on a Archos 80G9 running Android 3.2.80 (ICS not stable enough on archos at the moment). It seems to be working fine. I will 'road test' it in the USA for the next two weeks. I have one comment, the routing bar at the top that displays with a tap on the map doesn't stay on long enough a few more seconds would give time to make a choice from the options, or to allow it to say on until the map is tapped again. The same goes for the +, - map zoom keys. Great work, I particularly like the off line search facility, keep up the good work.
  • Thanks to MDX I was able to install Navigator ver.0.9.96 from APK file. It works fine on Goclever T72 if a SD card is inserted. :-) Thx!

    I experienced some problems with recording to nmea file. The resulting file was empty (0 Bytes). Also, the option "Diplay always on"
    did not work.

    Google Play still says: "This app is incompatible... " :-(
  • Correction. The "Diplay always on" option works fine.

    If the tablet is mounted in a car and it does not change orientation -
    the display stays on.

    If the screen timeout elapses and the orientation changes (landscape to
    portrait) the display turns off immediately.
    This behavior is acceptable.
  • I dont understand how to run the beta program. i downloaded it from the google play store. I am running ICS i have downloaded the maps but all it shows me is my location and town wont let me enter any information to get directions, please advise.
  • angeeandkenny:
    Did you try pressing the menu button of your device?
  • pmszcz:

    The menu button is unaccessible on my device (ASUS Transformer TF101, ICS - last official ASUS update).

    The menu button is located at right bottom corner of the screen - you can see it, but you can not use it - not by a finger, even not by a mouse cursor.

    I think it happened after the last ICS update, but I am not sure. I did cold reset, even the factory reset of the device, nothing helped.

    How to make the menu button accessible? Rest of the application MapFactor is working, correctly, you can see and follow your position on the map without problems, rest of the menus is working properly.


  • I can confirm problem in 0.9.96 on ASUS Transformer TF101, ICS. It is fixed in 0.9.99 but it is not available on Google Play yet.
    sorry for the trouble
    p.s. I can send you APK, but we do not want to publish it yet due some other issues (hopefully tomorrow or Friday)
  • mdx:

    Thank you for your answer.

    There is no need to sending APK, I will wait for 0.9.99 update on Google Play - day or two = no problem :-)

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