Navigating in 2D North-up
  • Am I being really dumb or is it the programme? How do I navigate with the most basic map display, 2D north-up? I've gone about 100 miles off course recently which I'd have spotted very quickly if the map was the right way up! I know I can display north-up, but can't seem to while navigating - the screen doesn't scroll in the other mode.
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  • at this moment this is not possible, sorry
  • If you're using the WinCE-Version, it is possible, but not the best, see here
  • You can try 1.2.24+ available here:
    where is this feature implemented. Let us know if there is any problem.
  • Finally, thank you.

    Now please add this feature to the WINCE version too.
    The mentioned workaround is not very user friendly.

  • Great will test it tomorrow
  • Worked well no problems
  • Very good!
    Navigation wich "north up" is a must have for people have learned to read maps.

    Not good:
    -Selecting north up by menu. Better to select it by the field at the lower right of the map.
    -At north up the position of the vehicle must be in the middle of the screen, not in the lower third.
  • I think that when vehicle is in lower third it is better because it gives you a greater view in the direction of travel. You see more of the road ahead,
  • I really don't know, why people like north up. But I wanted to understand why and I tried it. Unfortunately I just went south on this trial. And with the curser down in the window I nearly saw nothing of streets ahead ...
  • it is already in the middle, but has not been released yet, please be patient
  • It should be fixed in 1.2.29+ ... the same download link:
  • Lately quite a few new navigator (beta-)versions have appeared for Android.
    But I haven't seen any new development for the WINCE version, also nothing shows up under actual updates besides new maps.
    I'm especiallay eager to have the 2D North up option built  into the WINCE version as well. without the known workaround.

    So my question: is there any further development planned for the WINCE version?

    Android is ok for me on my bicycle, but for car navigation the TMC feature is essential for me and not available in Android.

    BTW I'm currently on 12.3.0


  • 2D navigation has been in windows version for some time - see settings/navigation
  • 2D yes but not 2D North up, if I'm not completely mistaken.

    Unless you mean the workaround in

  • Well the fact that the above mentioned workaround correctly leaves the map in 2 D North up in navigation mode tells me that it makes a difference in which mode you are entering settings and set the Map Rotation variable on or off.

    Map Rotation off (North up) always worked in non navigation or map viewing mode and the map stays centered on the GPS position, whereas in navigation mode the GPS position wanders off screen and thus is useless. But if you use the above trick and set Map Rotation off within navigation mode it suddenly works ok.
    So you either use different variables or the scope of the Map Rotation setting in non navigation mode doesn't reach into navigation mode area.
    So it can't be a big thing to fix and maybe you can look into this as the 2D North up feature basically works just the setting for it does not seem to be known globally.

  • Hi,
    I'm using version 1.2.50 on Andoid and I still haven't found out how to navigate in 2D / North Up.
    I've only 3 modes of navigation on the button in the lower right corner. But all 3 are not very useful.
    Is it now possible with this version to use 2D / North Up?
    Or do I have to wait for a later version?
    Or am I to blind to find this mode?

  • You will have to use the settings, not the button on the map.

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