Same style for highway=track and highway=path
  • Currently, highway=track and highway=path are displayed in exactly the same style in Mapfactor Navigator Free, for example these two ways, which are different on :

    This is quite disturbing, since highway=track is usable for cars considering the width, while highway=path can be only used by pedestrians.

    After playing around with, both tags seem to be represented by STREET_OTHER_LINE, so there seems to be no way to change is behaviour for the user. I think, a better solution would be to add a new style or to display highway=path in the same way as highway=footway.

    I think, it would be nice, if this could be changed in a future release.

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  • STREET_OTHER_LINE as a "pool" for very different kind of ways was causing issues even earlier:
  • Thank you for the reply. So, these different ways would have really to be separated in the rendering process (Generation of the .mca-files). Maybe, this will be done some day...
  • @mdx, @tomas
    Changing the rendering parameters during mca-file generation to treat highway=path in the same way as highway=footway should be quite easy. What do you think?
  • This is the current conversion table (FRC category, average speed):
          'service': (7,30),
          'footway': (9,5),
    info at

    I agree with you and we changed highway=path (July 2014 OSM data - conversion is starting today (as soon as the planet is available).
  • Thank you, that's really an improvement.

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