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  • Hello All

    Just setting up again in preparation for a journey.

    I have imported two sets of POIs, but despite using .png files containing various colours [Blue/Yellow/Green etc.], all the logos on the map show up as various shades of Red and Black.

    Is this the way it should be, or am I doing something wrong.


    Fred F.

    PS. Using Digger 12.0.4
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  • Did you searched for them and selected the option "show all"?

    In this case, they get that nice red and black design (usually).

  • It is not expected. If you want you may send your MCA file to support-at-mapfactor.com (and mention link to this forum).
  • Hello mdx and croc.

    Thanks for your replies.

    Since posting I have discovered that this question has been asked twice before on the forum, but no definitive answers were given then.

    I think that croc. is saying that they are displayed in this colour because they are the result of a search, and I can confirm that these were such.

    When re-opening the program and zooming into the items, they do appear in their correct 'livery'.

    Many thanks as always for your help.


    Fred F.

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