Very slow Map Server
  • In the last few days I have had problems downloading map updates. 1 Mbyte per minute or less which means that downloading the UK map update takes almost 4 hours. Is there a problem with the map server or is it just the amount of traffic.
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  • Hi Ruldorf,
    you may try experimental version with torrent download, but it may complicate it even more ...
    From your /sdcard/navigator/log/downloder* log files, you may check which server was used for download.

  • Hi Martin,
    I confirm extremly long download-time yesterday evening. I needed about four hours to get Germany-north and Greece. I'll send you the downloader-logfile per mail.
  • I downladed a lot of maps yesterday afternoon and had no problem
  • Hi hurdygurdyman,
    thanks for log file. The important line I was looking for was:
    2014-01-14 19:05:29: DCF location:
    "bubu" is server in U.S. and that connection from Europe was probably slow yesterday. A friend of mine recommended TracePing, which is similar to "mrt" trace route utility for Android ... so you may see it yourself.

    Hopefully torrent will be the proper solution for this problem - it connects to all our servers and collects bits of maps, so at least some connections should be faster then others (in your case EU vs. US).

  • No Problems here with download via the PC Setup Utility. ~ 1MB/s. We have a 16K DSL internet connection. And Chemnitz ist only 150km from Prague ;-)

    I use PC Setup Utility for map update and transfer to my Android phone via PC.
  • Now its clear for me. NSA read every bit of that transfer and that guy wasn't the quickest ;-)
  • That's funny!

    - is a german idiom for "sleeping"
    - is the name of my son's cuddly toy

    Is there a possibility for me to change that server-adress manually? I live in Germany and I don't want to share my maps with the NSA!
  • :-)
    There is no way (at the moment) to force server selection. If you use the torrent experimental version:
    most of your map pieces will come probably from European servers (I think that two of them are in Germany)
  • Where do I find the log file for the pc setup utility?
  • on Win7
    (but the previous notes were mostly about Android)
  • Thanks MDX I will try that if I have any problems with the next map update.
    By the way all the recent downloader log txt files are 0k including the file on 13/01/2014. The latest file with anything in is 16th December and the location is

  • Today's map updates were 1,4 MB/s fast. 

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