Full screen op Ipaq HP 214?
  • How do I get rid of the Windows CE taskbar and keyboard button that are over my Navigatorr Free screen. That bar is 90 percent over the back button on the top of the screen. I installed the v.12.1.10 by copying on an sd-card.

    Btw keep up the good work, this must be the most frequently updated and detailed navigation program!
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  • Hi Ard,

    I'm using NavFree on two different WinCE-Systems, but in both cases I've got full screen mode.
    How do you start the program? Just doubleclick on the navigator.exe or with a link?

    In the manual for PC-version, there are start-parameters for opening with a specified size. When I do that on PC, I got an application frame with maximise and close-button. Without that parameter it is full size.

    Do you use such a parameter?

  • I just start by clicking on navigator.exe on the sd card. I will read your advise about the parameters in the manual. Maybe i can change the settings file.

    Thanks for that.
  • Don't misunderstand me, the parameters (I think) won't help you to start NavFree in full screen.

    I just thought, you could be using those parameters. Otherwise I don't have an idea. Sorry.
  • Now i tried the parameter -fullscreen in the lnk file, but that don't work. I searched google for running programs in fullscreen win ce but got los in forums about C++ programming. Then I installed Navigator Free using Microsoft sync directly to the Ipaq 214. Same problem.

    I don' know where i should fill in the parameters mentioned in the help file. They just talk about parameters without explaining what it does or where to put it.

  • Can you instal CAB instead of PND version?
  • Martin, as far as I know Mapfactor Free can only be installed with the windows utility which gives the program files on an sd card or a directory.  
  • yes, but you have choice of Pocket Navigator and Navigator for Windows CE, CAB=Pocket Navigator
  • Thanks! I am going to try this....
  • Solved!  Installing as Pocket Navigator instead of WindowsCE gives a real cab install with start menu icons and automatically detects the right com port of the GPS receiver. Now it shows fullscreen.

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