Is it possible to change the map language?
  • I just downloaded the Navigator Free for Android together with the China map.  Is is possible to change the map language from English to Chinese?  Thank you in advance.
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  • you can change language, but not to Chinese - currently we have approx 17 languages, Cinese is not one of them, sorry.
  • Thank you for the prompt reply, tomas.  This question was asked because I saw other apps using OpenStreetMap can display Chinese in the maps. Hope this feature can be supported in Navigator Free in the near future!  My first impression on Navigator Free is that it is quite easy to use as compared with others.
  • If you select English as application language, which is something you probably do now, because there is no Chinese translation, and there is English alternative in OpenStreetMap you will see English. You can experimentally change the language say to German and you may see some texts in Chinese, but ... there are couple issues also with available fonts and long UTF-8 codes, so that may fail at the moment too.
  • Hi Martin, you are right that I am using English as the application language.  I am using the app in Hong Kong and therefore hoping that the names of streets, buildings, POI, etc., can be displayed and searched in Chinese. Your suggested experiment is probably too technical for me. I am still fine in using maps with English display. Today, I did a road test and the app performed better than my expectation!  Thank you for the help.

  • well i  changed it from dutch to chinese dont ask me how i did it but i cant turn it back i dont read chinese too well pffff any help?
  • close Navigator and delete data in Android settings/application
  • how the instructions are in chinese...
  • in aqndroid, not in navigator
  • :-) it is operating system
  • what is operating system?
  • android is operating system :-)
  • well i dont understand one bit, goodby.


  • could it be, that venkant changed the language in his phone and not in navigator into chinese?
    Than this forum should be the wrong partner for help...
  • I have just downloaded and installed Mapfactor Free Navigation software for Windows CE in my car.
    During configuration i selected wrong language. Can you please guide how to change language of the software to english for windows CE in a car navigation system??

    Awaiting your early response.

  • I also downloaded and installed Mapfactor Free Navigation software on my android LG G phone about a month ago.  It worked fine until 2 days ago when some how the language changed to I think "Czech" or other than English. Help please.  I can not get it back to English.

    Ted in MD
  • in PC Navigator click Menu, then Settings (spanner) > Application (5th under System) > Language (4th)
    in Android click Settings (bottom left) > Localisation (3rd) > Application language (1st)

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