White Buttons on Pocket Navigator 12 Free
  • Hi,

    I have just installed the free version of Pocket Navigator 12 on my Tytn II running Windows mobile, and so far everything seems to be working well, except..

    The screen buttons appear as white text on a white background (I gather that they are supposed to be white text on a graduated blue background.) Obviously, this makes clicking on the appropriate button a bit like "click and hope", as I can't read what is written on them. The buttons do seem to work as required.

    I had a look at the XML files, but nothing jumped out at me as "font colour" for the buttons (although I am no XML expert so may have missed something obvious.)

    Which files / lines should I look at? I am not fussed about graduated colours on the buttons, as long as they are legible.


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  • have a look in Settings/Application/Appearance/Colour scheme
  • Many thanks for this.

    I did change the colour schemes, but the buttons didn't actually change colour (they are more a very light grey than actually white.)

    For example, when I first select Navigator 12 I get a splash screen followed by a warning screen, welcoming me to Navigator 12 and pointing out the shortcomings of OSM data, etc. At the bottom of this screen is (on my mobile) a grey box which I assume is actually a button which says something like "OK" or "I accept" (which I can't read, as the font is the same colour as the background.) Pressing this button takes you into the program, backing this assumption up. 

    Another example - on the GPS configuration screen, there is a blue button saying "Change Settings" - on my mobile, however, it is just a blank white / pale grey box.

    Changing the colour scheme seems to change the actual background of the screen, but not the button colour.

    According to the Navigator 11 manual, these buttons look to be a graduated blue with very pale blue writing. I suspect that this is coded into one of the XML files - but where? And how can I change it?

    Many thanks.

  • I think it may be your graphics card configuration
  • Hi,
    The phone doesn't have a "graphics card" as such.
    I have tried changing the phone's  "theme" colours without any luck.
    I noticed that the text in the main task line at the top is always white regardless of the theme used (and cannot be changed.) I suspect that the Navigator button colour is determined by the "Colour Scheme", (so you don't get blue buttons with a green colour scheme, for example), and the button font colour being the same as the main task  line (i.e. white).

     If, for any reason, the button colour is not picked up from the colour scheme it will default to white, giving white text on a white button.

    Is there any way that these defaults (if they exist) can be overidden in the XML?
  • Just checking - did you install CAB file or RAR for PND?
  • I installed the CAB file using the automated download process.
  • latest status..

    When I fiddle with the colour schemes, some of the writing does become visible (for example, on the search location screen, the writing on the tabs - e.g. POI,favourites, etc... which all appear white - does change, enabling me to actually read the tab titles.  Unfortunately the actual buttons at the bottom of the screen, e.g. "Search the internet", are still white writing on a white background. )

    The buttons still function correctly.

    I have tried the map colour settings tool, but this appears to relate to the actual map feature colours rather than the actual program colour schemes.

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