Android FAQ
  • Q: Where I can find MapFactor Navigator for Android?
    A: The Android application is available from Google Play at:

    Q: What can I do if I cannot open Navigator after successful installation?
    A: Go to Programs and click the Navigator icon.

    Q: I see error on Market "The requested item could not be found". What can I do?
    A: Try steps from Android Forums: "In the Market app go to settings. There is a content filtering pulldown. Everything in there was unchecked. I checked "Show all apps" and like magic the problem went away."
    A2: On Android 2.3 and version 0.9.100 there is problem with two start icons. Please exit the Google Play and run Navigator from list of applications. This should be fixed in next revision (and later Navigator & Downloader will be merged together).

    Q: I have limited connectivity on my phone. Is there different way how to get the maps?
    A: The maps are the same as for PC/PND/PDA, so you can download them on PC and copy them to /sdcard/navigator/data folder.

    Q: Do I have to use PC for downloading maps?
    A: No, simply use "Navigator Downloader" already installed with "Navigator".

    Q: I miss some features. Where are they?
    A: Not all features are implemented right now. The goal is to incrementally convert most of them from Windows version.

    Q: I found a bug. How can I report it?
    A: The program generates log files into /sdcard/navigator/log folder. Please send us related log file or use reporter tool:

    Q: I have successfully downloaded maps but I see only blue background in Navigator. What is wrong?
    A: Your Navigator was probably already running on background and did not refresh after download. Please exit it (via menu/exit) and run it again. [this issues will be resolved after integration of "Navigator Downloader" as tool inside Navigator]

    Q: How can I uninstall a map?
    A: Simply delete corresponding .mca file in /sdcard/navigator/data/ directory [current version 0.9.85 of "Navigator Downloader" does not have this feature implemented yet].

    Q: Google Play does not show the application for my device, what can I do?
    A: Use the following link for testing: (latest 1.0.x)

    Q: Is it possible to place my own POI's on the Android version?
    A: Yes, you can use the same import as for Windows version. All you need is to copy your *.MCA files into your device to /sdcard/navigator/data directory.

    Q: I just updated to 0.9.112 and the fonts in new graphical menu are on my device too big. What can I do before you fix this?
    A: In Navigator go into Settings and deselect "Use graphical menu" in Application section. This way you will get menu as it was in previous versions.

    Q: I have problems with sounds on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), what can I do?
    A: There is an issue with 8bit sounds - please use your Navigator Downloader and update your sounds (the new files are typically 4times bigger).

    Q: Why the Navigator app asks for permission to access your Phone calls?
    A: Granting this permission provides the Navigator app with phone communication status and notifies the application if the phone rings or a phone call is in progress. We use this to ensure that the sound in Navigator pauses if you receive a phone call while navigating. It is also used for ID generation for TomTom maps.

    Q: My application crashes after update, what can I do?
    A: If you can send us log files from /sdcard/navigator/log we can find out more. Most recent errors related to update 0.10.60:
               XPathNode: Warning: Unmatched end tag [line 3892, column 1 in '/mnt/sdcard/navigator/atlas.idc']
    ... in this case the package was not properly extracted, so please delete /sdcard/navigator/atlas.idc and run Navigator again

    Q: I would like to test remote commands API for Android - how to do it?
    A: open socket as localhost, port 4242 ... or use testing application:

    Last update December 10, 2013
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  • Free android version 1.0.0
    Is there a way to change the format of the voice commands? 
    eg "turn left in 300 yards" should become "in 300 yards, turn left"
    The current format is a bit confusing as you find yourself preparing to turn too early. 
  • If there are errors in the routing with the OSM data, then use your knowledge of these errors and correct them in the OSM data at

    It's the ONLY way they are going to get fixed... just bleating about them isn't going to do it.
  • yes, but it will take a few weeks
  • I am using navigator in my car connected via bluetooth to the car radio. There are two issues with it

    1.) If i hear radio there is no sound from navigator since the the sound is going to the Bluetooth-AUX of the radio which is not active at that time. For this scenario the sound should go to the built in speaker of the mobile phone. It should be selectabe somewhere in the settings.

    2.) If i listen to the music on my mobile phone (A2DP streaming) the sound of the navigator overlays the music. This is ok so far but the volume of the navigator is too loud compared to the music. This should be adjustable somehow.

  • Hello! I have a few questions about Navigation for Android: does the application have traffic information? If the answer is yes, how does it work and how can I activate it? I'm going to Los Angeles (USA) and because of the continuous traffic jams I am interested in this feature...

    Thanks a lot! :)
  • Nice, but you should announce it here also:

  • I found tortuous trying to get any map into the app (ref the last FAQ). Downloaded on my PC onto an sd card, it then had to be transferred on to my Sony tablet internal memory. That created a new folder in Navigator > Data. I then had to copy the files out of that folder into Data. Nowhere has there been any hint or instruction on getting these maps. And then what to do with them.

    ? Why can't the Navigator menu have an option: Get Map. Then you could point it to the right folder, even hopefully the sd card.


  • I am hoping to replace my old netBook with a new tablet. Will Navigator be released with commercial maps?

    I have used version 10 with my caravan and it is routing is far superior to Navigator Free with OSM.


  • @timsinc - you can use "Navigator Downloader" and load maps directly to Android device
  • how to update the maps mr?
  • go to programs on your device and click the Navigator Downloader icon
  • Can not find the Menu options on the Top right corner
    why is this happening in my Micromax A100?

    I have it installed in the Tablet which shows the menu.

    Tried uninstalling & reinstalling but the problem persists.
    Any solution?
  • may be you have a hardware button to activate menu?
  • Is it possible to choose another directory for maps? I already have maps installed in directory "sdcard/Map Factor Navigator Maps" because of WM version of Navigator and I'd like to share them in Android... Thanks.
  • Yes, please use 0.10.x version (link is above).
  • I nearly gave up on this because I couldn't figure out how to download another map. I spent ages micro examining every aspect I could find and had come to the conclusion that it couldn't be done before coming over here and finding out there is another app for downloading which had been installed but there was no mention of it any where. FFS guys tell people, stick a note on the Play Store description or better still don't create a short cut then when people go to the list of installed apps they will see there are two. On the plus side - awesome app, a little flakey (had a bit of problem setting a route Paris to Millau) but finally sorted it. I'm looking forward to exploring it further.
  • Well i downloaded TOMTOM MAPS for America on my android phone and my phone crashed, when i redownloaded the map application it said that my product key didnt match and my app force closed. I have my paypal reciept and everything for this purchase.. so why isnt my maps working!
  • Hi teddyboy,
    are you downloading to the same device as you purchased from?
  • Hi,
    the destination call returns always with error.
    Can you send me an example?
  • You can try it in testing application
    The remote commands are described here.
  • I try the testing application. But i get the same error message,
    I call the app with the command:


    At Logcat, there is this error:

    02-18 18:28:10.160: W/System.err(6736): java.util.InputMismatchException

    02-18 18:28:10.180: W/System.err(6736): at

    02-18 18:28:10.185: W/System.err(6736): at java.util.Scanner.nextFloat(

    02-18 18:28:10.185: W/System.err(6736): at com.mapfactor.navigator.tcpip.TCPIPCmdHandler.hadleCmd(

    02-18 18:28:10.185: W/System.err(6736): at com.mapfactor.navigator.tcpip.TCPIPServer$

    What is wrong with the command? I will call the app with destination coordinates and start the navigation.

  • Hi nohomer,

    try to set the Navigator Application language to english.
    With german language i had the same problem. May be a bug in the command pharser, in german and english the comma and decimal point are different.
  • I installed free version and downloaded all maps - at least it is not possible to download them once more when I tried. But when I run Navigator I cannot see maps - just white screen, my position seems to be Ok but no images at all. What's the problem? And how I can check what maps are loaded? 
  • is it android or windows version?
    best to email logs to support
  • I have had that white screen problem as well, I switched off my phone and switched back on and it then worked normally
  • Can i use the navigator in UTM coordinates?
  • Can I download OSM maps from the OSM website and manually install it in my phone to be used by the Navigator Free app?

  • this is not possible
  • Hi all, 

    Is there a user guide / manual for the Android version of Navigator Free, aside from the standard "Navigator_11_Manual.pdf" file?


  • There is an option to launch the android app from other application using intents?
    and there is an intent to set destination and start navigating?
    the TCP comunication is not useful to me because MapFactor must be opened before set the comunication
  • Thanks Tomas, appreciated.

  • Hi. My name's Zbyszek, I'm from Poland. /Sorry - my English is poor/

    I have successfully setup aplication MapFactor v. Beta 1.0.0, and downloaded maps (all Europe). Next exit it (via menu/exit) and run it again, but I non-stop see only white background with nations borders in Navigator, and it don't find any Addresses/Countrys What can I do ?


    My mobile: LG L9 (P760), Android v. 4.1.2

  • Hi Zbyszek, close Navigator and delete data in Android settings/application
    manager/navigator and then reboot your phone. If this does not help,
    please email logs (navigator/log folder)
  • Thank you Tomas. How I can send to you log my navi ? Can you give me your e-mail address ? (I delete data navigator via application manager and reboot phone, but this does not help).
  • support (at)
  • Thanks Tomas !

    Navi work very good !
    Regards Zbyszek

  • Hello mapfactor Team,

    i dont know if I am in the right Forum, but i have a few comments.

    Thanks for providing a working navigation solution based on OSM Data.

    After beeing navigated a few days i want too mention 2 issues.
    If started before the App doesnt start again (i have to reboot to start again)
    Error message says that it needs an sd card.

    Regards Thomas
  • Hi Thomas,
    close Navigator and delete data in Android settings/application
    manager/Navigator - then reboot your phone. If this does not help,
    please email logs (navigator/log folder).

  • When I tap an address from another app, it asks me which GPS app to use. If I select MapFactor Navigator it doesn't input the address for me. I have to type it in. Google Maps Navigator automatically fills in the address if launching through a link. Is that normal? I don't want to manually type addresses all the time.

  • I have version 1.0.0 Navigator free App, where can I find the Lane Assistant and the blue signpost?
  • they do not exist in free maps. you would need to buy TomTom maps
  • So i downloaded the free version of the navigator and downloaded the missouri map but it only gave me, in alphebetical order, the countys till gascade. No countys beyond that. Did i download it wrong, how do i get countys like saint louis and jefferson? And anything beyind g.
  • just start typing, not the whole list is displayed as listing thousands of records would slow it down.
  • Hi,
    no traffic info at this moment.
  • OMG, so fast! Thank you! ;)
  • is it possible to change the voice? if so, how? thanks
  • Hi, i installed the app for a trip im doing soon. im going to be travelling from orlando, florida to houston, texas. i installed the maps for florida, alabama, mississippi, louisiana and texas as these are the states ill travel through. If i set my start point as a street in orlando and my destination as a street in houston and click "calculate route" it come back and says no route found. any ideas?
  • Hi,
    I really love your navigation app on android and use it regularly. I tried almost all free navigation app but found your app to be the best. Only problem I had is that the roads are not clear as in other app such as be-on-road. I suggest that both sides of road should appear as separate lines and when roads are zoomed when near to the turn it should be more clear with thin lines than now. At present when I approach turn the lines become too thick that it is difficult to know where to go especially when I'm on interchanges and too many roads are there at same place.
    Secondly the sound for warning radar should be changed it does not sound that good.

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