Bug: No route found - then crash
  • A few times now, Navigator Free has recalculated the route, stated "no route found" (or similar words), even though, I am only one or two streets away from where I was and the streets are all shown. There does not seem to be any logical reason for not finding a route back to the route that was working seconds before.

    But about half the time when this happens, the app just closes.

    Navigator Free on Android Nexus 7.
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  • could it be that GPS jumps somewhere to far from any routable link? You could send logs to support.
  • No, the GPS is showing my position in the right place. Navigator just seems to be not finding a route for some reason. Will note the time next time and find the log.
  • MF free on Samsung Galaxy SII
    I have a similar problem in OSM range 
    The trunk link Winterbach from B29 driving direction east enters in Fabrikstrasse which was classified as a residential road with no exit, although it leads to a roundabout (south-east of exit). I changed this yesterday, i.e. the actual OSM map is now different from the MF OSM map.
    MF didn't recognize the exit and after I used it nevertheless MF said 'no route' and terminated. In German OSM forum I was told that the classification residential road plus noexit may be the reason for the fact that MF doesn't recognize such an exit as an exit. This is acceptable, but a termination should not occur in such cases.
  • I am not sure if by "termination" you mean that the program exited, or navigation stopped working? Do you use 1.0.0 or some older version? Can you repeat the problem in simulation?

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