Map downloads extremely slow
  • Hi,

    I installed your app today, and have attempted to download the required data, and one map, but the download speed is extremely slow and eventually times out.
    Tried downloading to my pc instead, and have the same problem.
    After 45 minutes of waiting, I'm stuck at 58% of the "sounds" download.
    Is there a problem with the server?
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  • no problem that I can see, but evenings are generally much busier then mornings, please try it again
  • Hi 
    the download rate of the maps is really very slow. I need about 2 hours  for 200 MB on a very fast Wi-Fi access point.
    You can not pull the data from another server and then transmitted to the smartphone with usb?
  • But yes, you can use the Windows application to download maps to your PC, and then you simply move them to your device by USB.
    Additionally, the Windows application offers an update monitor; informing you about new available map versions. It's pretty useful!
  • Oh, I did never experience such problems. Since I've installed both the windows and the android version, I have quite often parallel downloads on two devices, my android phone and my Windows notebook. Currently two parallel downloads are running with 1.1 BM/s on the PC and at the same time 336K/s on the Android device. So I guess their server must be fast enough.
  • Since updating to 1.2.25 and using test-mode for early map-updates i got problems downloading maps.
    Getting a message about new map-updates and starting download the download freezes anywhere in the middle. At the moment I have these problems with Germany south freezing at 155 MB/229 MB.
    My smartphone is a Samsung i9001 with android 2.3. Is this "old" system the case of these problems?
  • Hi hurdygurgyman,
    can you send us your logfiles? It should be better and more robust now, so maybe there is some problem :( ...
    p.s. if you install 1.2.34+ from you can send log directly from Navigator (settings > send logs ... at the very bottom)
    p.s.2 please mention in your e-mail link to this forum ... thanks
  • Hi mdx,
    thanks for your answer. Logfiles are on the way using updated 1.2.34+.
    I'll try map-download this evening using wi-fi at home and give you feedback then.

  • Hi Michael,
    thanks - it looked like that at the end you succeeded to download part of Germany and France and then you started to download it again??

  • Yes, Martin, I tried this since getting the "new maps"-notice for both maps. (I'm not connected to internet all the time.)  Download freezed in the middle of France North. Because I need Germany South more urgent - it's my home region - I canceled download, removed old France North from device and started updating Germany South separately, but that freezed again and again...
  • Downloading maps now worked fine with 1.2.34 and wi-fi
  • I've just tried to install this on my new Samsung Note 10.1 and when I try to download the maps the tablet goes to sleep and stops downloading. 

    Now I'm trying downloading them to the version I installed in my PC.  Still very slow, (65kB/sec) and I cannot find where the maps are being put!   I want to be able to copy the map files to my tablet using a USB tether since it will be faster and the tablet won't go to sleep on me (I hope).

    USA maps are the ones I'm trying to install. I am in the US.
  • our servers are fine, from our side everything seems to work OK
    downloaded maps are in folder c:\programdata\navigator
  • Thanks for the quick response.  Found the files.  (multiple edits as I have observed and tried things)

    Not sure why my response is craptastic, then.  I don't have a fast line, but I should be getting more like 300kB. :( Looking forward to trying the program -- eventually.)  The file management window does say something at the bottom: PDA driver not available.  Could that be relevant? 

    P.P.S, after three hours i'm at 36% downloaded.

    Edit: Tried restarting the connection. No improvement.  Downloaded a book from Google books. 16MB in 2 min. while the map is proceeding now at only 30kB/sec.  Unless something is really screwed up in transfer from European server to the US.
  • try it from a coffee shop :-)
  • Not a bad idea, except that it's a bit difficult to lug my desktop computer to a coffeeshop. 

    However after the crash and burn earlier, I am now downloading the remaining maps at speeds approximating 150kB/sec.  It's still going to take a while, but I can live with that.

    I hate it when things fix themselves.  It means the underlying problem isn't actually cured.

  • I also have this problem. The app (on Galaxy S2) says there are map updates, but when I'm trying to download, it runs to a timeout. I've tried the download for weeks, by wifi and mobile data.

    Could it help to reinstall the app? But I'm afraid to have no map instead of an old map after that.
  • When can I get the latest version via Google PlayStore?
  • next version on Google Play in approx two weeks
  • Hi I have found that If I try to download maps in the evening (GMT+1) it is very slow so I do my map updates in the morning (2pm GMT+1 = 7am Central time US and Canada.
  • busiest times are 6PM - 12PM GMT
  • habe mir die Navigationssoftware ohne Probleme herunter geladen und anschließend für Tomtom-Kartenmaterial das Geld überwiesen.
    Beim Download der verschiedenen Kartendaten brach der Download regelmäßig nach ca. 50 - 70 MB
    übertragenen Datenvolumens von ca. 120 - 130 MB ab. 
    Bei jedem neuen Versuch begann der Download von neuem und setzte nicht den abgebrochenen
    Download fort.
    Bei kleinerem Datenvolumen (z.B.Andorra) funktionierte der Download.
    Was ist die Ursache?
    Oder habe ich die 20 € in den Sand gesetzt?

    Der gleiche Fehler trat übrigens auch mit OSM - Kartenmaterial auf.
  • I have the navigation software loaded without problems down and then transferred the money for Tomtom maps. 
    When I download the various cards, the download broke regularly after about 50-70 MB 
    transferred data volume of about 120 - from 130 MB. 
    With each new attempt started the download again and did not put the broken 
    Download continuing. 
    With a smaller data volume (zBAndorra) work the download. 
    What is the cause? 
    Or I have the € 20 set in the sand? 

    The same error also occurred incidentally with OSM - Maps on.
  • please try it from another hotspot, servers are working fine
  • I too am experiencing very slow map update downloads on my Android device. It's taken around 3 days to download UK, Ireland, Italy & Spain. Germany South won't download at all. I've tried several times but after clicking the download button the download initialising screen appears but just sits there for hours & goes no further. Any advice would be grateful.
  • Time 12.33am European time. Started download of Germany North OSM over WiFi approx 1Mb per second with direct download. Germany south the same approx 1Mb per second. Try direct download.
  • How do I get a direct download?
  • Found it in settings. Was set to use torrent download. I've changed it to direct & map now downloading very fast. Thanks for your help.
  • Is there a way to contibute by sharing the torrent files ?
    I can share a part of the maps.
  • torrent downloads from our servers only, same servers as direct download
  • Today I had an amazing 4MB/s download rate at home using the Windows Setup Utility. At home we have cable internet connection.
  • I already have had more than 9MiB/s some days ago (Glassfiber with 100mbit)
  • I acknowledge that this thread is quite old, but I discovered the cause of my problem with the map download speed. However, I don't have a solution, so, I am looking for help.
    The reason at my place is my very old Sonicwall router SOHO2 (and I would like to keep it). Since my network knowledge is limited, I don't know what this router does to limit my map downloading access/speed. In general internet works quite fine for me - except for streaming is sometimes slow as well, but at least possible.
    So, any suggestions about firewall settings or whatever else are appreciated. By the way, I have no subscription for the "content filter" or other.
  • I cannot download map updates / sound to my new droid.extremely slow and soon after its stuck..

    android version : 6.0.1
    navigator: 3.0.125
  • servers are fine, please try from another connection

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