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  • There are many requests for different features to be integrated in Android "MapFactor Navigator", so we decided to present this voting
    page for priorities. You can add new feature request with description/explanation or you can add vote to already presented.
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  • Different data location
    - I have a small memory in phone, but very large external SD card
    image  Implemented to 0.10.40+
  • Possibility to disable POI
    - there are too many objects in map, so I want to hide some, like bar, restaurant etc
    image  Implemented to 0.9.105+
  • Separate voice-volume control
    (than the devices media). -> useful for listening to some louder music streamed by the device as well as still having a good level for the voice, unlike now, where loud music means loud voice, which is terribly annoying.
  • Show whole NMEA track at once (i.e. not only replay NMEA).
  • I'd like the option to use the phone's internal compass to show me which direction I'm facing without having to actually move first.

    It should be something like the blue arrow in google maps or like the circular cutout in OSMAnd (when enabling display viewing direction).

    This feature would be especially helpful for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • An option to avoid unpaved roads/streets.
  • Setting for default-zoom-levels while navigating.
    On my smartphone (Huawei Ascent Y200) the junction-auto-zoom is showing way too close and there is no sufficient overview of the junction anymore.
  • Enable storage of maps on external memory. I had to uninstall the app because my internal memory was not big enough to store the maps I need for my upcoming trip. Some are very big and as the world map must be loaded, I cannot load anything.

    image  Implemented to 0.10.40+
  • Full screen option
    - OLED screens can be damaged if statics images are displayed long times at Max brightness.(like the status bar)

    image  Implemented to 0.10.x
  • Display map creation date - how old/new are installed maps.

    image  Implemented to 0.10.37+
  • Suggestion: 'Whats around me' function while in navigation mode
    It would be more than helpful to have a function by just one touch to get a decent overview where i am at this moment while navigating.
    Several times i was wondering where i am and what city/town is coming next, so i used an iPhone with Google-maps to do this, because the overview function implemented in mapfactor is just not working right. The area shown is way too small.
    So a touch-key just letting me see the wider area ahead of my position, maybe with a auto timer of 2 to 4 seconds to switch back to the original view, would be very helpful.
  • It would be great if you could have it navigate to the address of a contact without having to enter the address manually.  The best and easiest way would be if when you are in your contact app and select the address if Map Factor came up as a selection along with Google Navigate.

    Please do not have it import all 1500 my contacts into your app.  It's completely unnecessary and a waist of my time while it loads when there is already a native android contacts app built for this function.
  • I would like to add some suggestions
    1. Autozoom depending on speed. autozoom out at high speed and autozoom in at low speed.
    2. "Take me Home" button
  • Please, add on-line services like live traffic, blocked roads, etc.
    Good premium services, right? A monthly subscription would be excellent.
  • Hello! Navigator (Android version) is great, but I have a possible improvement which makes it even better! Keep up the good work! I love it!

    Feature request:  
    Customizable predefined zoom levels based on current speed. Eg. < 30 - level a, < 60 level b, < 90, level c, < 130 level d...

    Current implementation is working but this gives more opportunities.
  • [SEARCH]

    Please merge streets with the same name in the search box into one. For example Piatnytska street, Chernihiv, Ukraine is listed many times, when you are trying to find building by address.
  • If day-/night-mode is automatic car-mode needs to be activated and will be activated while starting Navigator.
    Ending Navigator car-mode stays running but should be stopped.
    image  Fixed to 0.9.103+
  • Being anywhere without routing but searching for a POI by name (lets say McDonalds or Starbucks or...) the shown POI's are not sorted by distance to my position and so it's impossible to route to the next reachable. Please implement.
  • Ability to jump to some position from iteration list in simulation mode. There is now an option to show it on the map, but if I want to see only some parts of the track I want to set the whole track and then for example skip long (10km+) straigth distances without changing the start point over and over again.
  • Please add a possibility to import own tracks/routes for navigation and to use own maps.
  • Please make the zoom controls as fixed buttons (e.g. in the top corners of the screen)!

    Every time I want to change the zoom level I have to:
    1) scroll the map
    2) set the zoom
    3) cycle trough different map visualization modes till I'm back to the one I was using.

    That's pretty annoying. In the PC version zoom controls are always there and that's perfect!
  • nice features would be:
    - changing automatic to night-mode in tunnels (in OSM tagged as tunnel=yes), and changing again to day-mode when you leave the tunnel (only by day)
    - creating and using own maps (I know, this isn't android-specific)
  • the option to manually add .bin mapfiles from OSM and adjust the maps display quality.
  • Searching for POI near the centre of the map only shows 10 results. In big citys searching for some restaurants this is a radius of 100 meters.
    There should be the possibility to extend the search radius!
  • The maximum zoom level should be increased. For pedestrian navigation the scale is too big.
  • Save current position in my places, great for getting back to where you parked the car or for saving your own POI's.
    image  Implemented to 0.10.40+
  • The bar at the bottom of the screen is too thick. The place where the GPS-state is shown (an while navigating the street names) seems to be unnecessary to me and takes too much of the screen away.
    --> Remove GPS-state/street name bar in favour of bigger map (or add funktion to switch it on or off).
  • I store lots of 'favorites' that I visit a lot. It would be nice to be able to organise them in folders on Android like that on the PC
  • Again on the subject of favourites. Could these be 'checked' either individually or by folder (see above) so that they are displayed on map in the same way POI are?
  • I use navigator when towing a caravan and have tailored a profile to choose a good route. Sometimes however it is necessary to block a section of road which is not reccommended for caravans. This block may be specific to only to my towing profile but not necessary when I am driving solo. Could the 'block road' feature give the option for current profile or all profiles?
  • Suggestion: Next Gas-Stations along route by one-touch-function
    It would be extremely helpful to have a list of gas-stations ahead of my position along the route by just ONE touch-function. Then i would see a list of gas-station ahead of my position, i can select one and immediately that gas-station is becoming a way-point of the route (here in the USA there are no gas-station directly at the interstate, always around the exits in up to 2 - 4 miles distance, therefor additional routing is needed here).
    In the Moment i have to go:
     menu -> search -> poi -> along route -> travel and accommodation -> petrol station
    to see a list of gas-stations.
    This is very complicated and dangerous to do while driving!!
  • Posibility to play alert of the Speed cameras always, not only if your speed is over. (a lot of speed cameras and roads of spain are without maxspeed tag)
  • Suggestion: More option shown in the status bar.

    The mapFactor Navigator (beta) is a great app I love the opportunity to
    show distance left to destination, time left, arrival time, speed, altitude, but I miss the ability to display more than three option at a time.

    I would love to be able to select from the setup menu how many one would
    see at once (I suggest up to three option in a line or up to six in two
    lines). One can also have a different distribution on the number per
    line when a phone is in horizontal or vertical position. If one feels that the elements takes away much of the map, one can solve
    this by having partially transparency based on the elements to see more
    of the map.
  • Any news about what feaures are in development/accepted?
  • Possibility to add city to path, w/o navigation to center of the city. It'll make much easier long range navigation.
  • TTS (text to speech) for navigation using the Android system
  • barrier=bollard  is ignored. So the Navigator calculates routes through streets, that are blocked by bollards.
    Should be implemented.

    For example
    You can't drive the Gustav-Jung-Straße from east to west (or west to east), becaus of the bollard at the junction with the Sigmund-Freud-Straße.
    This is rather data issue - I can confirm that we were not processing "barrier" tag. Planet from July 2012 is currently being converted so this will be hopefully fixed in August data ... thanks Martin
  • The MapFactor Navigator is really cool, but:
    PLEASE put the volume control in your program or at least "Speach off"! - I like to listen to the music on my smartphone during driving and the voices "turn left" "turn right" etc. are too loud! Or tell me how to edit the *.mca file the I will decrease the volume of the recordings. Thanks a lot.
                                                                                                                A Friend.

    For now I've just cancelled the sound_xx.mca files so I can hear nothing and I can listen to the music and to see the navigator screen. So that's better than to hear a LOUD speach :-).
    image  Sound OFF implemented to 0.10.40+

    Thanks a lot!
                                A Friend :-).
  • Customizable Zooming Buttons

    To add options to set how to display on screen zooming buttons. 

    1. Show the buttons on the left- or on the right-hand side.

    I usually operate with my right hand and I would like to have these buttons on the right-hand side of the screen. In GB or Australia I would use my left hand, thus I would like to have them as they are located now, on the left-hand side of the screen.

    2. Show the zooming slide-bar between the [-] and [+] buttons.

    It is frustrating to zoom in and out just with the [+] and [-] buttons as it takes time. The slider would solve the problem.

    3. Show the buttons all the time, hide and show them automatically (like it is now), or keep them hidden.

    In the first case user would be able to immediately zoom in or out instead of touching the screen and then waiting until buttons show. On the other hand, on multi-touch devices the buttons are not useful at all, so they can be hidden all the time. It would also solve Wilhelm275's problem posted on May 16.

  • To show azimuth graphically: ←↖↑↗→↘↓↙

    It is possible to show azimuth in a bottom panel, however, the azimuth is displayed as a number. I would prefer to see an arrow instead. Or maybe two arrows, the first one showing where is north and a second one showing where is a destination.

  • Improve search engine.
    Right now to find desired street I have to know it's suburb name. It's accteptable in my local city voyages, but ussually when I'm using navigator I have only city/town/village, street name, number and lack of knowlage about suburbs.
    Search engine should perform as it does currently and if the is no results it should perform queries for any suburb/city/town/village in 10km radius around, then 20km, 30km etc until it finds some results or Exteneed search area exced value set in options.
    This should improve search results and allow to find location, even if you don't know suburb name or you know only nearby living unit name.
  • Please include the ability to put icon on saved favourites
  • Please add current speed and time on display. Add bigger text of distance to change direction.
  • alternate routes would be a good feature
  • An icon on the navigation screen, where tapping repeats the last announcement.
  • Colour Schemes
    This app is great!
    The Standard UK Day colours are fine for me and I'm quite happy with them but I am not keen at all on the brown night colour scheme.
    It would be great if either:
    1, More colour schemes are available for download; or
    2. A separate app is available to create custom schemes like the TomTom colour scheme editor; or
    3. An instruction page is published

  • The Software only say right or left. I think it have to display or say the streetname.
    It`s easier if the software display the streetname, the number of exit ect.
    What about trafic lane asistance?
  • Hello! Navigator (Android version) is great, but I have a possible improvement which makes it even better! Keep up the good work! I love it!

    Feature request:
    Setting for map detail level rendering on certain zoom levels or just predefined rendering detail levels.

    Right now there is no possibility to draw the roads after zoom out, and map is useless in far zoom-out mode.
  • Hello! Navigator (Android version) is great, but I have a possible improvement which makes it even better! Keep up the good work! I love it!

    Feature request:
    Please add tab with Favorite Places under the Navigate Main Menu option.

    Have to use favorite to launch navigation to defined place instead...

  • Hello! Navigator (Android version) is great, but I have a possible improvement which makes it even better! Keep up the good work! I love it!

    Feature request:
    Optional choose navigation/vehicle profile prior to road calculation.

    Right now this is possible under settings menu or after setting the route, but it is annoying to change it all the time if I need for example route with paid motorways or just free roads (I have two different car profiles for that to speed this).

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