How to Install Navigator FREE
  • I used the product many years ago (I purchased to run on laptop - about years ago). Was very pleased. I still have the MPFC GPS antenna for use to a USB connector. I thought I'd try and find some software.

    I downloaded the Navigator Free software to my desktop PC (windows 7) and then clicked on the install download and I get an error window

    Unable to save the file C:\ProgramData\NewFolder\regions.dcf. The system cannot find the path specified

    Seems like it should be pretty easy to resolve but no idea how.

    Any help appreciated
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  • Hello,
    did you use Setup Utility 10.1 (available on the web) or 10.2 (from this forum -
    p.s. the error seems to me that you do not have such a directory or you do not have an access (administrator?) there?
  • I have just used your link and looks fine - many thanks
  • Hello All
    I am a new user and found Navigator Free through an internet search
    I read all I could about this and decided this was just what I needed to updated my old Omnitech GPS unit model 15223
    This unit runs WinCE NET 4.2 Core (which I noticed was the subject of another topic on this forum but has since been closed...)
    I downloaded the installation package and saved the application and map data to my SD card.
    I was able to get the GPS to turn on however received the following error message:
    "File run error \SDMMC\DestinatorApps\Destinator\Destinator.exe"
    I am aware of how to create directories etc. on the SD card and how to rename files - however this has me boggled since I can't even get the Navigator Free screen to appear.
    What I was wondering is has anyone got this to work with this same GPS unit and if so can you supply some help to me to make it work?
    I realize that I could just go out and buy a new GPS unit and be done with it but where would the fun be in that?
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi Im getting this problem log
    DMP 2016/06/15 08:42:57 Tray utility started.
    DMP 2016/06/15 08:42:57 RcfReader: failed to open C:\Users\H189202\AppData\Local\Temp\regions.dcf
    ERR 2016/06/15 08:42:57 SettingsCollector::constructor loading C:\Users\H189202\AppData\Local\Temp\regions.dcf & C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigator15\Setup Utility\dvd.dcf failed.
    DMP 2016/06/15 08:42:57 RcfReader: C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigator15\Setup Utility\regions.dcf opened successfully
    ERR 2016/06/15 08:42:57 HttpDownloader:Host requires authentication
    DMP 2016/06/15 08:42:57 displayng message: Host requires authentication
    ERR 2016/06/15 08:42:57 HttpDownloader:Unable to download required information.[Host requires authentication]
    DMP 2016/06/15 08:42:57 displayng message: Unable to download required information.[Host requires authentication]

    Any ideas on what to do? Internet conection its on

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