June UK Map Update
  • After installing latest UK Maps on my PC some towns and cities have names in what looks like Russian. Is this a bug or are there settings to change them back to English? 
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  • Yes, this is conversion bug. Some info is written in International names in non-latin characters
    tomorrow you should see map update (only the names, other things should be the same)
    thank you
  • Thanks for the swift reply. I have been using your free software on my notepad for a few months now and I am very happy with the results. I have managed to convert and combine "Archie's" Camp site data files for the whole of Europe as POI's. Looking forward to trying this out later in the summer. 

     I have noticed a few minor bugs which I suspect are in the mapping, like roundabouts the wrong way round for UK or road sections that are not joined to the next section. Do you wish to have these reported or should I improve my skills and edit these in Open Street Mapping ? 

    Once again, thanks for your reply.


  • Hi Mark,
    the best is to fix it directly in the source, i.e. in OpenStreetMap. If the source looks correct but it is wrong in Navigator then let me know (+coordinates or way ID of the road(s)).
  • Hi Martin

    I have checked two errors that I remember in OSM and as you said the problems are in the mapping and not in Navigator. I'll try to correct them after I understand the basics for editing OSM. Here goes !!!

    The latest UK update corrects place names as promised.



  • Out of interest, how long before an alteration on OSM UK map would appear on Navigators map?

  • Hi FBF

    I don't know, maybe Martin (mdx) will tell us.


  • We are currently processing planet-120613.osm  ... UK could be updated by the end of this week ... if everything goes well ...
    p.s. you can increase priority request here (for next batch)
  • Thanks Martin
    Hope everytyhing goes well. I managed to correct some of the errors I found in OSM
    It will be interesting to see if any make it into this next Navigator map update.
  • Thats brilliant! Getting the hang of  OSM now, its easy once you get it, mistake I made was not understanding how the nodes join up with routes already there, sometimes you have to move a node on a route to get it to join up with a new road or in my case a track that you may have added

    I am currently using a mapping system similar to Memory map (Quo map) as I ride legal greenlanes by motorcycle or tracks as they would appear on OSM and eventually will be able to navigate with Navigator 11. I have added a motorcycle vehicle type that uses tracks in its routing.

    I have got to say at the moment its not detailed enough but many are getting added and I have actively encouraged our riders group to get on the case and update OSM by removing track routes marked as roads to show them as tracks and adding tracks into the map that are not shown.

    Upside is the roads incorrectly shown on OSM and unsuitable for cars will be altered and shown correctly as tracks. Some start as roads and end up down tight tracks no wider than a footpath. Further more some tracks shown would imply it is legal to ride/drive on them whereas they are in fact not. By corecting the faulty data and designation of the road it will all come good in the end.
  • Sounds good. I am not expert in tracks mappings so maybe use some discussion on OpenStreetMap forum (for proper tags). I feel a little bit nervous where there are planned big changes or removing of data ;)

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