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  • hallo I`m new here in MapFactor forum.
    how often you update edits made in openstreetmap editor? I`ve made same updates a time ago (im Martin, SK), and in last update (downloaded today) there where no Slovakia updates. Today I made another edit (on D1 near Trencin, SK). When will be this edits available in MapFactor.

    Sorry for my poor english
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  • There were some problems with March 2012 update ( so some edits could be missing [Slovakia was updated yesterday]. Your changes from March 22nd will be converted to MapFactor Navigator in April 2012 batch.
  • Hi, I've just made two routing corrections to England (Gloucester) this morning 27th April (found a road not connected to a roundabout and also a junction (two roads sharing a node) that shouldn't be there). How long before they will be updated?
  • Hi paulc,
    that depends to the next update of Navigator maps. Actual updates you see here
    Normally the update monthly.
  • Hi. I found there is a problem with non-existing roads in Poland. The roads are used by Navigator Free for routing, which may cause some confusion. Examples of such roads are around Łódź (eg. N 51.797133, E 19.336855). The roads are labeled as "unknown" with a key "highway = proposed".

    1. Is it possible to ignore these roads in MCA files?
    2. How to label/describe these "proposed" roads in OpenStreetMap editor to hide them in Navigator Free?
  • "2. How to label/describe these "proposed" roads in OpenStreetMap editor to hide them in Navigator Free?"

    highway=construction/proposed are valid tags in OpenStreetMap and should not be changed in OSM. The navigator should ignore those tags (together with highway=road, which is a placeholder for everything from footpath to motorway)
  • hi pmszcz
    I am not sure how to edit openstreetmaps, but you can close links in Navigator - click a road link on the map and, when bar appears, select 'pencil' (third from right) - the rest is self-explanatory
  • thanks for  report - I can confirm that "highway = proposed" and ""highway = construction" were not properly handled. You should see fix in May 2012 data (the road should have attribute construction and it should be visible only in detail)
    p.s I would like to fix also "toll = yes" case but it seems that it has different meaning when compared to TeleAtlas data. While in commercial data there is toll (France, per kilometer) and charge (in general all highways), in OSM is toll only. It was not set (there was an report for highway R10 in Czech Republic). In May 2012 data both attributes (toll and charge) will be set if "toll=yes" ...

  • Hi Tomas,
    Thank you for this hint.

    However, it is not about me. I will manage around here even without navigation. ;-)
    The question is, if someone else coming here form another place/country will be aware that some roads appearing in Navigator do not exist in reality?
  • Martin/MDX:
    Thank you for the explanation.
  • ad Łódź (eg. N 51.797133, E 19.336855) and "highway = proposed" ... it looks like fixed (poland_osm_120522.mca). You should see new data after server sync, i.e. tomorrow. Let me know if there is still problem.
  • Sorry for the delay, I was not visiting this forum for a while. Yes, it looks OK.
  • I have question considering routing. Some roads tagged as
    highway=residential may have variable surface state, paved or unpaved.
    This information is given by a "surface" key. Is it used in route
    planning in Navigator? E.g. does Navigator give higher score to
    "surface=asphalt" and lower to "surface=dirt"? Is the "surface"
    information useful in route planning at all?
  • In France, there is still in the mapFactor-maps a broken street, which I in the meantime have corrected in OSM.
    I made the correction at the end of June, but also in the August-map-update from mapFactor the street is still broken.

    Here the coordinates from NavigatorFree:


    And here the link to OSM:

    Could you please have a look and fix it, if possible?



  • Hi crocodilefarm,
    I see not connected links, but your changes were on 5th of July 2012 ( and the source for "July 2012 planet" was 120704 (see
  • Hello,
    I downloaded the app for the first time and I am getting "Bad Checksum" error on  France and UK free map.  OpenStreetMap had some update yesterday, but is there any manual way to download map that has not error to download?  Thank you
  • you can also download maps using our PC version:

    once maps are downloaded, copy them to your device, navigator/data folder

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