Favourites blocks PDA
  • Hi.
    Navigator Free on HP IPAQ pocket PC.
    When I search for a destination in imported favourites (campings in Italy), my PDA freezes and I have to reset it.
    It's file too big (104 Kb)?

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  • no, but it may be corrupted or icorrectly imported?
  • Could be. I will try to recreate it.
  • I have not recreated the file.
    I wanted to point out an oddity.
    1) if I do: search - favorites - import - camping: the PDA freezes
    2) if I do: search - POI - current position on the map - imports - camping: it's all right
  • I can confirm that behaviour.

    I usually create my own campside-mca maps with the gpx-files from http://www.archiescampings.eu/dui1/ 
    I build six mca's, north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west, france and acsi-campingcard.

    The two mca-maps with the eastern-parts (north-east and south-east) are less than 2000 records each. The acsi-mca-map is about 2503 records big.

    When I try to do the search like PaoloR in 1) Navigator doesn't crash, when using the less than 2000-reord-maps, but crashes when using the more than 2000-record-maps.

    Perhaps that are to many records in the mca-files?

    The search like PaoloR in 2) works fine all the time.

  • Did you convert the "archies-csv" files to UTF8 before importing them with digger ?
  • No, I took the gpx-files (GPX eXchange-www.archiescampings.eu_vs_01-05-13). With Digger 12, you can import gpx and other stuff.
  • @crocodilefarm : yes I know about these capabilities of diggerQt ...

    Back to the facts :
    - using :
    • mapfactor Navigator 12.1.10 (PND-version) on a WIN CE 5 device
    • mapfactor Navigator 12.1.10 (PC-version) under WINDOWS XP
    • diggerQt 12.1.5
    • latest archies-gpx-file : GPX eXchange-www.archiescampings.eu_vs_01-07-13\archies_europe.gpx
    • ( 31003 records )
    • create the mca-file from archies_europe.gpx with diggerQt ( size about 1,57 MB )

    perfomed action :
    MENU | Find and Navigate | Favourites | IMPORT | <name of import>

    Result :

    • WINDOWS XP : crashing mapfactor-navigator application X(
    • WINCE : neverending rotating hourglass-cursor X(

    NEXT TRY :
    • convert the archies_europe.gpx-file to UTF8-encoding format !
    • create the mca-file from the converted archies_europe.gpx with diggerQT ( size about 1,57 MB )

    perfomed action :
    MENU | Find and Navigate | Favourites | IMPORT | <name of import>

    Result :
    • WINDOWS XP : searching works fine so far ! :)
    • WINCE : searching works fine so far ! :)
  • :-O ja, da zieh' mir doch einer die Schuhe aus... =D>

    it's amazing. Thanks a lot.

    That works great. After converting those gpx-files to UTF-8 my mca-maps are working with the search.

    Why didn't anyone before told me that? Okay, I didn't ask...  :-"

  • Will you now provide Archie with the file, that he may include it in his zip-file?
  • Well, I've really thought about that, but there are some things, that keep me from doing it.

    • Which kind of map should I do? Any map, he's offering?

    • Which size should the icons be, when should they be visible, when not?

    • How often does he updates his side?
    One problem is, Digger - as far as I know, can't be used from the command-line, so it is difficult to make an automatisation (programming) for generating the mca-maps automatically. And it takes really some time to do that manually.

    But if you would like to have my generated maps, you can tell me.

    I'll send them to you or give you a link for a download.
  • Hi crocodilefarm,
    there used to be "DiggerConsole.exe", which was simple command line utility used for automated conversion, i.e. if you already have config file prepared and you only need the 5th (?) step "Run".
  • Hello Martin,

    does "used to be" means "used to be" and "is no more"? Or do you still have a working version of that tool?

    It sounds interesting, I'd like to try it out. Yes, for running automatically generation of maps, I'll have the donfig file prepared and just would need to run that step "start".

    So, if it is possible to get that tool, I'd be very glad to test it.

  • Hi crocodilefarm,
    "used to be" means, that was not supported for "a while". I add it to build (I am not sure about all dependencies now), so here is version with both diggerQt.exe as well as DiggerConsole.exe:
    let me know if it helped
  • Hi Martin,

    thanks, great. After a while of try and error, I managed to get DiggerConsole.exe running.
    It's fantastic. Generating an mca is now easly done from the console.

    The only thing I'm missing is the possibility to use a mca-file at the beginning of the creation. But therefore I've got to create the digger_config.xml.

    That's no problem, so I will build some scrpits for generating the digger_config.xml and after that the mca-files.

    So, you helped me very much. Thank you.

  • Hi crocodilefarm,
    thanks for good news :). If you do not need to edit digger_config.xml file, you may try to specify the path "into" mca file, i.e. something like MyPOI.mca/digger_config.xml (maybe try also the other slash, i.e. MyPOI.mca\digger_config.xml)
    good luck

  • Hi Martin,

    well, opening the mca.file like you described, works fine, but to re-pack it again doesn't do.
    When the icon (for the wpt - waypoints) is copied, a folder named <file>.mca is created and finally "DC.exe" throws an Error:

    ERR 2013/06/25 11:40:25 Exception thrown: .\src\filedriver\win32\FilePlatform.ccp(63)
    ERR 2013/06/25 11:40:25 Exception std::exception& ex caught: .\src\Importer.cpp(150) message:'mapFactor exception: can't open file 'z:\<path>\Muster.mca''

    "Muster.mca" is in this moment a folder, not a file.
    Any idea?

    Well, I hope, that it isn't a mistake, because I'm using Linux with wine.

  • Anyone have a working link for diggerconsole?  Seems to be exactly what we need.
  • Well, if mapfactor can't help you, I've downloaded a working version some times ago. Contact me, if you still need it.

    Otherwise, I hope, mapfactor can give a new working link.

    By the way, have a look at this here: http://forum.mapfactor.com/discussion/comment/3221#Comment_3221

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