Test of version 7.0.x for Android

    Android Auto support
    Since Google opens the support for 3rd party navigation applications, we have implemented Android Auto extension for vehicles equipped with such kind of modern technology. There is only few prerequisites - Android Auto application installed on your smartphone running Android 6 or above, and using a high quality USB cable to connect your phone to your car. Keep in mind the official release on Google Play is available in countries listed in https://www.android.com/auto/ - Is the Android Auto app available in my country? but don't be worry, it can be fetched in any other alternative source on the Internet, and the official list is getting longer (https://blog.google/products/android/new-features-winter-2020/ 5. Android Auto expands to more countries). We are really excited about introducing Android Auto extension in MFN 7.0 (Android) for those of you who asked for this feature for a long time, offering you the best user experience as possible. As an explanation, there's one hadicap that most of users complain about - inability to move the map surface to any direction - this is NOT intended behaviour by MapFactor - it comes from Google library restrictions and we hope Google engineers will fix it in the near future.

    Coming soon: Speed limit sign, settings screen, bug fixing

    Available via download link and soon on Google Play Beta
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  • 7.0.28
    - voice commands processing improved, multiple results shown as a list in Search screen
    - cluster display info bug fix
    - other minor fixing
  • Hi Filip,
    Is the invisible maps bug (new maps) for France corrected?
  • Hi filips,

    did you notice that there is a problem with actual OSMaps of most of France and UK (and probably more - did not check)?
    As you can read in https://forum.mapfactor.com/discussion/8930/france-map-and-update und see in the picture MacDony posted, only Brittany and Greater London Region are visible.
    Just checked 7.0.28 on BlueStacks emulator (Android 7) - problems remain.
    Checked 7.0.20 and 7.0.4 before - 7.0.4 is okay - 7.0.20 as well as 7.0.28 show the effects described by MacDony.

    Oh - MacDony was a bit faster ...

    Regards ...
  • 7.0.31

    -invisible OSM maps fix
  • Top, thanks.
    Just checked on BlueStacks (Android 7 Emu), all maps visible. Just downloading a few more parts of Europe to see if anything unexpected occurs.

    Will check on real Android 9 later.

    Regards ...
  • Hi,
    Navigator Alpha version 7.0.16
    No update
  • Hi,

    download new (alpha or beta? don't know) version from link in #1 and install manually.
    Should help ...

    Regards ...
  • No update on the playstore ;)
  • Google has not reviewed yet
    download it here
  • Hi,
    France Maps ok
    Navigation is not centered on the right side of the screen
    there is no display of personal .mca files
    there is no Pois display in navigation mode
    there is no display of speed limits
    TTS directions are not spoken
    sometimes, there are "mutes" without pronunciation of information
    the bug, error in the display of the direction of the Blue Panel is not fixed
  • Hi,
    At the start of a trip, there is a BEEP !!! very very loud, volume 100% and then in navigation mode the volume is very low around 30%
  • Hi,
    On android auto ;)
  • Hello McDony, do you mean we may use the last version 7 accessible from 28th may with android auto ?
  • yes, you have to download the latest version with the link at the top.
    it works with android auto, but with the bugs that have been reported.
  • Hi,

    I'm not sure to understand the differences between 6.2.x, 7.0.x versions.

    Are 7.0.x versions just for android auto or work alone ?

    Then, on the play store I see Mapfactor (6.2.11) and Mapfactor Pro (6.2.14), I've seen the free vs pro on https://www.mapfactor.com/en/products/navigation-software-standard/navigator-android/#free-vs-pro
    but what is the fare of the car pro version, to compare with my free version + paid TomTom and pack of functions ?
  • V.7.0.x works with Android Auto. V.6 does not.
  • I guess it's the only difference ?
  • MFN v.7.0.31 on Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 10. Problem of MFN crashing after disconnecting phone cable from vehicle still present. Minor errors with program exiting after setting route on Android Auto. Logs sent.
  • 7.0.39
    - "What's new" includes Android Auto light manual
    - CAR/TRUCK PRO - e-shop continents edited (to be available on Google Play)
    - beta icons/strings removed
    - bug fixing

  • Hi Filips. Google Play store is still showing v.7.0.31.
  • I just updated to version 7.0.31 and the "dancing texts" are sometimes quite annoying:
    (On Huawei P30 Pro)
  • Two annoying issues.

    1 - Moving text also when zooming in-out ( as Lubos "dancing texts" ).

    2 - With HD Traffic on – If destination is on a
    closed road MF cannot calculate a route, “route not found” and same applies if
    a Waypoint is on a closed road. My solution to this is to stop using HD Traffic
    and cancel the subscription.

  • V 7.0.39

    Strange behaviour.
    Login into MF main screen comes up (with buttons) and immediately the keyboard appears and the cursor is flashing in the search bar.

    Clear kb and click on map. Exit map to go to main menu and Keyboard appears again with the flashing cursor in the search bar.

    Is this happening only to me or is a new design or a bug. Its an annpyance - "search" should not be active unless clicking on it.
  • thanks, this has been discussed today, we will fix it soon
  • 7.0.42
    - added speed limit sign to street name in Android Auto
    - jumping keyboard bug fix
    - PRO version - downloading maps in trial period bug fix

  • Hi,
    At the start of Navigation, there is a BEEEEEEEEP !!! very very loud, volume 200%
    Arrow Navigation is not centered on the right side of the screen

  • I am running 7.0.39 with Android Auto. Two observations on a Subaru Levorg Headunit:

    - I cannot cancel the navigation using voice command. This works with Google Maps though.
    - If I enter a destination on the headunit, it calculates and displays the route but the area on the left where "Navigate" should appear shows only a spinning circle. Going back to the homescreen of Android Auto and then return to the navigation solves the issue.

    Any ideas how to solve 2) as it is somewhat annoying?
  • 7.0.45

    -crash fixes
  • Hi I'm a Belgium user and trying out car pro v7. 0.42 (demo 7 days) and I notice that alternative route does not take HD traffic in count. The alternative routes navigate through road blocks, traffic etc.This is by using the app on the phone. Today I'm gonna test AA :)
  • alternative routes do take traffic info in to consideration
  • I test it again and now it seems to take traffic indeed in to consideration...Strange..But i'm happy it's working ok now , thx for the reply !
  • Two asks to Mapfactor:

    It seems that you are not using the Navigation audio channel in Android Auto (like Google Maps e.g.). Therefore I am unable to set the volume separately from my other audio sources.

    Is there a workaround or fix?

    Second: If I am using voice to search for a POI, I got a list which omits the details like street address. In one particular case, I go a list of 10 hits all named the same to choose from. Could you add more info to the individual search results?
  • 7.0.47
    - Dear testers: Big sound channel update. Navigation voice is played over the volume-reduced background music - so-called "ducking". Listen Spotify with no more annoying breaks, Navigator is gentle now and uses navigation audio channel. Advanced settings for audio channel removed. Please let me know if the sound management is better or not. Available for all internal testers via Google Play
  • Hi Filip,
    For me the sound is better with or without music.
    Known bugs:
    - the navigation arrow is not vertical
    - the navigation arrow is not centered in the right part
    - error display of destinations in the blue panel since September 2020
    - The map is of poor quality compared to other Gps using Osm
    - Manual zooming on the map is difficult and not smooth
    - Some rivers are not visible (The Loire, the longest river in France near the city of Angers - compared to other Gps using Osm)
  • Sound now much better with changes. Thank you. Problem with GPS wandering at busy junctions. Constant "recalculating route" message. Does not happen with other apps. Navigation arrow is also quite large in comparison to map.
  • GPS is controlled by Android, Navigator cannot make GPS reception better or worse.
    Try to reboot your device, it quite often helps.

  • Thanks Thomas.
  • 7.0.48
    - sound management (Music&Navigation voice, Voice via Bluetooth speakers) improvements
    - officialy in production on Google Play - under review, coming soon
  • rivers have disappeared from the map in France
  • rivers and lakes disappeared from the maps of Germany and Switzerland, too
  • I assume it is a rendering bug. It doesn't show rivers and lakes either in the Dutch map and I did not recently downloaded a new map.
  • Just checked - with Android Emulator on PC and with real Android 8 device. All rivers and lakes visible, looks fine. But didn't check the sound improvements ...

    Regards ...
  • It is depending on the zoom level. When zooming in the rivers and lakes apear. Also for really big lakes that should be visible in the world map.
    So is it something wrong with the world map, or the rendering of the world map?

    Android 9 by the way.
  • @filips I use the app in my car with Bluetooth, but I have no Android Auto.
    Since the app update, I get no sound over Bluetooth.
  • Sound has really improved on AA by using the navigation channel. Awesome job.

    Could it be that the traffic information is not displayed on AA?

    One more bug I encountered repeatably: 
    After using voice to select a destination accepted the "Navigate to" on the screen, I get an endless spinning circle. This is somewhat annoying as I have to disconnect/reconnect to get it solved.

    Feature requests still pending for AA:
    - Ability to use voice to cancel active navigation
    - More detailed list if multiple POI with the same name are found in one city
  • Anybody else using the app with Bluetooth, but without Android Auto?

  • @chattiewoman: I am using the app with bluetooth using a bluetooth headset in my helmet and it works. I never tried it in a car.
  • it works for me as well, no problem

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