France Map and Update
  • Hi Tomas,

    Currently, France, for road maps, is divided into 4 parts:
    France North-South-East-West

    Apparently, there must be too much data with these 4 parts because the updates are problematic.

    Why not divide France into 13 regions like other Gps do with OSm ?!

    The French regions are:
    - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    - Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
    - Bretagne
    - Centre-Val de Loire
    - Corse
    - Grand Est
    - Hauts-de-France
    - Ile de France
    - Normandie
    - Nouvelle-Aquitaine
    - Occitanie
    - Pays de la Loire
    - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

    See this image:
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  • I am not in charge of processing data, but I think that problem is in dividing, not in processing already divided regions
    I can, however, assure you that we are taking this seriously, it is just not easy to identify what the problem is
  • Hi Tomas,
    The list of new France regions for version 5.5.97 has not been put on the server ?!
    A friend contacted me, it has the basic version and has had an update to 5.5.97 and does not have the maps.
  • not yet, please be patient
  • Hi,
    Is there a problem with map updates in France ?!
    No update since March ....

  • Hi,
    Any news for updates?
  • something has changed with map data, process does not finish
    we are trying to find cause
  • Hi,
    there must be a problem, no map update since January
  • yes, data is bigger and bigger, we are changing processes
    it should not be long now, please be patient
  • Updater offered two new maps today - Corsica and Avergne/Rhone-Alpes.

    After installation France does not work anymore in FreeNav ( "incompatible maps from different vendor - please install new version of program" (content of error message - is a bit longer ...).
    Updater says no new version.
    Downloaded installation files - same Version, same problem ...

    Regards ...
  • Same here: New map "france_osm_auvergne_rhone_alpes" leads to the same error message. Navigator (PC) nevertheless starts, but there is no more map of France at all displayed.
  • At  now, 11 (of 13) maps of France are updated - problem remains.
    France completely "white" - no maps. Maybe it will be better when all 13 maps are updated - let's wait and see ...

    Regards ...
  • Same here: Netherlands error
  • Strange thing ...
    Netherlands map works fine here - dated 14. Feb. 2021 and no new map offered by setup utility.

    Regards ...
  • Hello, the map of France is still incompatible. Yesterday the maps of Switzerland and Netherlands worked but they have stopped working today after the update.
  • @RogerGatsky: early maps netherlands downloaded at 13-05-2021
  • I’ve just installed navigator, France maps also shows blank along with UK and Serbia. All other European countries are working ok. Just not the countries I need. Thought I was doing something wrong.
  • Seems we have to wait for the 2021 program version ...
    At Mapfactor installer in the "manage map download" section all maps without "OSM" at their names won't work. And as long as you have one or more non-working part maps from a country, this country completely doesn't work.
    With "early map access" 13 European countries in total are broken.

    Regards ...
  • Thanks Roger, i just removed all the non OSM named regions and that is the problem as the remaining then loaded. So i guess you are correct and we just need to await a program update.
  • Hello Tomas, please comment on the non-working maps mentioned. When can functioning maps be expected?
  • guys are working on it, not sure how long it will take
  • Hello, it works today. Thanks a lot. Regards.
  • Guys did good work - thanks.

    Regards ...
  • Version 7.0.16 
    Centre Loire Vallet (France) = no map 
     France Brittany OSM = ok 
    New Aquitaine (France) = no map 
    Pays de la Loire (France) = no map 
    please put links to old road maps
    I need it this weekend
  • Thanks for the quick fix. all working for me now, well those i need at least.
  • I have no problem with updated maps of France in v7
    try to delete them and redownload
  • Today I downloaded 11 new maps and they all work for me now (on Android 7.0.20 as well as on PC).
  • Hi Tomas,
    I have Navigator alpha v7.0.16
    I deleted all maps
    installed all maps
    only the Brittany OSM map is visible
  • I have also deleted only the Brittany OSM map but no change
  • try to update Navigator
  • Hi Tomas,
    No update for now, I will be watching this afternoon
  • no update
    i will watch tomorrow
  • please send logs
  • Hi Tomas,
    with Tom we did not find the problem with the new road maps.
    I need a navigator to organize a weekend roadtrip with a group of bikers.
    Can you give me a link to the old maps with OSM:
    Pays de Loire
    Centre Loire Valley
    I tested with the latest version 7 alpha and version 7 beta without success
  • Same problem with England, only the map with "OSM" in the name is visible
  • Strange things going on ...

    With PC Navigator all free maps are ok. Also with my navigation device - running on WinCE with pnd_app.
    Seem to be differences in map handling (or expected map format) from Android to Win Version.

    Will check android version on my mobile later.

    Regards ...

  • I can see all maps in Android and PC
  • Hi Tomas,
    with Tom we did not find the problem with the new road maps.
    I need a navigator to organize a weekend roadtrip with a group of bikers.
    Can you give me a link to the old maps with OSM:
    Pays de Loire
    Centre Loire Valley
  • Hi,

    just checked with BlueStacks Android emulator on PC (don't know which Android version it emulates). With France and UK same effect as MacDony describes - most parts don't work.

    Glad to have my WinCE navigation device ...

    Regards ...
  • Haaa, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one seeing the problem :)
  • I have Android 8.0.0
  • Hi Tomas,
    My wife still had the old road maps on her smartphone.
    Everything works as before and I was able to make my trips for the roadtrip this weekend.
    Good weekend to all
  • Installed latest "stable" (Version 5.0.50) from on an Android 7 device and downloaded Germany, France and UK.
    Germany => ok, France and UK => completely invisible
    Upgraded to latest beta (7.0.20 - same as on BlueStacks) from => only Brittany and Greater London visible as in MacDony's picture and on myBlueStacks System.

    Got me a device with Android 9 - beta 7.0.20 is just downloading maps. If I don't post an "Hooorayy" here, it's nothing better ... *grin*

    Regards ...
  • No Hooorayy - on Android 9 same picture as on all other devices except Tomas' system ...

    Regards ...
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Android 10 MFN 7.0.16
    Latest free maps downloaded today. All look OK.
    Edit - Just checked files on device. All UK maps updated today except Greater London which is dated 07/02/2021. All France maps updated today except Brittany which is dated 07/02/2021.
  • a bit more ... crazy.

    Deleted 7.0.20 from the BlueStacks system and installed 7.0.4 (downloaded from - France and UK completely ok.

    Edit: After updating to 7.0.20 again, same faults as before.

    Regards ...
  • Hi,
    The road maps work well on Ios, the problem is of course on the Android version.

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