France Map and Update
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  • try to delete file atlas.idc
  • On 12.05.2021 I downloaded the newest version of "france_osm_auvergne_rhone_alpes" map and had "incompatible map"-message and the problem of the totally invisible France on PC version.

    On 19.05.2021 I downloaded the newest versions (18.05.2021) of following maps: Croatia, Czechz Republic, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and five France-regions. My other maps are older versions.

    All of them work without any problem on PC, Android 7 and Android 11 as well. I didn't reinstall any app and I didn't delete anything, just downloaded the new maps. The PC version of Navigator is v.20.2.0, the android versions are 7.0.28.
  • please wait for the next version
  • Of what, map or app?
  • 7.0.31 looks good so far - as we are on feature requests her, regular updates of functional maps would be a nice feature to have *grin* even in the free version.

    Will downgrade to Version 6.x later and test with that ...

    Thanks for all your work.

    Regards ...

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