How to import my POI (Points of Interest) to Navigator FREE
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  • There could be an infinite number of reasons for this...

    If you have already saved your .mca with the other existing .mca files, you have already found the right path. The name of the file is irrelevant, the file extension must be correct.

    Rather, it indicates that your file is incorrect. Have you zoomed out of the map and maybe discovered your points somewhere else? This happens when 'lat' and 'lon' are swapped.
    What are the display settings for the visibility of the points? You can change them in Digger.
    Have you noted the names with the points for the file? Without labels you can't search for them either.

    Questions about questions.

    If necessary, I can also try to create your waypoints for you. For this you would have to provide me with the source. If too private, also by PM..

  • I used to be playing with diggerQt.exe (digger_12_1_5) and .mca files for a long time, which was good and working solution.

    Then, from some Navigator version, they’ve added direct .gpx file import support, which was much more easy and straightforward.

    Recently, I’ve updated Navigator to version 6.0.157 and sadly, gpx import is gone. It is not gone, but it is not importing neither POIs, neither route. It only shows it as an GPS recording, without possibility to extract POIs. No valuable use anymore.

    Therefore, today I had to come back to an old good and working diggerQt and .mca import way.
  • we made no change to GPX import for some time
  • My tests with .gpx import today shows:
    -    I do not see any imported POIs under POI->Search imports.
    -    I do not see any imported routes under My places->My routes. Cannot confirm that route import at all was working as honestly haven’t used it.
    -    I only see imported .gpx under My places->GPS recording, with possibility only to review it, and no possibility to load/extract POIs, route, etc.
  • there never was direct import from GPX to Imports
    only with digger
  • Hm.. if so, then my apologies for such assault. Might be I am totally confused.

    Then digger never betrays ;)
  • There is a small difference:

    Pois which are supposed to appear under poi search always are mca files, created with the digger program. Fling them to the right directory and MFN will find them automatically when starting, no import necessary.

    Gpx files need import. I click them in a file manager, select open with MFN and there it goes.

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