GPS signal lost/reaquired
  • Hi folks,

    In the previuos versions there was such it possible to reactivate it somehow?

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  • this was disabled on request of many complaining users :-)

  • What a stupid decision!
    At least you should have made an individual choice.

    Just remember that people who are content with a feature don't complain.

  • I can let you have old version idf this is important to you
    or, you can edit navigation.xml manually
  • Could you pls advise what to change in the xml file
  • It is it PC/Pocket Navigator then it is in settngs.xml (or default_settings.xml) item

  • thanks mdx, but it's android

    The only thing I see in navigation.xml is and not sure what to change here:

          <!-- Waiting for gps signal -->
          <!-- GPS signal lost -->
          <!-- GPS signal reacquired -->
  • It is hardcoded in Android at the moment (1.5.x, 1.6.x).
  • thanks mdx,

    it would be nice to bring this feature back as it happens from time to time that the signal is lost and I think it's important for the users to be notified...majority of other products have this feature...and it could be turned off by default but with an option to turn it on
  • Then it would be nice, if in one of the next versions it could be integrated so that we can switch those options.

    And if it is just in the settings.xml for manually changing, that would be okay (at least for me).
  • I agree with Tantum ! Is better a choice to enable or disable some notifications !

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