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  • I've noticed a difficulty in search for a address number.

    In Bucharest there is Calea Moșilor.  If I want to find number 262 , I have to search in all segments of the street, because the search result returns 4 or 5 results for Calea Moșilor.

    Can you do that, the search result for a street to return a single result for that street to be easy to find a number ? Because if a street has many segments, 8 or 9, it'll take to much time to search and to know in witch search result you have searched. In a city there is one single street name, there are no duplicate names, here in Romania, I don't know for other Country.

    Thanks !
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  • Hi Gabriel,
    it is pity, that there is no administrative area for Bucharest. At the moment it is searching from city center and it merges only touching streets with the same name. So if they are couple meters away they will have separate record.

  • What you mention depends on the map for your zone.

    For example, if I search for a street in my neighborhood, it could appear 2-3 times with different segments, letters or even ways to pronounce them (For me it counts as map error, and I try to fix whenever I see it). But If I do the same at city-level there may be 5+ results for the same search but on different administrative areas as mdx mentions, and this is totally correct behaviour.

    Maybe you could do the same and contribute to OSM exactness :)
  • Oh, but there is administrative delimitation for Bucharest. And aditional there is adminsitrative delimitation for its' 6 cvartals/sectors. And there is localisation tags addr:city or is_in:city. Should take in consideration those tags too. This street is in the same administrative area. Calea Moșilor is one big boulevard splitted only because of turn restrictions. I didn't see here the link between administrative area ( which exists) and the problem we talk... And this is no single case. There are many, many streets wehere we cannot find numbers until i find the exact street segment. And we know where is the problem. But what will think someone that didnt know so much as we know about the structure of this map? He will think that those numbers didn't exist. And on osm - Bucharest has very good adreess coverage- better than TomTom now...

    PS: Osmand, Beonroad and Skobbler - on the same map dose not have this kind of problem...
  • Yeah, right... Best house numbers coverage of all map providers. And much more accurate!
  • Hi Martin (mdx)
    For nearly 2 years ago, we had a discussion about the same problem with the big number of road parts with same name. As a single example I mentioned Denmark – Vonsild – Vonsildvej. When I seek for this road I still have a lot of lines with Vonsildvej. All the “Small” roads are connected to the “main” Vonsildvej  in OSM, but they are not merged to one line in Navigator (1.4.22), as you tell they should be if I understand you right. This is indeed not only a single example, there are a lot of them. For some roads the merging is ok for other not, and may be it happens when the types of the main roads and the small connected roads are too big. It would still be nice, if all connected roads with same name, were merged to one.
  • Thanks @tvo for your comment. I'm glad that you posted your issue here, and maybe this will be solved in a future release.
  • @tvo - thanks - I originally wanted to add as reference your Denmark example but there were other issues too so at the end I skipped that.
  • Thanks for the information. Do you think you vill change it in the future 

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