Unable to type in house number?
  • Hello,

    I am really new to Mapfactor's Navigator.

    I have just tried out the navigation feature.

    But I cannot find any place to type in house number.

    Can anyone help????
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  • Even, when streetnumbers are available, MF (Android 14.30.) does not show them in any case. Look here http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/1244767545. There are plenty of housnumbers (available since months or more). But if you search for "Senefelder Strasse", MF only gives you two intersections, which are Altenhainer Straße and Senefelder Straße (!, intersection with itself!?).

    This is especially confusing, since Senefelder Straße is not continously open to traffic from all intersections. At intersection Altenhainer Straße, there is no housenumber accessible, which belongs to Senefelder Straße (all belong to neighbouring streets).

    Housenumbers 30 and above are only accessible from intersections Bernsdorfer or Vettersstraße. 17-25 only from Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße and so on.

    By the way all the housenumbers are availabe in OSM.
  • Hi Oldie, this was edited two days ago, it will be most likely included in May release.

  • I'm sorry, that was two days plus two years ago. That was in 2011. Do you now see, what I mean?
  • oops :-)
    very strange, I will ask
  • The house numbers were (and in OSM conversion still are) attached to the street and converted to intervals (from-to on left/right side). So if the problem is that you do not see number 19 in the map then the reason is that for the interval 17-25 is used.
    p.s. this could change soon as we are already processing Address Points for TeleAtlas data ... (and the same process is already used in Canada OSM and Denmark OSM as "pilot countries")
    p.s. note, that "Senefelder Strasse" and "Senefelderstraße" (from Oldie link) are handled as _different_ names
  • The “single house number search” in map Denmark (OSM) is running fine together with version 14.30 and android 4.0
  • Hello,

    I' m using Navigator Free since a while now on my old PNA 500T from Medion with Win CE 4.2 NET and so far I' m satisfied. The route calculation in the different modes are almost the same as with my Garmin nüvi and the best for both there are free maps based on OSM data available. The best site for Garmin maps, in my point of view, is garmin.openstreetmap.nl. There You can get routable maps for Your Garmin device as well as a exe.-version for Map source installation for free. If I' m looking for a certain adress I use for example gpso.de/maps where I can type in the adress and the output are coordinates in different formates that I can download and use for navigation. To be sure that I have the right house I can compare the satellit view with the satellit view on google maps and if I want even move the waypoint to the driveway of the house.


  • I feel like this has been clearly implied, but, before I invest, I just want to confirm ... if I purchase the TomTom maps, I will (typically) be able to enter street number addresses and navigate to them?


  • Hi Tony,
    yes, depending which country you are in, but mostly yes.
    please email supprt (at) mapfactor.com with one or two examples, I can check for you.
  • I just downloaded MapFactor using the free map. When I tried to enter yahoo's head office address (701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94089), I didn't see the option for entering the house number. Instead, I was prompted to enter "street junctions". Is that expected? Any way to work around this?


  • Hi William,
    when street numbers are available in the map data then you can search
    for it, for example New York/Manhattan/5th Avenue.
    Unfortunately house numbers are frequently missing in free maps, but are
    available in TomTom maps.

    Free maps are created by volunteers at www.openstreetmaps.org - anybody
    can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge.

    Having said this, you can use the built-in Google search,
    fourth tab in Search.
  • Well, it is partially our problem of conversion - say the building A:
    there is addr:street: "First Ave", while the name of the nearby street is "1st Avenue". We should add rule that it is in reality the same thing ...
  • This topic has been on this forum now for almost 6 months. Do you have an ETA of when you will accept house number? Cross streets are OK for areas that I am familiar with, but I don't want to be searching streets in not so nice neighborhoods.
  • Please mapFactor, support the "associatedStreet" relation from OSM : the "addr:street" tag is deprecated !
  • Hi,
    option to enter street numbers is available when street
    numbers exist in map data, for exampleGermany/33378/Moorweg. Unfortunatelly street numbers are frequently missing
    in free maps - you can join many volunteers
    at www.openstreetmaps.org and insert street numbers you know, next month
    you would be able to see them. You can also buy TomTom maps.

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