• I've added this node: 1375730731

    It has this tags:

    access no
    barrier block
    bicycle yes
    foot yes
    motor_vehicle no
    motorcar no
    motorcycle no

    MapFactor ignores it and calculates route through this node
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  • When did you add that node?
    If it was later than beginning of last march it's possibly not in up to date maps and you should wait. Mapfactor normally gets OSM-planetfile at the beginning of a month, convert data and updates their maps at the end of that month.
  • I added it on 23 February 2014
  • barrier=block is not supported at the moment, sorry
  • Ok, mdx.
    Is there a chance to get it supported.
  • It is possible, but it is not trivial. It is necessary to split ways not only on junctions but also on all road blocks (if they are not on the end of the way) ... actually is the meant to block entrance to "Via Settima Villaggio Prealpino (47994454)"? So would it be enough to start with block at the beginning/end of the road? (the one which is closer?)
  • I think best solution would be to block that part of a road with a barrier in it from the closest junktion to other acceptable roads for the set kind of calculation for routing except the target is between the barrier and that junktion.
  • this is my proposal: replace barrier=* nodes with access=no, and leave unchanged the others attributes
  • OK - I like the proposal. At least for May 2014 conversion we will this way be able to collect "barrier data". I tried it experimentally on andorra_osm (April 2014 data) and
    | node       | tag_key | tag_value      |
    |   52595958 | barrier | gate           |
    |  337775428 | barrier | entrance       |
    |  394847593 | barrier | gate           |
    |  441154305 | barrier | fence          |
    |  690708580 | barrier | border_control |
    | 1477727207 | barrier | lift_gate      |
    | 1922647452 | barrier | toll_booth     |
    | 2206610569 | barrier | gate           |

    The "border_control" sounds scary and could break routing between two neighbor countries. In this case  is not par of any way ... but there could be others (?!).

    Based on for example "barrier=entrance" should be passable. For May 2014 conversion I would choose probably only original report, i.e. "barrier=block".
    thanks for comments

    p.s. here is an example of block on the end of two ways:
  • Good news. I hope this new feature will be implemented soon on all countries! 

    thanks you

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