TCPIP Destination with many waypoints
  • I cant figure out how to build a tcp command to navigate from current position through several waypoints to destination, possibly without any user interaction. Tried several options, maximum of 2 points where loaded to the map. so having input points like this:
    52.8615875,17.7049577777778,"Waypoint 1"
    52.62453,17.61037,"Waypoint 2"
    52.4026525,17.2244033333333,"Waypoint 3"
    52.4038194444444,16.729195,"Final destination"

    What will be the exact form of $destination command?
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  • The routing points are separated by semicolon, and parameters for routing point by comma, i.e. this should work:
    $destination=52.8615875,17.7049577777778,"Waypoint 1";52.62453,17.61037,"Waypoint 2";52.4026525,17.2244033333333,"Waypoint 3";52.4038194444444,16.729195,"Final destination";navigate

    Command description is here

    Let us know if it does not work (platform & version). I tested your example on PC Navigator.

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