Early map access
  • Hi MapFactor-Team,

    which benefit do I have using the "Early map access".

    Are those maps "beta"? Or?
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  • You get access to the maps as soon as one of the servers finishes conversion and prepares MCA file for upload. For 98% these maps are identical to "stable" maps, which are delayed by one week. This time gives us a chance to remove not properly converted countries - for example some relation ID no longer describes whole country but only part of it. Or there is some extra bad polygon in the relation which is interpreted as "island" and the capital city is removed from the country ...
    If you let us know in time we may manually remove the maps from "stable" update.

    The conversion process is under constant development and it can cause some unexpected errors ... say all house numbers disappear. Then we have a chance (with help of Early maps users) to recognize this problem sooner and remove it before most people will download the map.
    thanks for asking
    p.s. note, that if you find some major problem in the map, you can still switch to "stable" and re-download the old map again ...
  • Thank you, Martin, for your answer.
    That sounds interresting. I'll change my download-style to the early maps access. So, if I should find something buggy, I'll give you informations.

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