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  • I found a
    problem with the conversion from Open Street Map turn restrictions into
    MapFactor Navigator MCA data. 

    If you try
    Slovenia, from Slovenska Bistrica to Cigonca, everything is OK.
    If you try
    the opposite direction, well --- it's a long way around.
    I thought
    that this would be a glitch in the data from the previous month, but the
    current update (Slovenia OSM, 201309260) is the same. 
    It seems
    that "only straight on" doesn't always work well, but "no left
    turn" does, as I found some examples.

    Windows Mobile, MapFactor Navigator Free, v.12.3.0.

  • problem seems to be the roundabout near Obrtniska ulica, please check it in OSM
  • @tomas: I did and I see nothing wrong, the "only_right_turn" restriction is the same like many others. 

    Or does it really have to be "only_straight_on" ?


  • the link to the roundabout from south was oneway in opposite direction - we corrected it, it will be probably in November maps now
  • Well, before I collected details the relation was changed/updated - is it clear what was the problem? The is new, so I do not know ...
  • Yes, your Navigator works OK, there was an unnoticed error in an one-way road (opposite direction). Everything's OK.

  • As I reported long ago, there is a problem with the setting "Pedestrian".

    To repeat the bug: in Pedestrian profile, for example, disable Local Connecting Road (OSM="secondary") and all higher levels. Then try it out with a Start and Destination, where the disabled roads would be the best route (if they were not disabled, obviously). In my tests, the program still uses these disabled roads. It does (correctly) avoid motorways, but otherwise it ignores much about all of the settings inside "Road Restrictions".
    Example: Start: Slovenia, Maribor, Poljska ulica; Destination: Maribor, Trdinova ulica. It routes over the Major Road(OSM="trunk"), which I disabled, since is not allowed for pedestrians.
    On contrary: profiles "Car", "Bicycle", "Bus" (with same road restrictions) work well!
    Environment: Windows Mobile, MapFactor Navigator Free, v.12.3.0.
    ps. It wouldn't be so important, but pedestrians are not allowed at Major Roads and also normally like to avoid Secondary Roads (OSM="primary"), if they don't have a footway/sidewalk. But only the "Pedestrian" setting (correctly) ignores the "one way" tag and is therefore special - and useful.

    (Minor) bug No. 2: It also always chooses the "Shortest" route, even if the user changes the setting to "Fastest".

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