france-map to be split?
  • Hi there,

    what do you think about splitting france-map into smaller peaces, like the germany-maps?
    Perhaps map-update could be faster.

    By the way, why is the latest france-map still from Mai? Hollidays are short before...

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  • I would like to split it (it is too big for conversion too) - do you know about some reasonable "administrative relations" like in Germany?

    July conversion failed due to problems with irregular house numbers and there was no time to restart it (new planet was already computed).

    Switch from france_osm to france_osm_east/north/south/west will probably cause some problems with updates ... but we will probably have to do it anyway.
  • You could roughly follow the French regions, drawing a line from West to East along Loire, Centre, Bourgogne, Franche-Comté.


  • Hi Marcus,
    thanks for a nice picture. I will have to look up the relation IDs, if they are available. This could be in August 2013 release. Note, that you will probably need also new application as new codes for "new" countries are unknown to products currently available.
    thank you
  • FYI proposed division ...
            # Rh\xf4ne-Alpes, Franche-Comt\xe9, Alsace, Lorraine, Bourgogne, Champagne-Ardenne
            'france_osm_east' : (8655, 8642, 8636, 8645, 27768),
            # Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Basse-Normandie, Haute-Normandie, Picardie, Ile-de-France
            'france_osm_north' : (8648, 8646, 8656, 8651, 8649),
            # Corse, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrenees, Aquitaine
            'france_osm_south' : (76910, 8654, 8643, 8647, 8637),
            # Auvergne, Limousin, Poitou-Charentes, Bretagne, Pays de la Loire, Centre
            'france_osm_west' : (8638, 8644, 8652, 102740, 8650, 8640),
  • Hi mdx,

    I think, that's a good choice. I first wanted to do a little bit other selection, but yours is a good idea.

    Looking forward to four France maps :-)
  • Anything new about france-map? Actual version is still from August 2013...
  • Hi crocodilefarm,
    I have a couple split-France-regions since July (?), but ... there are several issues. First of all you will need new application (Android 1.0.35, or 12.3.x PC/Pocket/PND). The second thing is that you will have to delete your france_osm.mca (or rename it to ".mc") otherwise the split version and whole version will collide.
    All four parts were computed from 2013_07 data (including mentioned whole france_osm). I may swap that now and we will see ... so on Early Map Access within 1h (?) it should be on all servers ...
    let me know as soon as you will see any problem

  • Hi Martin,

    sounds good. For me it's no problem. I'm using the newest version 12.3.x on my Win-CE device.
    I'll save my old france.mca and than I can start testing the new splittted france-maps.

    If you manage it to put it onto the server today, I'll try to download and test it today too and give a feedback very soon.


  • By the way, what is Early Map Access? How do I use it? Or is it just the normal update-function?
  • In navigator setup settings (Einstellungen) you have to tick "Early Maps Access", that's all.


  • p.s. please be patient (say for one or two more hours) ...
  • FYI split France is available for download now (on Early Maps Access).
  • Do you see a problem? If not have a look at 48.593335, 4.257458
  • Well, there's at least one problem: the whole department of Champagne-Ardennes is missing.


  • Yes, this is what I meant by the coordinate. If you would like to do some more testing I will probably leave the regions available on Early Map Access over weekend, and then I will return back original france_osm, until new france_osm_east (wtih forgotten relation 8641) is recomputed. It is not fast, so I am afraid that I will not have new MCA by Monday ... we will see.
    p.s. I could be forced to remove split France even today, so rather download it now ...
    p.s.2 the mistake was there already on July 19 ... see the comment above:
    # Rh\xf4ne-Alpes, Franche-Comt\xe9, Alsace, Lorraine, Bourgogne, Champagne-Ardenne
            'france_osm_east' : (8655, 8642, 8636, 8645, 27768),
  • Hello Matrin,

    oh yes, you where faster than me. Just in the moment I tested the new France-Map and I couldn't find Reims.

    But you already found it too.

    So, I'd like to keep on testing the maps. Please tell us, when the splitted maps are availabe again.

  • FYI the france_osm_east is on update now, and it should fix the "hole". If you find any other problem please let me know
    p.s. the updated plan is that I will try to keep manually split france_osm on "early maps update" and let the whole france_osm on "stable" download. Hopefully there will be new Android application soon, which will update automatically whole france_osm by new 4 parts.
  • Hi Martin,

    splitted france looks good. I've tested a route from north, over east, south and west back to north, everything without using the motorway. Routing works fine. In this moment, I think, you did again a very good job!


  • Thanks. I just uploaded Android Navigator 1.0.41 (available via link) which will check update from complete france_osm to new four parts. Also new update of france_osm_north should be available within 1h.
  • Is there any other fix included in 1.0.41 as well? Should others (not using France maps) as well?
  • Only some small bug fixes and translations.
  • FYI all four France regions are updated now (on Early Map Access).
  • I've the following problem:

    After deleting France.osm I downloaded all four new parts of France but they aren't shown in Navigator 12. I have the free PC Version of Navigator 12.3.0. Any suggestions?

  • It could be clear from navigator.log.txt file - split France requires new application (new map IDs) and updated atlas_pcn_free.idc file (there you should see france_osm_north, france_osm_east,...). Version 12.3.0 should be OK.
  • Thanks for help. I copied the atlas_pcn_free.idc from 12.3 to 12.0 folder in Users-Directory (where all maps are stored) and now it works fine.  :)
  • There is an issue with split France OSM, in particular small islands on the west and probably also the south part of France. Because four parts are lists of relations the sea is missing, and during processing it basically cuts off the bridges :( ... already two people reported this issue recently.

    For MapFactor would be the simplest solution to define these 4 parts directly in OpenStreetMap ... but does it belong there?? A list of combination of relations and ways is probably solution, but then all IDs must be persistent (so that we do not have to edit it every month)

    Any suggestion?
  • Unfortunately there is the rule, that in OSM we gather data of reality. Your four parts are synthetic.
    First idea :-/
    Split according the Regions or departments of France that way:
    - Regions or Departments close to North Sea/Atlantic Ocean from Belgique to Spain
    - Regions or Departments close to Mediterranean Sea between Spain and Italy
    - Rest of it as you like
    As far as I know administrative borders of Regions in France are admin_level 4 and Departments are admin_level 6 in OSM.

  • I also create OSM based maps when I was using another nav app. When taking a small part of a country I also had issues with the coastlines and admin boundaries.
    What I did was simply extracting the coastlines (and admin boundaries) from the entire country osm.pbf (and you can do that from a postgresql/mysql database as well).
    I extracted the osm "small region data" I needed and merged both files to have both admin boundaries and coastlines with my data.

    I have no idea how you create your four mca region files, but could you something alike?
  • Thanks hurdygurdyman and hvdwolf for suggestions. I can create internal "boundary file" (actually we used that sooner - now the region/country regions are much more stable), but there was a problem as soon as somebody edit it and in one country we used this fallback while in the neighbor country OSM data were used [for example routing issues Germany-Czech Republic a year ago, major motorway].

    If I use relation there is a chance, that if somebody adds/replaces/splits way that the relation ID actually remains the same. For ways this is surely not true. We will probably create (internal) boundary file for france_osm_west as test and we will see later ...
  • Just for fun ... if you take relation: Pays de la Loire (8650)
    then this island
    is outside the Pays de la Loire water boundary
  • ... one more related to resolution of coordinates:
    if you store it in milliseconds you get
    'Self-intersection[8272328.436213 167285157.206885]'
    ... now hopefully france_osm_west will run from external file with islands and bridges.
  • I have the same problem for the bridge of the island of ré . (
    Chemin : Pont de l'Île de Ré (181327164)

    I can navigate to a town in the the island( example : la rochelle to la couarde sur mer )  . I get a : no route possible.

    Have you an idea to slove the problem ?
  • do you have the latest maps?
  • @ziff: Turn on "small local roads" in your car profile.

    @Tomas and @mdx: I simply don't understand why MNF doesn't have this switched on by default with something like 30/25 and 50%.
    There are so  many issues, questions and "no route" questions which are simply based on this setting switched off by default.

  • OK that is it. It is OK now. Thanks you.

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