Two issues in Navigator 11.0.25 about a) house number rendering and b) rendering of footways
  • Playing around with latest Navigator free 11.0.25 with map data from Germany-North I realized two glitches in map rendering.

    Details with screenshots are described in the OSM wiki at talk page.

    1. can you reproduce the error with housenumber display?
    2. What do you think about a smaller thinner rendering of footways?

    Greets, Stephan
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  • Hello Stephan,
    ad 1) it is caused by assignment of house numbers to the nearest road. I think I understand the problem even I am not sure how to solve it at the moment.

    ad 2) we may try to separate footway from existing road types. We will try it on the map first and not in the routing, i.e. they will still be part of "Other Roads". For that category we have now this mapping of tags:
          'footway': (8,5),
    Should I move there some other tag too?
    p.s. we have very limited set of road types so it is not simple to add much more ...

  • Hi Martin,

    although I have not done any forther investigation about more ways to be handled as "other roads" (need more map examples?) you should try to do the change about displaying footways.

    Maybe when you have a prototype of that, take a schreenshot when Navigator displays an area with many footways, and we as users can evaluate that (and say thank you to you :-) )
  • Hi Stephan,
    here is the test view in Andorra (lat=42.544567, lon=1.518986), where are both footway and steps (stairs). Unfortunately the new models will collide with existing (boat ferry and rail ferry) so we will not update configuration files in application until most of the existing data are converted. After October OSM update you will see data like this: Footway and Stairs with old configuration if you change your and you will get view like Footway and Stairs with new configuration. If you use the new configuration with old (current) data you may not notice it but ferries will be visible only in detail, which is not good.

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