Altitude options for navigating
  • Hello. I'm using the Navigator App with my bike. Would it be somehow possible adding routing preferences for altitude? I would like being able to configure Navigator whether it should find me routes that have little altitude difference or find me routes with many ups and downs. Could you somehow add this feature? That would be nice!

    Also is it possible to show the time that has already been passed since the beginning of the travel?? Didn't find such a meter yet.
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  • The easiest way is to change algorithm of 'cheapest way'. Now it is the same as 'shortest', but IMHO should be minimum function f(shortest) x f(fastest).
    The next step is to add preferences to this 'eco route'.

  • I wonder, if Mapfactor is the best software for bike. As Android user i prefer for biking Oruxmaps together with offline router "brouter". With brouter you can set your individual cost. Brouter is somewhat tricky to set up however. Maps for Oruxmaps (see including contour lines and hillshade) are much more detailed than MF maps, what I think is better for biking.
  • I think you'll need a landmark file with altitude for 3d terrain . Here Maps are encoding a road inclination, and angle of a corner directly in the road segment, the speed limit and average speed limit also in that segment !

    Openstreetmap map can't have all of  this.
  • That is, why part of brouter is a download manager for elevation data.
  • Maybe it is possible to change world map to altitude coloured geographical map.

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