Road restrictions
  • Hi folks,

    could you explain which roads belong to the following categories - by the OSM standards (residential, unclassified,service, track, etc..)?

    Local Connecting Road
    Local Road of High Importance
    Local Road
    Small Local Road
    Other Road

    I'd like to adjust the Vehicle Profile/Routing preferences...but do not fully understand these categories

    Thank you
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  • Could someone from the mapfactor team confirm the categorization above as I don't think it's entirely correct based on the colors I assigned to the respective roads in the scheme editor.
  • Should be still valid:

    • Navigator (EN): OSM:
    • Motorway motorway
    • Primary road trunk
    • Major road trunk_link
    • Secondary road primary
    • Local connecting road secondary
    • Local road of high imp. secondary_link
    • Local road tertiary
    • Small local road residential, service, unclassified
    • Other road track, path, steps, cycleway ...

  • Should be better like this:

    Easier to manage, understand, and set priorities

    Motorway            -  Motorway

    Primary Road      -  Trunk and Trunk Link

    Major Road         -  Primary and Primary Link
    Secondary Road  -  Secondary and Secondary Link
    Local Connecting -  Tertiary and Tertiary Link
    Local Road High Importance -  Minor Roads
    Local Road           - Residential
    Small Local Road - Living Street , Service Roads, Unclassified
    Other road           - track, path, steps, cycleway, etc.....
  • @GabrielMoise: OSM has no "Minor Roads". Also unclassified is somewhere between tertiary and residential.

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