Weird Routing Issue
  • I'm using MapFactor 1.5.22 for Android, and I;ve got weird routing calculation issue. It find's a longer route ( detour ) , from a point to another. Other Navigation software like OsmAnd+, or Scout GPS Nav & Maps ( I think it's Telenav's software now...) , find the route fine, like other software like Sygic, Here Maps, Igo Primo, etc..

    So , no matter what settings I'll made in routing settings, the route it almost the same !

    I want to go from Campina, or Ploiesti ( Romania ), through Bulgaria, to Greece in Olympiaki Akti. The extepect route should be, Ploiesti, Bucuresti, Ruse, Pleven, South Belt of Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Kulata, near Thessalonoki, Near Katerini, and the Olympiaki Akti !

    MapFactor all the time, no matter waht settings I'll make , it will route me from Ploiesti, Bucharest, Ruse, Shumen, near Veliki Preslav, Beronovo, Mokren, near Kaloianovets, Haskovo, Svilengrad, Alexandroupoli, near Kavala, near Thessalonoki, near Katerini, and the Olympiaki Akti. This route is with more than 280 km longer !

    What's wrong ? This is the route, the fastest and shortest to greece !  

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  • with default car settings I get the same route as per your link
  • How can I revert to the default car routing settings ? Can you put an example ? Speed limits modified for each road category in priority road list ?

    Thanks !
  • I've reverted the settings, in Settings / Advanced section / Reset to Default / Delete routing points,, vehicle profiles, link parameter. And no results. I've killed the app , started again, same route ! 

    Tomas, what version do you use, or what can I try !

    L.E.  I've reverted all settings, deleted cache, and same wrong routing ! Pfff ...
  • may be your maps are not up to date?
  • Bulgaria version  44-201504160
    Greece  version  44-201504140
    Romania version 44-201504160

    The map from June will be much different, because I'm on Bulgaria and Greece for corrections, road category, nr. of lanes, other missing tags, speed limits etc....  

    Do you have the same MapFactor Version and maps ?
  • I have pre-release version, but it should not make difference
    I have the same maps
  • Ok, I'm gonna wipe all data regarding MapFactor ! And made a Clean Install !
    It's weird this issue, because in my case it prefers the route that has some errors, on the way. I found a lot of them while revising Bulgaria main roads ...
  • Clean Install, default settings, nothing touched, the same weird route !

    Navigator 1.6.14
    Android 4.4.2
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • please email screenshot + routing_points.xml + vehicle_profiles.xml
  • On another Phone from a friend of mine from Bucharest, the routing is the same like mine's ! So the route calculation was started from Bucharest - Romania, then Giurgiu - Romania, Ruse - Bulgaria, Shumen - Bulgaria, near Stara Zagora - Bulgaria, and then near the Turkey border near Svilengrad enters in Greece . 

    So now we are two of us, using 2 different phones, 2 different Android Software versions, 2 MapFactor different versions, 2 different points of starting the route to Olympiaki Akti Beach in Greece, near Katerini !

    I thinks the routing algorithm must be somewhat revised !

    I'll test on another devices to check the routing. So our previous reportings regarding the route calculated in our country to some regions, when was not so well, is from the same issue like this !

    MapFactor considers Tertiary roads like residential and minor roads , in routing calculation ? If this happens, because of the routing algorithm optimised for TomTom road structure, you should consider, making 2 routing engines, one for TomTom to be active when payed maps are active, and the other one, optimised for OpenStreetMap ! 
  • I've sent it to
  • With standard profil road has 1439 km!
    Check my car profil:
    -motorway 140/90/63
    65/40/50 for small local road.
    All roads free, but check map.

    Car maxspeed 110.

    Now road has 876 km, time 10:22:16 (+50% in real).
  • PrzemekSupak I'll test your settings, but the problem seems to be because of routing algorithm optimised for TomTom maps. 

    So for Example  Here Maps uses 5 types of road classification.
    and FC2 has the most priority in routing. You'll find on there,
    Highway-Morotway, and in FC2, you'll find European Roads, and National
    Roads. in FC3 there are County Roads, that are good for traffic of any
    kind, and they link towns.  FC4 and FC5, are low priority and quality of
    County Roads, residential, parking lots, and access to them, and unpaved

    The same has to be on TomTom maps. They uses almost the same classes .

    So in OpenStreetMap, I think we should have a sort of equivalent:

    FC1 - HighWay-Motorway
    FC2 - Trunk and Primary Roads
    FC3 - Secondary Roads
    FC4 - Tertiary Roads
    FC5 - Minor Roads, Residential, Living Streets, Service Roads, Unknown Roads.
  • PrzemekSupak ....the same result ! I can't understant why it sends me to make more km, and a lot more time on the road, on fast, even on cheapest the same thing. 

    I've checked all , except for boat fery, train fery, and other road. 

    have you set a Start Point in Ploiesti - Romania, and the finish point in Olympiaki Akti ( Beach or center of town ) in Greece ?
  • Start and destination are the same.
    Try reboot Your phone, download new maps. It must work.

    The next step is section 'RTG'.

    Maybe sth in Android -  ... - Applications - Navigator - 'clear' ???

  • I've deleted the Original files and all related files to MapFactor from  PlayStore, and after that I've installed the latest beta edition. Re-downloaded everything, let the app with initial settings, and then tried to route. 
    Same results.

    Changed settings, everything, remains the same. It's something wrong with the road network from Bulgaria I think,  because from yesterday I find all the time a lot of incomplete info, mistakes, missing a lot of road tags.

    Another issue is the routing algorithm, because there are some destiantions in my country that have a weird route calculation ! But not like Bulgaria !

    Because I'm not able to take from the OSM file for Bulgaria and convert it, I'll have to wait until June, to see my work's result ! 

    I'll play with the settings, ebcause Tomas show me a link with the road category asignment. But it's incomplete and I'm not sure how correctly it is !

  • Terrible, I have old maps, checked it twice and with my preferences, works fine.
    Try add more points on Your planned road, or revert start (from Grecee) and destination.

    (Edit) fine, but there are free motorways!?
    With motorways disabled, road goes through Bucuresti, Ruse, Biala, Stara Zagora, Haskowo, then A23 in Greece, 928 km.
  • It's not a hurry, so I'll wait. I found an error on a main intersection between a primary road and a secondary one from 2008. On a Bridge, there was one way traffic , and must be two way traffic, missing one way links, wrong speed limits much higher than should be especially in curves and mountains passes  , and so on ! I'm working on all major roads, and transit roads in Bulgaria to put them in a right spot of light !
  • @tomas, I think I've found the issue. MapFactor on latest Bulgaria map, considers tertiary roads like minor or residential roads. So that's why does not want to give me the expected route from Sofia through Petrich to Kulata and then Greece ! 
    In any way I set the route settings, the exit from Bulgaria to Greece does not want to take through Petrich on 108 - 198 to Kulata !

    You have to consider rethinking the road category integration and calculation for OSM routing !
    Anyway, into the next map update, will route through there I think because I made the change in Primary roads, but it's not ok to change the road category, for a single software, to be able calculate the route as exepcted. The routing algorithm should be the one to be adapted !
  • @GabrielMoise ...the road category should not be changed to fit the Navigation's gonna introduce a whole lot of other problems...
  • Anyway, what I revised on Bulgaria transit roads, it's ok. That Detour through Petrich, is the recomended one,because of the new Highway segment that's under construction.

    I noticed that MapFactor considers Tertiary roads, with lower priority like residential one. It's not ok.
    The routing script for OSM map is the one that was made for TomTom maps. TomTom maps uses less road category that OSM !

    So we should need a different routing script and algorithm for OSM maps, and the original one to be used only when TomTom maps are activated !

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