I hope navigator has a more user friendly way to download maps
  • Saipan is not on the list of maps available for download,
    so can i create a map file for a selected area ( say Saipan ), and download it to my android device ?
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  • no, this is not possible
  • Saipan is included in the Northern Mariana islands file, less than 200 Kb.
  • I can see it on the map, and in Navigator it has ID "northern_mariana_islands_osm"
  • I use mapsme & osmand too(android), the way they use to download maps is more user friendly, when you look at a place that your app has no map data about it, the app will prompt you to download that area.
    but with navigator, when I looked at Saipan, there was only a blank island without details, and if I don't know it is included in the Northern Mariana, then I am stuck there.
    I hope navigator has a similar and friendly way to download maps
  • I downloaded the whole world on my phone. In my opinion, it is easy to download maps. You can select the maps and download them to the phone over night. Another way is to download them on the PC and then store them on the phone.

    My question to you: do you have enough free space (either internal or SDCard) to download a larger area?

    What I like about the download of maps on Mapfactor: you can select all the maps at once. I had other Satnav apps where you could download only one map at once. Therefore you had to sit in front of the phone the whole time.

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