Display Roundabout exit number
  • In addition to the voice instruction it will be beneficial if the roundabout icons show the Exit number on the next turn Icon  - see image suggestions.

    I guess this enhancement will just require a new set of roundabout icons and a little bit of reprogramming.

    If yes when it can be released?

    image            image

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  • @tomas - Tomas, just in case you did not see this, I think this will be quick to implement and a very nice enhancement.
  • it is in PC version :-)
  • Great! Let’s get it in the Android version as well
    ( a bit difficult to carry my PC on the motorbike :-). )
  • space is very limited, not sure if the number will be readable
  • I think it will be readable. The screen shots are from OsmAnd and they are very similar in size as Navigator's.
    I like Navigator (only one I use now) a lot more than OsmAnd and CoPilot but they do have some great features that would be nice to add to Navigator.
    Give it a try...:-)

    PS- Next is my "missed waypoint" request...:-)
  • I also think, this would be great
  • I took one of the round-about pngs out of the apk and modified it. I display them as 32x32 in this post as they would approximately be on the phone screen. It is a really quick modification but I do think that this ugly edit is even more clear then no number at all. If you make the exit number colored or black (the third one) it becomes even more clear.

    Note: They are displayed at around 100x100 on my 800x480 screen and as 220x220 on my 1280x720 screen. So a reschedule to 100x100, note as well that the screen dimensions of your laptop/pc screen "virtually" increase the size .


  • @hvdwolf - I took the liberty to use your pngs and added a bigger size number in bold and plain. The bigger the better especially on a motorcycle with a lot of vibration and 4.5 inch display.

    Also, as you pointed out, changing colours can make it much clearer - see the third one



    .... and one a bit OTT   :)


  • After some more experimenting I believe I found the right number size and colour. As you can see from the screenshots the exit number is very clear and visible. Also the second turn is quite clear as well.

    I think this could be implemented quite easily with minimum resources .

    Screenshots from my Blackberry Z10 - 4.2" screen

  • Although I'm much in favor of such an icon I prefer to see the number inside the roundabout. Your number covers it partly which means that you can't see the inner side of the roundabout.
  • I know what you mean but I had to sacrifice aesthetics for the maximum visibility.

    I will have another go and try fit the black circle as much inside the roundabout as possible....I guess there is a happy mid point that can satisfy most......... but the most important question is whether will be ever implemented.

  • One more try. I tested it on my motorcycle - the fist turn was comfortably visible and the second turn was acceptable although not very clear when there was more vibration ( motorbikes tend to vibrate more than cars and usually the rider has to look down and focus his eyesight on the device - is not on eye level as is usually in cars).

    I wouldn't say no to this one although the previous was more visible and clear.. 


  • For me these icons are very nice.
    Thank you.
  • thanks, it was discussed this morning and it will be implementd at some point, not in the next release though
  • @tomas

    Fantastic !!!

    Many Thanks

  • By the way, roundabout exit numbers are allready implemented in PC Navigator and in WinCE-version



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