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  • I am going to Namibia later this year and would like to use my netbook as a navigator. Unfortunately the level of detail on the Navigator Free OSM map is extremely limited and quite useless for my purpose. A friend of mine has a mobile app that also uses OSM maps and the level of detail is probably 5 to 10 times  that of Nav Free.
    Why is this when the the map update list shows a recent up date.
    How can I get the same level of detail  with Nav Free  that is on the mobile phone?
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  • this is probably related to zoom-levels (also mentioned in some other posts) - if you go into very detail in NavigatorFREE (say with the precise coordinate), do you see the road there?
  • Thank you for that info. The road that I was checking is only seen at maximum zoom and one click out from maximum. It should be seen at much less zoom. Presumably this is a problem with the OSM maps.

  • It is issue of different zoom levels for different maps based on road density. There is a need of some kind of balancing. Too many roads leads to slower drawing of maps, and Namibia is the other extreme.
  • May be a feature for the next version ?

    what about "new" settings option for the map
    - Road Details (More than normal, normal, less than normal)
    - Landuse Detail (More, normal, less)
    - POI (More, normal, less)

    Then can every user in each country select the best option for him/her.

    ps. wiht Landuse i mean: rivers, sees, industrial areas, city areas, forrest, beach ...

  • I agree with the writer above.
    (at least) Primary, secondary and tertiary roads from OSM should be visible on the map 2 zoom levels earlier, at lower zoom levels.
    Not everybody is driving only on motorways, and not every region is so dense with motorways like Netherlands or central Germany. Some countries have only few of them, and at low levels it looks like they would have no roads at all.
    If the "Detail" setting would be implemented, the current setting would be "Low detail", "Normal" would mean two zoom levels earlier. In "High detail", it would be four zoom levels (usable for regions with low people/road density).
  • image@ ahr and riccie:
    Ther is a "whislist" for things like yours:
  • The current setting, as I see now, is correct for dense populated areas, big cities etc.

    I was thinking in the first place more about something like a new set of tags in the settings.xml.
    Maybe like "first visible zoom level" for each type of roads.
    Something for advanced users, who would play arround, search for a trade-off between visibility, separability and speed and then give a feedback, before implementing it in menus as @ahr said.

    @hurdygurdyman: A new settings menu is in fact something for the wish list, as you said, but not only as priority for Androids - it would be something for all versions.

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