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  • Hi I'm new here. If I buy the maps of TomTom :
    The route calculation is the same as with free maps? 
    I can add POIs? 
    POIs are also in .mca type or .ov2 using TomTom maps? 
    I can add an entire list of POIs at the same time or one by one?
    I can find Digger program handbook? 
    Thank you
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  • Hi,
    application is the same, only maps are different.
    you can imprt POIs using this tool
    copy .mca files to your device

  • What about POIs?

    If one buys the Tomtom map, what happens to the POIs that come with MapFactor Navigator (Android)?

    Do Tomtom maps come with their own POIs?  Will they be added to the native POIs?

    What do you mean "you can import POIs"?  From where?  Do they displace POIs currently in the device?

    How many updates does the purchase of a Tomtom map include?  How do we know if the Tomtom map for our country is any good?

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.  I just cannot find it, and it seems like information that anyone contemplating buying the Tomtom map would want to consider.
  • I've been struggling with this for some time and have had no solution yet. 
    You cannot import OV2 files from TomTom.
    I am told if you convert them to gpx files in gpsbabel, then convert them to mca files in digger then you can use them. However I've been working on this for 2 weeks and still not succeeded.
    I would love a coherent answer to be given.
    Ps, I've had TomTom for years and inho their routing is appalling, don't waste your money on their maps til you find out what the other ones are like.
  • TomTom maps include some seven million POIs in Europe
    if you purchase TomTom maps, you can run free maps as well, but not at the same time - favourites will be available in both maps
    you can import POIs from any source - there are many POI suppliers (some free) on the Internet
    what is 'native POI'?
    TomTom map updates are not free, discounted to approx half.
    best to check coverage of TomTom maps go to

  • 1)  Do the Tomtom POIs displace the MapFactor POIs?  Or are they appended to the MapFactor POI file?

    2)  What happens to the POIs one already has when any new POI file is imported?

    3)  Are there limitations on the "approx half-priced" Tomtom map updates?  Lifetime updates?  One year?  One update?

    4)  Are the Tomtom maps current versions? 
  • 1} there are no Mapfactor POIs, only OSM or TomTom

    2} do you mean favourites and imported POIs? If so they will remain after map update

    3. you can upgrade TomTom maps at any time, after 5 years if you want, they are lifetime

    4. maps released by TomTom in late September will be ready for download later this week
  • Can you post here when you update the tomtom maps ? 

    Thanks !
  • last update was released yesterday
  • Hello there,
    I bought in summer this year TOMTOM Maps for 20.-€ and last weekend and update for 10.-€
    In which folder can I find the files on my smartphone Galaxy SII?
    And how can I check, that the download really happened?
    I use the software mostly for cycling. It is OK, but sometimes it shows my route really on a river (next to the cycle path) e.g. when I drove from Salzburg-Austria to Grado/Adria-Italy.
    thanks for help
    Bernd Thomsen from Hamburg/Germany
  • Hi Bernd,
    map files are in the following folder:

    you can check in Map manager/download maps

  • 1)  Well OK .... Do the Tomtom POIs displace the OSM POIs?  Or are they appended to the OSM POI file?

    2)  No, I don't mean "favourites and imported POIs".  I mean what I wrote:  What happens to the POIs one already has when any new POI file is imported?

    4)  So one can buy current Tomtom maps for about half-price for a "lifetime"?  This sounds like a suspiciously good deal ... is there a catch?
  • 1. TomTom POis are available when you open Navigator (TomTom) and OSM POIs are available when you open Navigator free

    2. imported POIs are added, they do not replace POIs already available

    4. half price of what? There is no expiry date, but TomTom map upgrades are not free, if that is what you mean by lifetime.
  • As a newbie I have a problem. I decided that I needed the TomTom maps for UK/France/Spain. It occured to me it would be cheaper to pay and download the Europe map rather than the three individual countries. It is quite a large down load, is there anyway to remove the ones I don't need?
  • the whole Europe is over 4GB, but you can download just countries you need and others later
  • Thank you for that - I'm not sure if the download has completed, is it possible to access it?

  • please check in Map manager/download maps
  • Thank you very much. Is it possible to delet from there maps I am unlikely to ever use?
  • yes, just go to Map manager/delete maps
  • Thank you again - you've set me off on a learning curve, should be fairly straightforward from now on, I hope. I am most grateful to you.

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