See more roads in a lower zoomlevel
  • Hi Martin,

    Is there a possibility in Naviagator11 to see roads earlier? The visibillity of roads depends on the zoomlevel. It would be nice to see more roads in a "lower / earlier / more away" zoomlevel.

    With regards  Gerrit
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  • Do you mean in navigation or when you "browse the map"?
  • Hi Martin,

    When browsing the map. Navigation is OK.

    With regards


  • Hi all,
    I would also like to know how you see in the map at higher zoom levels and more roads. That one has a better view while hiking or can also choose an appropriate way when you zoom out from the map.

    Greeting Framify
  • Hi Framify,

    Thanks for joining in my challenge. Hope that we will get an answer soon.

    With regards

  • Would it be also possible to show at least some of the street names when zoomed out?
    On the 4th zoom level (1 being the closest) Navigator already does not show any street names at all! at roughly the same level shows even small streets inside the blocks. On the zoom level 3 (when an area of about a square mile is visible) Navigator shows only main roads (only 6 in my case, though there are dozens streets inside the blocks).

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